William/Grissom: Of CSI & Beyond #14

I was on Netflix last week and found an interesting noir title called "To Live and Die in L.A.," starring William Dafoe, John Tuturro, and one William L. Petersen. It was his first starring role, so I wanted to see what had happened before "CSI" and before "Young Guns 2."

What a mistake that was. :rolleyes:

I rarely leave the theater or stop the DVD, but I had to turn this one off, it was easily one of the worst films I have ever seen. If you recall the confusion at the end of "The Departed," triple that and make it last for an hour. An hour which felt like a year. Billy was particularly wooden in his role. William Dafoe, the counterfeiter, wasn't much better. This is the kind of film Rhonda Sheer would have made fun of hosting "Up All Night" on USA.

But, thankfully Billy got much, much better. :thumbsup:
Howdy BP fans! :)

It's been awhile....but I'm still around. :)
Just thought I'd stop by to say "Howdy!" :thumbsup:

As for TLADLA, I couldn't stand the ending. :( Once was enough for me.

When he goes off radar, he certainly does things in style! Congrats Billy! This news will keep your hands full!
If he weren't famous, he'd so be one of those parents always getting confused for a grandparent, even if he is one already LOL. (my mom had me at 40 and it happened all the time) Anyway, congrats to them. At least maybe they'll escape the baby-hungry paparazzi "we must have pictures and all the details NOW!" train. Billy's famous but he doesn't grab the attention Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes do. At least maybe the family can have some privacy.

Edit: Oh brother, you all see the E Online conversation? *Rolls eyes* They're griping about the age difference and him being an older man. I say they should mind their own beeswax, they're both adults. And I'm glad we have mods who won't let that kind of junk start up around here :)

I do hope he has a long life so he'll see them grow up. My dad was in his 50s when I was born and he died when I was 11.

One question...his older daughter, is her mom Gina or his first wife? I forgot. *is curious*
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Just have to put this out there. I know I could get lashed out at for saying this but it's one of the first things that came to mind yesterday. Maybe Petersen can give one of his twins to Grissom & Sara? :p I'm a huge GSR fan & it's one of my fanfic dreams ok...Now that's it's out there & off my chest I'm goodd :)
OMG!! :)

What a surprise?? :thumbsup:

Congrats to William & Gina! :thumbsup:

Just last week my cousin had a beautiful baby girl! :)

I meant to edit the daughter question...it's more obvious now. But I got sidetracked lol.

I do think we'll see some fanfic out of this, for whichever Grissom ship floats yer boat. RL tends to prompt fic sometimes.