Adam/Eric #9 - 'The Perfect Diversion'

I just turned on the TV to see the weather and guess who was being interviewed: Adam Rodriguez. This weekend, Adam is in Toronto to help raise money for the Rally for Kids with cancer charity. I didn't see all the interview but he talked about his departure which he said will be a slow one and one where we will see why he is leaving. He also was excited to Ugly Betty because he always wanted to do comedy and will appear in 7 episodes for that show.

In case anyone's interested, the charity's website is Here

aww....:( I don't want him to go :(
any chance you can link the interview, I need my Adam fix...:lol:

Trying to find it on the news website. I would have recorded it if my computer didn't take its jolly time booting up:(

However I did find this link which has a picture of Adam with one of the reporters. He was also visiting ET Canada's office so I'll look there too
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He thinks he's so uber cool since he got to give H his sunnies. :lol: Loved that part. He's so cute.

Thanx for the link.
That movie was AWESOM! Man if u havent seen it, you gotta see it like now! I mean that kissing scene (you all saw that comin) was so darn hot!:drool:

o and uh, can someone put that interview on youtube, it's not loading for me, thanks!
Hello Guys!:)
I just want to say that it so nice to see Adam again in last nights' episode:thumbsup:
What has happened to this thread? :eek: We need to bring back the A-Rod love! :(

Did anyone notice that Delko mentioned Twitter? :guffaw: I think they incorporated Adam's obsession with Twitter into it! :guffaw: