What Books Are You Reading?-#3

Last night I finished the Doctor Who novel Silhouette by Justin Richards. The Doctor and Clara are in Victorian London working with Madame Vastra (Silurian-lizard lady), Jenny (Vastra's maid/wife) and Strax (the loveable Sontaran). Silhouette isn't just the name of the book, she's one of the main characters the Doctor and Clara encounter in this adventure. I strongly recommend this book for any Doctor Who fans. Especially if you like the current Doctor played by Peter Capaldi because it's his Doctor featured in this book.
"How Star Wars Conquered the Universe" by Chris Taylor

The subtitle is "The Past, Present, and Future of a Multibillion Dollar Franchise". I'm still in the past so I'm not very far into it. A lot of it at this point is the biographical stuff that I first read in "Skywalking" by Dale Pollack. I do think it's going into a little bit more detail about the film shorts and early movies - I'm on "American Graffiti". "Star Wars" at this point was just an idea (desire) and George Lucas hadn't even started writing it yet. Taylor does mention a few things that appear in "Star Wars" that come from earlier in Lucas's life "THX 1138" is the number of one of the Stormtroopers in "Star Wars", it is also the title of a film short he did at USC as well as his first feature film. He also tried to get the "force" into "THX 1138" but ended up taking it out.
"Burn" by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

The prologue starts where the previous book, "Gone" ended. Det. Mike Bennett gives his family statement in court in California and then he and his family leave witness protection and head back to New York. When he heads back to work he finds out he's not getting his old job back in 'Major Crimes', that he's being sent over to the the mayor's pet project in Harlem. He gets to be the boss of, basically, a bunch of screw-ups who want to be detectives. He soon gets involved in a case of underground canabalism because one of his wanna-be detectives gets killed looking into a complaint from someone who thought they saw people eating a young lady. Next he gets involved in a stalking case that ends up with the stalker murdering his victim. Then his old boss in Major Crimes convinces her boss to let him come back to Major Crimes to solve a jewelry heist case before a big diamond show comes to the city. If he can solve the jewelry heist in 2 weeks he'll be permanantly back at Major Crimes if not he'll be permanantly at the mayor's pet project.

"Terminal" by Kathy Reichs & Brendan Reichs

The fifth in the "Virals" series. Virals against Trinity. Chance Claybourne inherited the pharmaceutical company from his father. In a secret lab at the company he tried to duplicate the parvovirus experiment that infected Tori, Hi, Shelton, and Ben on Liri Island. He ended up infecting himself and another scientist, Will Speakman with a stronger version of the parvovirus. On a camping trip Will accidentally infects his roommate, Cole and Tori's friend Ella. After getting fired by Chance Will forms the "Trinity" with Cole and Ella and starts a war against Chance, Tory, and the other "Virals". They consider Chance a traitor (he's infected with the stronger version of parvovirus) and Tori responsible for it all (1st one infected with parvovirus).

Meanwhile there are "men in black" who do not know about any of these actual parvovirus infections wandering around town asking questions about Chance and Tori. In particular, strange happenings around Tori. And Chance has been testing the blood of himself and the "Virals" trying to develop some sort of serum they can use to reverse the effects of the parvovirus.

"Breaking Creed" by Alex Kava

FBI Special Agent Maggie O'Dell gets "dumped" on the case of a floater in the Potomac by her boss. from the autopsy she finds out that at some point the body was put on top of a fire ant hill and fire ants are not native to the DC area. She also finds out that the drivers license was shoved in the mouth. Maggie goes down south to the address on the license in search of the primary crime scene since the Potomac wasn't it. On the property (10 miles worth of property!) Maggie and the search team find a bloody childs t-shirt, the wife of their floater dead and hanging in a tree, and a trap that Maggie falls into where she gets stung 18 times by scorpions.

Ryder Creed is an ex marine and current handler for drug / cadaver sniffing dogs. The Coast Guard has a fishing vessel stopped off the coast filled with Mahi Mahi and they need him and Grace (the dog) to find the cocaine they believe is on board. Under the fish and under the floorboards Grace finds something. 5 kidnapped children being taken to Colombia to service the drug lords as "mules". Later on at the Atlanta airport Grace sniffs out some drugs on Amanda, a 14 year old girl already in the service of the drug lords.

When another "floater" (the fishing boat captain) is found in the Potomac, Maggie gets told the full scope of the case and finds out that everyone involved with the confiscation of the fishing vessel is now on the cartel's hitlist - including Ryder Creed.
Haven't posted in here in a while...

"Lost Souls" by Seth Patrick

It says it's a thriller but it's really more science fiction. It's about "revivers" bringing back people who have died under suspicious circumstances, to give their statement on how they died and "afterlifers" who are against this process. It's kinda wierd, different ~ definately an aquired taste to read type of book. This is book 3 in a series and I haven't read book 1 or 2 so I do feel like I'm missing something. (More times than not I'm reading series out of order when I get them from the library.)
I finished NCIS: New Orleans Crossroads earlier tonight. I loved this book. It was like an episode of NCIS: New Orleans in book form. Thought just crossed my mind. These posts feel like writing a very short book report. I hated having to do book reports in school. Even though this feels like a book report, I don't mind. Back to the book. This book takes place sometime in the early 2nd half of season 3 after Sebastian has become an NCIS agent and Gregorio has joined the team. But it states in either chapter 1 or 2 Gregorio is out of town. Sebastian and Gregorio being part of the team is one way I know it takes place in the early 2nd half of season 3. The other way I know is Steven Weber's character Douglas Hamilton is still Mayor of New Orleans. This book is about a murder at a Mardi Gras parade. Pride and most of his team are up the street just a little ways from where the murder occurs. Well, to sum up, if you love NCIS: New Orleans, I think will love this book. Be warned: if you like books with less than 20 chapters...you're out of luck, this one has 36 chapters. I loved every chapter and I usually hate books that have more than 20 chapters...NOT this one.
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