1st Talk CSI Christmas Challenge ~ Winners Up!


Alright, your board staff reflected over a special gimmick to amuse y'all during the Christmas time, and here it is!

CSI's celebrating X-Mas!

What exactly does this mean? Well, we want you to create a festive painting - with the mouse only! - including Christmas stuff and CSI stuff. For example: Nick Stokes sitting in front of the Christmas tree and sipping punch, or Grissom riding a reindeer - be creative! :D

The special rule - as mentioned: you may use ONLY the mouse!
Don't use any screencaps, special effects or similar which you can only find in expensive graphics programs. Everybody should be able to join, so get back to Paint or whatever is pre-installed on your PC. :devil:

Further rules:

1. You may enter only 1 painting

2. Please size the picture to 800x600 maximum. It's wallpaper size and should work well.

3. No categories this time! I think when it comes to painting with the mouse we all are on the same level, more or less, that's why.

4. Please comment here in this thread if you join - we wanna have at least 20 participants!
The sign-in will end in two weeks, after that you'll have another week to send your entries to me cinegirl

5. Please submit your paintings/drawings till December, 22nd, at noon GMT

Special "gift": the first three winners will of course achieve a winners banner, PLUS a special winners title TBonz will give out. (you know: these names under your avatars ;) )

This is a board wide challenge, that's why we set it up in Misc. But don't bombard Ducky or wibble with questions, please ask either Wyoming or myself cinegirl. Hopefully we can help :)
Re: 1st Talk CSI Christmas Challenge

Ok this sounds fun so i'll give it a go! I think is going to turn out good with everyone using Paint!!
Re: 1st Talk CSI Christmas Challenge

Tehee, I'll have a go. I can't work all the expensive stuff anyway, but give me paint and I'm a happy girl!

Count me in!

--Jodie xx
Re: 1st Talk CSI Christmas Challenge

Count me in, this is gonna be fun. :lol: :lol:

Can't wait to see how they turn out :)
Re: 1st Talk CSI Christmas Challenge

I'm in. Sounds like fun. can't wait to see what everybody's pic turns out like. Mine will suck.
Re: 1st Talk CSI Christmas Challenge

Hmm sounds like fun but can you maybe give some sort of example photo wise that we can use.
Re: 1st Talk CSI Christmas Challenge

Hmmm......definitely considering it. So this is using only yer paint program.....right from scratch??

Oh, and does that mean we gotta sketch the characters from scratch?
Re: 1st Talk CSI Christmas Challenge

Yay, guys, I can't wait to see your "paintings" :D

Dizzney and DJRideout, give me some hours and I'll come up with an example - till then: in this challenge we won't work with any given pictures, screencaps or similar, we're going back to the classical drawing. Only difference: we won't draw on paper but on the PC :D
And you don't have to sketch perfect looking characters, just try to name them with for example writing the name ("Stokes", "Caine", "Speedle"...) on the back.

But I'll come back to you with my own painting. *gasps - need to reactivate paint!*
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Okay I got the idea now. Wow, these will be funny to see, but I am in. :lol:
Re: 1st Talk CSI Christmas Challenge

:lol: I've nearly done mine. I had a spare half an hour. It's loads of fun, especially when your people look more like elephants than humans....

Yeah, best fix that...
Re: 1st Talk CSI Christmas Challenge

:lol: Yeah, I made an example too, but I made it in 10 minutes, so please bare with me! And I didn't add any of the CSIs yet, so it's a non-complete example ;)

*posts picture and hides*

Re: 1st Talk CSI Christmas Challenge

Bah! You killed santa!

You're is much better than mine, cinegirl. But, I tried me bestest ;) Can't wiat to see all y'all's pics!

Re: 1st Talk CSI Christmas Challenge

Sorry for killing Santa, I ran out of ideas :p

nattybatty55 said:
Maybe you should pin this to the top of the thread!?!?!

natty: I guess Ducky will do it as soon as she's back from her weekend - I can't do it cause I'm no mod in this forum :)