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    Grade 'Unspoken'

    worse csi ever! there is no dialogue I guess the writters took the day off not sure what the point of the lack of dialoge was. I am all for music in shows but the use here is way over done to be honest i was really looking forward to this episode I am a huge danny/linsey fan but I found it hard...
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    Eric and Calleigh #39-Let's fix what shouldn't be broken

    Considering they have been apart for quite awhile and that she wants to adopt two kids it wouldn't make sense for them to put them back together right away. What i think is we will see movement by the end of the season and like she said they are playing it that they both love each other but...
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    Episode 10x19 - 'Habeas Corpse' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    All i have to say is this episode sucks it was a very disappointing season finale.
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    Eric and Calleigh #39-Let's fix what shouldn't be broken

    I have to say these two are the most confusing couple on any show they go from o to 60 over night. We go months with nothing about them barely having scenes so we ok that's it and bang just like that they throw them back into each others orb. This episode seemed to show that eric seemed to want...
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    ** Season 10 Spoiler Lab - Take Two **

    Alright here is my thought if i had to guess i would guess that ny would be axed before miami. For one thing they almost were last season but got a last minute save also the fact that csi ny has been on break for a month isn't looking good for them. As for miami the fact that eva has a new plot...
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    Grade 'Exit Strategy'

    Well, I don't think that they have written themself into a box and should be canceled and i don't get why people are advocating that if you don't like the show why do you watch and come on fan boards. I think it was really smart they did it in a way for us to assume the ending they left enough...
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    Eric & Calleigh #38 - Because "IT" Keeps Happening

    This is worse then a soap opera i really didn't see that coming it felt more like i missed an episode to what happened. I don't know what is up with the writers maybe they are testing the audience to see which way to go but i remember that they said that the end of last season when caleigh was...
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    Episode 9x02 - 'Sudden Death' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    Not really going to get into the debate of wether you like c/e or not but i have to say the scene with them made no sense. I think for once both sides can agree that this made no sense. Last we saw it looked like caleigh was going to give eric another try. The scene looked like we missed...
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    What Do You Think About Eddie Cibrian's Departure? *spoilers*

    Honestly this is what i think. Eddie was brought in when Adam decided to depart from the show for whatever reason some say because of money others say he wanted a change who knows. Not really the point the show must go on so they were left with a big space in the show they didn't feel for...
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    What Do You Think About Eddie Cibrian's Departure? *spoilers*

    Well, nobody should be that surprised at this the show really has only enough room to focus on a few characters. I think the main reason for bringing him on was to replace eric in some way but since Ar decision to rejoin the cast of csi miami it was only a matter of time that they would get rid...
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    **Spoiler Lab** S8 - Check Out What's On The Horizon!

    Here is my take i think they brought jessie in to replace eric because they didn't want to give adam what he wanted to resigned and thought he could win over the fans. Like all good plans they never really go the way you plan and the fans didn't warm up to him as much as they thought they would...
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    Eric and Calleigh #37: Against All Odds

    Well, i have to think they did the push pull with them because of adam's absence and hoped he would return so they keep it going but since he wasn't really on not much they could do with him. I do think they will keep them together only because when eric left at the begining of the season it...
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    Grade 'Pay Up'

    Alright it was good not one of the best episode the one before with mac and stella was more interesting maybe because i am not a huge flack or angel fan. It was sad how she died but i think if stella or lindsey died i would be more upset it really wasn't that exciting of an episode to be honest...
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    Eric and Calleigh #36 - We're In This Together Now.

    Well i also remember eva lerues comments earlier this season about the finale and she said that it would end in a bang and it would be with one of the grils
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    Mac ♥ Stella #16 - His heart will follow her home.

    I just think that with them given that mac is the head of the unit they are going to tread slowly look how long the calleigh/eric thing took. I do think that the relationship took a big step tonight and yes he didn't answer her but when he first showed up in grease he did tell her that he was...