Wallpaper thread #5

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Wyoming - that's an adorable Emily wall! :D
Great Flack wall dutch_treat! :D
Another sexy H wall katpin! :D
And Bullet_Girl - you've been busy! Fantastic walls - I've snagged the "sweetest thing" one because I'm a sucker for kitties! Thanks. :D

I've made a couple of walls myself today. The first is a request from calleighspeedle who provided the pics (resolution is 1078x654):

The second is a GSR wall using caps from one of my fave season 1 episodes because I capped the episode recently with some trial software. And because I love the geeklove, obviously :p (resolution is 1280x1024):

Credits: Thanks to Appendix Squared for the background in the Tim request wall. Thanks to Sunira for the butterfly brush used in the bottom-right corner of the GSR wall. The butterflies brush in the bottom-left corner comes with Photoshop CS.
Okay this is something I really just tried first hand at doing. Please critique (but nicely) on what's wrong with it. I tried not overdoing it but...............hope ya like.

Everything by Ningengirai

VampireD4 - Gorgeous Jorja walls! :D

katpin - You've not overdone it all - it's beautiful! :eek:
The only thing I would do differently (as you asked for constructive crticism) is I would have blended in the Stella/Mac pics a little - or blur the straight edges of the pics, or apply a grungy border around them. However, I'm not sure what programme you use and thus how easy or difficult such a change would prove. I hope you don't mind me saying that. It is a really great wall and if I shipped Mac/Stella I would most definitely snag it! :D
Thanks csi fan uk. I did say critique. LOL. I have PS7. I thought about blurrying or smudging the borders after I'd done saved it but............... I'm glad you like it. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually made a pretty one. LOL Now, if I can just keep doing it. I don't ship M/S either but, it was something different to do other than Horatio all the time. LOL Have just worked on a H/Y wp & am gonna try a G/S one shortly. So be on the lookout & let me know what you think. Thanks again for the help. Am gonna try my hand at icons again sometime also.
I went back & re-did it some csi fan uk. Let me know what you think. I also made two different H/Y WP's. Not to sure about the one witht the glow in it.

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