Who Said It & Which Episode? Think you know? Let's find out!

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It's Ryan and Calleigh, but can't quite pin down the episode. Perhaps "Money Plane"?
Yep, you are right :thumbsup:
Odd how these come to mind. I knew the characters, envisioned the outside scene between them (knew they were talking about Hagan) but couldn't place the episode. Process of elimination, I suppose. Next up:
Character #1: "That's great. I'll have him picked up."
Character #2: "Perfect!"
X: Can you determine who was receiving the signal?
Y: I'm sorry, I left that seminar at the lunch break.
ahhh i can clearly remember this from an epi i watched recently, but a total guess:

Calleig and Ryan in Open Water?

i simply s* at remembering:lol:
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