What are you wearing right now???

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ok im bored and this can be fun... lol.

right now im wearing a pair of dylan's boxer shorts that have a dump truck on them and say "heavy load"

and his t-shirt that says "lazy bored and looking for a band of girlfriend"

and a pair of bright yellow fluffy chicken feet slippers :lol:
im still in jammies (its almost 11 am here, and ill probably be in them til 2) they are baby pink with darker pink and coral hearts, some silver sparkle stars, and the top is also pink and says 'love bug!' on it
i love slack week :D
I like the combo Toto :lol:

- Black socks, with tiny colourful flowers on 'em
- Red sweatpants (with a white stripe on it)
- My 2002-Ireland t-shirt, blue & white
- Blue vest (torn to pieces)
- Oh and a purple thong of course :)

Don't worry I'm not planning on going outside today.. or even open the door :D
A zip down brown and green coller sort of thing. Think sports wear I can't explain it. And light blue jeans with blue socks lol.
im in my pj's too, well kinda lol, i call them my bum clothes lol, for when im bumming around at home, i wouldnt dare step foot outside of the house in them though lol.

its like 10 to 3 am here :lol: been in these all day, hehe, didnt go to skool coz im lazy. i luv when i get home from skool to just take off all my small tight clothes and put on baggy loose clothes, its like ahhh thats better, LOL.

i just changed from the shirt into a black tank top that says "i've got my beer goggles on" lol
Jeans, black tank top, track sweatshirt, fuzzy socks, just comfortable, search the web clothes.
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Flannel pajamas, my Harvard sweatshirt that's three times my size (I'm not a Harvard student, BTW), ankle socks, fuzzy leg warmers, and my trusty geeky glasses.
My jeans, funky grey tee, boots, coat and scarf. I've just been to the doctors and couldn't be bothered getting changed or even taking my coat off. Plus the house is FREEZING! :p
Jeans with a white top with 3 red stars and a lip with the word hot lips written under it. Over that I wear a dark blue jacket with the word Brooklyn on it... and white socks :p
blue rather wide jeans, grey sweetcher, white t-shirt and white socks and have beige baseball cap on my head..hehe
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