Wallpaper Thread #7

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Great walls ya'll:)

Katpin, snaggled your H/M walls, they are great, especially the one above my post, beautiful job, and congrats on your grandchild. I can hardly wait till my kids get busy and make me a grandmother :lol: :lol:
Wow, tons of new wallpapers since I was here last. Love them. Snaggled a bunch. Congratulations on becoming a grandma Sharon.

I've been busy lately. My husband is coming home for 2 weeks next week for Christmas holidays. He's been on course the last two months. He's home then gone again for 3 months.

Just one new one for me. It's inspired from an AR Mac/Calleigh fanfic that a friend and I have been collaborating on.

Take Care,
So many new and wonderfull walls since last week. Work's been a killer :mad:

Mitzi, awesome Christmas walls. I enjoy them.
BonaTaylor, you smack me right off my chair with your walls.
Luving, you've been real busy. I adore your Mac-walls.
Msgirl, great job since you only got paint.
Katpin, always a pleasure to see your work and congrats on your new granddaughter.
Katiexxx, welcome to the thread. Well done.
Catwarfan, beautiful!

As for the entries in the challenge, you all did great work. Keep them coming.

This was one of my entries

Found a little time last night for a new wall. :lol:

Katpin- what a great wall! Really loved the colours.
Catwarfan- That wall is so BEAUTIFUL :)
CSIsenna- The Eric/Calleigh wall is gorgeous :D
Welcome CSI_Anderson! In order to post pictures/art here, you first have to upload it to an image hosting site such as photobucket or imageshack. You also need 100 posts in order to post images, so until then you can just post the links. Hope that helps!

Everyone, great wallpapers!
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