Who Said it & Which Episode #3

Since it's been over a week now, I think it might be time for a new quote. If there's more than a 36 hour break, a new quote can be posted, and I think there's been a couple of breaks in there that long. Not to mention it's been over a week now.

Also, just a reminder that a quote should be at least 5 words. :)
I was about to reveal it first

4-5 days is too long without a response to an open quote (the rules say 36 hours). Many would still like to know the correct answer, though.

This thread has stagnated far too long, with no guesses and no more clues. So, here's a new quote to get things moving again:
X: "A million and one reasons right there".

Thanks for posting new quote.

Eric Delko in "Forced Entry"
Sorry, not Eric and not "Forced Entry". It is a male character. Nice try, though.