What Books Are You Reading?-#3

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I'm reading Public Enemies by Brian Burrough. It tells the real story behind the wave of crime in the US in 1933. It speaks of Bonnie and Clyde, Baby Face Nelson, Ma Barker and John Dillinger, amongst others, and their nemesis J. Edgar Hoover and his FBI agents. It tells the truth about crime at the time, with much of the information coming from secret files, and eyewitness accounts. It's really good, I'd definitely reccomend it to anyone who's a fan of crime shows/books/films. :D
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Read another crime book or two this week...Alas nothing good...Have as of late not read any good crime books.

Michael White "Equinox" Story intetwining the present day and Newtons hunt for goldformular
Harlan Coben "The Woods" again two stories intertwined. Sidestory (present day) perhaps better then mainstory(back then and now)

For thoose who know me I did read a couple more since last entry but will try and find Karin Slaugther books online in English.
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i finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows the other day. wow is all i can say. what a great ending to a fantastic series. the movies for this book are going to be amazing.

now i'm back to reading my dorky history books. i am readinng a book about the Metropolitan Museum of Art and all the wealthy people that have made the museum. it seems more like a conspiracy book about the workings of the place. i have no idea why i am even reading this book anymore, i've always wanted to work in the museum but now i'm thinking i might not anymore. it's like a club where if you don't have money no matter what you do you're screwed.

i'm screwed anyway i love art history and film and getting a job in these professions is like luck.
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Just finished Shadow of the Moon by Marina Cohen...AKA my French teacher. :eek:

Basically it's about twins, Stella :)eek:) and Drake (Jesus, almost typed Mac= . =:lol:) Livingston along with their newfound friend, Sherman Glutz, are sucked into an ancient world that now lies in complete darkness because of The Shadowmaster during a solar eclipse. Their mission is to save Aura, Source of Enternal Light, from Umbra, The Shadowmaster.

Yeah, when I opened to the first page, I just saw one name: Stella. I remember thinking: "God...she's taunting me... If there's a Mac in here, I'll be really creeped out...:guffaw:"
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I'm waaaay behind on my reading. I mean, I read the newspapers every day, three actually but that's part of my job.

Well, I am reading a book in particular right now that I read a couple of times a year. I read it once in French and once in English and it is my all time favourite book.

It's called The Lion by Joseph Kessel, and it's an outsider's view of a dysfunctional family living on a game reserve in Kenya.

It's stunning, heartbreaking and beautiful. I first bought a copy of the book at a used bookstore when I was 12 and now that copy is lovingly held together with an elastic band. I have 3 English translations and 2 French editions including a first paperback edition. I'm in love with this book.

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Just finished reading the book for the new Star Trek movie. I haven't seen the movie but I thought the book was really good. It was written by Alan Dean Foster who's written for both Star Trek and Star Wars before so I knew it wasn't going to be a disappointment. Got a little confused with Ambassador Spock on if it was a parallel universe or back in time but I think I got straightened out in the end. :lol: My only complaint is that Chekov was not in the first season of Star Trek. He was not part of the original Enterprise crew.

Now I'm about to start "At the Scene of the Crime". It's billed as "Forensic Mysteries from Today's Best Writers". It's basically just a book of 13 different short stories solved by forensics, by different authors. I don't usually read too many mysteries but as a CSI fan that little part caught my interest. In the introduction (by Dana Stabenow) she says how Marty Greenberg "poked his head up and noticed how popular an obscure little television series called CSI was" and that set him wondering if short stories solved by forensics would be as popular.

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right now i'm reading "Call of Duty: My Life Before, During, and After Band of Brother" by Lt. Lynn "Buck" Compton. so far i think that it's a really good read...
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I read the manga version of a game Kingdom Hearts II. I've played before so I understood what it was about. It's actually a Square Enix and Disney crossover and quite fun. I love the character Axel (hence my username) and it was actually a really good manga. It was volume 2, but if you were going to read it, I'd suggest reading volume 1 first :D
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I am reading "Love is a Missing Person" by M.E. Kerr. I got it free from my school library when they were getting rid of books that no one ever checks out, or ones that have newer editions. Actually, the card in the back of this book says that the last time it was checked out was in 1984 :lol:
The overall theme of the book (I think) is that it shows how love can change a person, for the better or the worse, so that you essentially become a "missing person" from who you used to be.
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"flat earth news" by a british journalist called Nick Davies. it's about how all news media are run by commercialism and therefore how you really can't trust anything you read, and that even though many journalists are still honest, the entire system they work within (all over the world) is dishonest and corrupt.

as a born cynic it really is my kinda book :)
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Finished "Digtal Fortress" this morning and yet again with Dan Browns books at the end its got you hooked and you're soo annoyed its ended but it was a really good books.

I've read all of Dan Brown's books. They are a fast read and very hard to put down (makes you lose a lot of sleep actually :lol:) but I've got to say they all have the same formula. :p Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to his latest novel coming out later this year.

I finally got my copy of The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger last Friday and I have read the first hundred pages already. I'm really enjoying the story. I like how witty the dialogue is. I also like how "unique" the concept for this story is. Even though I'm not even half way through the book, I really recommend this one.
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I'm reading The Jewel of Seven Stars by Bram Stoker (the author of Dracula).
It's about the curse of an ancient Egyptian mummy, queen Tera.
It seems that the publishers didn't like the ending and forced the author to write a different one, so the edition I'm reading has two endings, that's weird.
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My sisters keeper by Jodi picoult

Don't watch the film, read the book the film changes the ending and totally ruins it:p
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Moscow Rules by Daniel Silva

Basically it's about weapons dealing and terrorists and how one guy has to try to stop everything from happening. I'd highly recommend it, as it's very well writen and has a lot of intense moments. Once I pick it up to start reading, it'll be five or six chapters before I want to put it down again!
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i have reed in my vacantion, the Kite Runner in three days
now i reading knielen op een bed violen/kneel on a bed violins