Who Said It and What Episode

Grissom rules

CSI Level Two
Here's how it works:

  • One person posts a quote from a CSI New York episode. The quote should be from a regular character, not a guest character.
  • Players post and guess which character said it and which episode it came from.
  • The only person who should confirm the correct answer is the person who posted the quote. Once that has been done, the winner can post the next quote.
  • If it seems like people are having a tough time with it, the person who posted the quote may post hints if they like.
  • If the thread is dead for more than 24 hours, the first person to post next may post a new quote. The original poster may post the answer to their quote as well.
  • You are on the honor system here! Please do not Google the quote to find the answer. That's no way to win. Just guess.
Here we go with the first one:

"Flying tennis balls aren't exactly a deadly weapon.":)
I'm guessing Stella, and the one where the tennis balls were sent flying out of an office building into a billboard. I think that was Buzzkill.