Whatever happened to......

Ah, I guess Jeffsy just got bored with the board and busy with something called... FanFics and RealLife ;)
I miss Roka4csi. She's... witty. And a Sara fan. :D Wait-- we don't even know if she's a he or really a she. :p But I think she/he's here somewhere. ;)
Whaaat?? :eek: I'm not Roka! Firstly, I'm not witty. Secondly, I'm a girl and not a He/She. :p ...but I am a Sara fan. (And darn proud of it. :D) *screams for Roka to straighten out this mess* :p

I think I've seen her/him in the Jorja/Sara thread. I recognize his/her sig but she/he has a different username. (This she/he thing is getting really tiring. :p)
Roka, baby!!! Where are you!??? I miss you like friggin' hell.. you left me.. guess what, we're still married, I could never throw away the ring and sign the papers.. come back to me. Roka and I signed up on the same day and stalked each other in the threads in the beginning.. gawd, I miss him/her.. heh, well I know what he/she is :p