Who Said It & Which Episode? #2

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Thanks. Next up:

X: "I can't believe you put all this together today. It took me a week to set up my Tivo."
:guffaw::guffaw:Oh, you're good. I was afraid it would last too long. You are correct and you're up now!
:lol: I'm not THAT good. Curse of the Coffin just happens to be one of my favorite episodes so I've seen it like 50 times. :p

Anyways, next! (This one shouldn't be too hard. :p)

X: You told the feds I had Keratitis.
Y: You said you did!
Well, nobody's played this for a while, so I thought I'd give it a kick-start, if anyone's interested!

X: Did somebody beat me to it?

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