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    Welcome Back by Storyhaus

    Morgan entered the break room with Sam following.

    "Nick's sitter sick again?" Hodges asked from the sink where he was washing his hands.

    "Sam helped close a case. Nick is going to be very proud of him." Morgan replied as she walked over to the refrigerator and got a water for herself.

    "Do tell." Sara smiled from where she sat at the table filling out paperwork.

    "Sam sniffed out the killer." Morgan smiled and opened her water.

    "Speaking of Sam...where is he?" Finn asked looking around.

    "Oh no!" Morgan exclaimed not seeing him where she left him by the door. "Russell's going to kill me."

    "I'd worry more about Nick, it's his dog." Henry replied as he and Greg entered and heard them.

    "He couldn't have gotten far." Sara said rising, she pointed to Hodges, Morgan and Greg, "You three take the right side of the building we'll check the left. Let's go." She ordered and led them out of the room.

    Less than five minutes later they all received a text from Russell.

    My office. Now.

    Morgan groaned and headed there with Hodges and Greg, they met up with the others at Russell's door.

    "They're in here." Russell motioned them inside.

    "I'm so sorry." Morgan told him as they all stepped inside.

    To their surprise, not only did they find Sam but they found his owner as well.

    "I missed you too boy." Nick laughed as Sam licked his face.

    "Welcome back." Sara grinned.

    "Thanks. It's good to be back." Nick replied with a smile.

    They all laughed when Sam barked in agreement.

    It's good to have Nick...and George back! :thumbsup: :drool:


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