Which descent are you ?

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So, we take our parents and grandparents and their parents, which descent comes out there with you ?
I mean, the countries origin... ;)

I find this really interested, because everyone got his characteristics somehow. I for example love hot tea over all and drink every day two cans of my favourite drink. And I prefer the cold weather and to carry above warm sweater and at the feet barefoot.... :lol:

And I love vodka much....

Ok, I will beginn with my decent.... :D

I'm German, Russian, Polish and Czech decent....
kazzy said:
havent we done this thread like a hundred times? :p

Yeah, we've done threads like this before, but I couldn't find the recent combined thread when I searched for it.

My ancerstory,

English, Irish on my mom's side of the family.

German, Dutch mix form my father's side but I feel like there's more on my father's side.
well as far as My parents they are Dutch-Indonesian and I can definetly see that in my bloodline I love Tea, Lumpia ,warm weather that sort of thing
but i also have some french in me,chinese, German and a bunch of others as well
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