8x01 - 'Out of Time' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

Discussion in 'CSI: Miami' started by Finch, Sep 18, 2009.

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    There's no way this is going to be the last season. It's the number one scripted drama in the world.

    I'm not real sure what to think about this episode. the flashbacks were partly good and partly "hokey."
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    The episode was so amazing .. I just love Young Calleigh , she was so funny and so crazy .. smiling all thet time and everything .. The case was great .. it was weird to see the crime lab like this with no ressource ...

    I would have like more present scene , ( i never going to read the sides again ... they were 80 % untrue .. ) We didnt get the hiphuggers scene i want to see:(

    I'M gonna miss A LOT Adam when i will be gone ..
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    In the efforts of not spoiling it for anyone, i'm going to say just general things.

    First off, I loved this episode! It had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. And the team being together really touched me. Though there wasn't much of my personal favorite guy, it was very well done and I thought the writers did a very good job.

    I really don't think this will be like last season, or seasons prior. Season Eight just has this aura about it that things are going to be different. I may have some wishful thinking here, but I'm confident my favorite guy will get his time to shine very soon. :)

    And after seeing Jessie, I like him a bit. He still has a lot to prove character wise, but I think he'll work out for the team. I'm actually looking forward to next week and what he can really do.

    Overall, Strong start to the season, less of my favorite guy than I would liked...but that couldn't be helped. I'll give them the benifit of the doubt this week, but less than what my favorite guy deserves next week, they'll be seeing my wrath! LOL!! :lol:
  4. texmex327

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    What can I say....I was really impressed by tonight's episode.

    I love Eric...and I am really gonna miss seeing him on the show. Adam was looking hot :drool:

    Calleigh, I loved the bubbly personality. It really does show how much the job has changed her.

    Alexx.....I MISS YOU!!!!!

    The scene between her & Calleigh broke my heart.

    Frank with a mustache :guffaw::guffaw::guffaw:

    Ryan for 1.2 seconds :scream::scream:

    I just can't give Jesse a chance....sorry guys

    Eric is the reason why Horatio turned into Super Horatio....

    :scream::scream::scream: Please don't go Eric :scream::scream::scream:
  5. greatfan

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    The flashback itself was interesting.I am going to be a spoiled sport however.I still wasn't sure who's flashback this is.If it is Eric's,he couldn't have known all the details of the case that were shown,so (and this is my opinion) Ryan could have been featured more since other details didn't fit anyway.There was a little changing of history(Speed and Megan come to mind) Overall,it wasn't a bad episode, I did enjoy the old school forensics.
    I'm still looking for a big change this season.
    I'll give the episode a C
    I'm wishing right along with you,we will see.
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  6. mjszud

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    This one should've been titled Bromancing the Sunnies. :lol: I liked it though - H & Eric made me smile. Ryan's split second of giving blood made me frown though....damn ptb. :evil:

    I'm likely in the minority here, but this is a review so I'm going to be brutually honest - bubbly Calleigh was a tad annoying for my taste. I just thought it was overdone. *cringe*

    Jesse didn't bother me too much. I might get used to him if tptb play it smart. Will judge as the season rolls on on that one. ;)

    So Horatio knew Natalia worked for the FBI prior to S4....hmmm....I think tptb forgot to do thier homework. Wouldn't that have tipped him off when there was a mole? Ok, whatever, I'll leave that one alone for now.

    Note to tptb....you do know that Ryan & Natalia know how to speak, right? They have these things called voices, please keep this in mind for next time.

    Frank in the flashback :guffaw:Gotta love it!

    Overall, I did actually enjoy it, aside from the usual lack of screentime, which I wasn't expecting to be better for this epi anyway.
    The H/Eric hospital scene of course topped the entire episode, imo. I didn't find it odd, out of place, or creepy. Very touching, even after watching it several times. :)

    Grade B
  7. delkolover

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    Honestly, it did not impress me at all. They cut ALOT of stuff from the sides and even from the stuff that the cast themselves said would happen in the ep. what happened to the scene between Tripp and Cal where she makes the comment about his hair? And I love her but Calleigh with her overlly bubbly attitude got on my nerves! Too happy and bubbly it was actually overkill.

    There were sooo many loopholes you could drive a truck through them. For instance and not limited to, Calleigh, in her CBS bio, was supposed to be recruited by Horatio directly from New Orleans...Eric was supposed to be underwater recovery NOT a frickin tow truck driver...WTF was that? Also and this is one imo is the biggest, Speed joins the team AFTER Cal?? I thought him and H were together the longest? :shifty:

    Also I thought luminol could only be seen if you put it under a blacklight? and yet when Jesse drowned the house in it, it just illuminated on its own. :confused: And Eddie is too dry and stiff....don't see any chemistry. And he is already in the credits...WTF?

    Bottom line if this ep is an indication of how the entire season is gonna go....the show might lose a longtime viewer. This epsiode had absolutely nothing to do with last seasons ongoing storyline and very little, other than his injury to do with the finale...They never mentioned what they were operating on...they simply took him into the operating room and opened his skull. Are we supposed to assume that they were taking out the bullet fragment? It is seriously like they took the original spoilers and put them through the shredder. I said it when Rory declined to appear, they should have scrapped this idea and went with something else.

    I felt like I entered the twilight zone. I highly doubt we will ever find out what happens with Sharova....typical of these writers who, if they can't write an ending to it, they simply abandon it. Everything was all over the place. It felt rushed and poorly thrown together.

    And seriously if someone just found a pair of sunglasses in the marsh of the glades...would you want to put them on your face? I sure as hell wouldn't :lol:

    I give it, and I am being generous here, a 6 out of 10

    This episode definately reminded me of how much I really do miss Khandi and her character. As for whose flashback it was, I think it might have been a little bit of both Eric and H's. There were times I thought a lot of it was from H's pov but then there were times I thought it was Eric. The E/C scene where they meet, I thought that was Eric. The details of the case...definately thought that was H. And that last scene where Eric tells H not many people keep their promise to be there....I really thought that was Eric b/c it would explain the look on Eric's face when he wakes up and sees H.
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  8. wickdwtch

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    What hipphuggers scene are you talking about?
  9. Ginnna

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    delkolover, I don't know whether I should quote you or just say "I agree with everything you said". You've summed up my feelings pretty accurately.

    So - many - freaking - discontinuities; the writers will probably just walk away from Sharova, pretend it didn't happen, or maybe it'll come up next season with a few more discontinuities piled on just for fun; Eddie = bleh so far (he's pretty, but he's no Adam); etc. Also, and I know this isn't a really big problem, but it bugged the everliving bejesus out of me, H kept touching the body, the clothing and the car with his bare hands. WTF?!? NO, Horatio, that's a BAD CSI!!! And yeah, exactly what were they doing to Eric? No explanation for us, just bzzzzzzzzz into his skull.

    Gotta say that the E/H hospital scene was fantastic. I actually cried. I have a renewed respect for Caruso as an actor. Turns out he's not all pose, deliver, strut.

    I do still appreciate a good ol' one-liner: "Brother, you shouldn't have inhaled".

    As for Team Flashback...

    Young peppy Calleigh didn't bug me as much as she seems to've bugged other folks. I honestly do miss the spring in her step and the sunshine in her smile and the unflappable cheer. I also love that H was smiling. He wasn't Super H, he was plain ol' Horatio... and I do miss that despite my love for Super H.

    "Young" Tripp is freaking awesome. Just freaking awesome. Therefore he hasn't changed at all. He's always been awesome!

    Nice to see Natalia for about 2 seconds...

    Young cocky Eric, just as I expected. Good lord, he is beautiful. *sighs wistfully* I'm gonna miss seeing him. In fact I'm gonna miss the show itself since I'll probably be jumping ship like you.

    As for the ending... usually that kind of ending (in which a character is reminded of why they do something or why they're sticking with a decision) is incentive for the character to "keep at it", not to walk away. I hate to have my emotions jerked around like that. It seems so likely that Eric's gonna have a renewed devotion to the job, and yet... and I know he's leaving. It's a damn shame.

    And that's all I have to say about that.
  10. BauerAlmeida

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    I know many fans have been rather disgruntled over Adam leaving, and I do find that very sad......

    But this season premiere has earned CSI: Miami a new viewer in me!!!:thumbsup:

    Normally I really don't watch Miami because those bright orange lighting gives me a headache and the characters never clicked for me, but there was something so endearing and cute about the flashbacks shown in this premiere that really hooked me and made me wanna watch. I know there were many discontinuity issues, believe me, even a non-fanatic Miami watcher like me has noticed the big plot holes. But still, it didn't take away the heart-warming feeling I had when I was watching this episode, and that feeling more than made up for the plot holes. Maybe it was seeing the team so care-free and happy, or maybe it's seeing Horatio just being plain ole' Horatio rather than Mr. I-Can-Solve-Anything Caine, or maybe it's just because that I've always been a sucker for flashback-to-the-beginning kind of stories, but whatever it is, I found myself liking what was going on in this episode and actually caring about the characters that for the past 5 years that I never found interesting about. So I gotta say, for an episode to be able to hook me in after 5 years of dislike, I have to admit that I am pleasantly impressed.:bolian:

    For me, the chemistry was perfect, the cast worked well together, the acting was on par, and the storylines (although containing many plot holes) were cute and sweet. This episode garnered a feeling from me that I've never felt before watching a Miami episode....I was actually enjoying the characters, I was looking forward to what's coming next!

    So, I do wish Adam R. the best of luck, it's been nice having Eric on our screens, and I am glad to see him smile so brightly in this episode! I've always said that Eric would win me over if only he would actually smile more! Finally he did! And I have to say, for me at least, this may be David Caruso's best acting yet! I was actually quite pleased with his scenes rather than the usual mocking-moments. This time, I was enjoying his scenes, maybe it was just that cute cute moment with the beginning of the shades, something about it was so sweet!

    Well....overall, I was quite happy with the season premiere! And for someone who normally only watches the show to mock it, this is saying alot!

    Though I did notice one thing, how come poor Rex Linn got only a distance shot in the opening credits whereas everyone else got two face/close-up shots? I mean, you can barely even see the guy!:(

    And also, it seems the worrying of the opening line-up placements can finally be put to rest. :) New boy Eddie did not over-take any of the vets' place in the line-up.......oh and what's with another Eddie C. on the CSI franchise? First Eddie Cahil....now there's an Eddie Cibrian???? wow, this is gonna be really interesting.....
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  11. Florry86

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    What drug did Calleigh use before joining the team? Did she inhale the entire tile set from Tomassi? :guffaw:

    Anyway, even if this wasn't the best episode ever of the show, I really liked it b/c of the whole concept which was actually cool. Though, it was full of discrepancies.

    Ok where do I start?

    The whole concept of the episode was actually cool, I really loved it. It was really nice to see the whole 1997 stuff and I had to chuckle when they first showed Eric's truck while he was listening to that song. I was expecting to hear it by the end of the flashback and I was like "Oh god, they actually used this song" LOL

    Also the rest of the flahsback was quite accurate, I mean clothes (exept Calleigh LOL), settings & stuff like that.

    Surely, everyone's biography was screwed up as well as most spoilers we've been reading like for example:
    - what about chubby Ryan meeting for the first time Calleigh?
    - what about Frank & Calleigh? I so would have loved to see it rather than Jesse interacting with a recorder the whole time LOL
    - what about Calleigh making the most difficult choice of her life? Thank god, they screwed the whole "next of kin" concept up but hmmmm.
    - What the hell!!! Jesse recommended Speedle to H? Are they nuts? :lol: And I always thought that Speedle was the frst member of the team along with H :rolleyes:
    - H did see Natalia working? OMG

    Anyway I loved everyone on this episode.
    Yep, I did enjoy Eric throughout the episode both in flashback & in the present time.

    Calleigh was wayyyyyyyyy too cheerful. To me she smoked something before joining the team :guffaw:. While in the present time she was so emotional. Her hug with Alexx was tearful.

    Alexx. I miss her!!!!

    Ryan. Oh boy he didn't speak...at all. Oh yeah same thing happened to Natalia, but I saw that coming. Nothing to worry about also b/c this wasn't their episode ;).
    I really hope they're gonna have more screentime in the future.

    On a side note, I thought they were boiling the victim's body when Alexx was looking for rape evidences down there. All that smoke wasn't that normal :lol:.
  12. Ducky

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    Erm... because CBS bios has NOTHING to do with show writers. Those have been written by someone not involved with the show. This has been known for years now.

    Well, if you remember Cross-Jurisdictions, Calleigh was exactly like that.
    Years make you more serious ;)

    Anyways... Me loved the eppy. and need to yell this. OMFG FOR EDDIE CIBRIAN! I'll love this show again just because of him.

    Yay for The Holy Sunglasses storyline
    Yay for Frank's moustach (sp?)
    Yay for H's tie! And thank god it was rather nice and not something that fashion used to be back in the 'Blue' days :lol: :lol:

    I like when they do something different, and this was good way different. And for little storyline fauls... well not the first time (Ray being dead 1993 and 2001 and after all, he wasn't dead until he died)
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  13. RoscoeTrek

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    Hahaha :guffaw: lamo my thoughts exactly!!! Poor Cal, she was tryin so hard!!! :p
    Anyways about the epi, I must say tptb did do a fairly good job. I loved the idea of going into the past & revealing how the team came to be. This epi revealed H's respect for science. (the part he does an experiment with Cal)

    I always complained that H wasn't in the lab enough... I felt it was Cal who deserved better when it came to the science part of the whole mystery but this epi showed that H has got the brains for this kind of job. Which was pretty cool to see!!! I loved who he used simple means of deduction & not the complicated tech stuff we usually see.

    I loved the scenes with H & Eric, you could see how close these 2 were together. I especially loved the sunnies part. :cool: Frank with moustache... :guffaw:
    2 secs with Ryan... BOO!!!
    couple secs with Natalia... YAY!!!
    Alexx... Why did you leave?! I miss her soooooooo much!!!

    I liked the way the scenes connected with each other... like where Eric falls near the road, it reminded him of how he helped H find the gun to solve the case. Also, during surgery when you can here the saw it connected with Alexx cutting open a head.

    And H's old rundown department issued car than a gigantic hummer... also, if THAT wasn't enough he had an old desk!!! :guffaw:

    And about EC.... they put him in the credits already!!! Arrgghh!!! they even put those famous "letters & symbols turning into actor's name thingy" for him!!! Neither Rex Linn nor La Rue got that... CBS is so :evil:!!!!

    ALL IN ALL... I loved the simplicity of it!!! I saw something warm about the epi I haven't seen in a long time... and all I know right now is that I want more of that warmness this season.
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  14. Meta

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    I thought this was a good way to start off the season.

    -Well now we know the origin of the the justice shades and how Horatio became Super H
    -Where was chibi Ryan? Wasn't he suppose to be in the flashback? Instead we only saw him out of the flashback for like 3 seconds
    -What the hell was Calleigh on during her first day of work?
    -I'm not sure who had the worst moustache: Frank (this episode) or Nick (for three episodes in season 6)
    -At least we got to see Natalia in the flashback
    -So Jesse knew Speed. Intresting...
    -Yay! Alexx!

    Also, remember that Calleigh said she wouldn't even socalize with anyone she worked with? I think those words are coming back to haunt her...
  15. CSI_Kat

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    Ok so overall I did enjoy this episode. It was entertaining. It was better then I expected it to be.

    Just a few secs of Ryan and Nat - major fail! :scream:
    Frank and the stache - was hilarious :lol:
    Horatio at the hospital :eek:
    I have to say it - Jesse was hot :drool:
    I agree Calleigh seemed to be on something :wtf:
    I LOVED seeing Alexx again! I so miss her! Come back to us!!
    The whole thing with the sunglasses was cool - I liked that :cool:

    Looking forward to next week. Hope we have more Ryan!

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