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    So, I only started reading fanfic for crime dramas fairly recently and found one that hit me with a fic idea before I even finished it. Actually it was more like a full on story outline that I have absolutely no talent write. The best I've managed would be considered a couple of snippets. So I'm going to post the my idea and offer it up to anyone who wants to write it. Personally, I think it could be a good read if the right person writes it.

    Now, I'm well aware that a lot of people consider crossing fandoms with 'The Sentinel' to be trite and overused. Still, 'Instincts' by Sweet Anonymity and its sequels renewed my interest in TS so I don't care. So, basically this story idea is a CSI: Miami story crossed with The Sentinel. While I'm sure humor can be infused in the story, I'm thinking this story would be best written as a drama and/or action/adventure. Here's the idea:

    In the wake of Speedle's shooting, Horatio finds himself suffering overactive senses. While Patrolman Ryan Wolfe is investigating Speed's shooting, he finds the CSI supervisor in distress and helps him regain control. As a result, Horatio opts to keep the young man close, mentoring him closely as a new CSI. Wanting to get control of his situation first, neither man makes any attempt to inform the team of Horatio's new circumstances.

    This is where the story could be written two different ways as far as I am concerned. The first has Speed surviving the shooting and the story mostly centering on Speed's feeling of being replaced by his long time friend and mentor, Horatio, as the man is spending all his time, personal and professional, with the new guy. The second way has Horatio's team trying to get over the loss of a good friend while their boss is spending all his time with the new CSI. There is a lot of resentment and general bad feelings directed Ryan's way as they wonder if he is taking advantage of Horatio's grief and at Horatio as it seems he is trying to replace Speed.

    As you can see, the whole sentinel thing is just a plot device to set up the real story. It can, if you want it to be, a more integral part of the story though I'm good with it being a secondary plotline. Also, I don't mind Cascade being nothing more than a passing mention. That really has been done to excess. Ideally, the story would be a gen fic without romantic relationships being an issue. Though it is ultimately up to you, it is my preference.

    This is a story in itself as far as I'm concerned but you can expand on it if you want. Like Horatio using his senses in the course of his investigations and trying to use science to justify his 'hunches'. Maybe criminals or shady government sorts stumble on Horatio's secret and try to take advantage. Whatever, its your story. I would just like to see this story written, the details are yours. I do ask that you post a link with your story or send me a PM as I'd really like to see what you do with the idea.

    Well, I think I'm done so, Happy Watching, Reading and Writing!

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