vBulletin upgrade: your PMs will NOT be imported


Your current PMs will not be taken over to vBulletin. So that means if you want to keep them, you should take copies.

I have introduced a new feature so you can email your PMs to yourself so that you can keep a copy, and it's a handy feature to have anyway even if we weren't moving.

BEFORE YOU USE THIS FEATURE: please make sure your email address on file is correct here. If you email lots of PMs to a dead address then my other personality Mr Stabby will come out and visit you. I also ask that you use the facility with care. Don't email 200 at once, please do them in batches and make sure you receive the first batch before you send more. Lots of emails and your ISP could simply block us. Then you'll get no emails whatsoever.

The fact that I have brought this utility in does not mean that you have to get all of your PMs emailed today. It's just so that you can start on the process if you wish. You'll still have plenty of notice about when we'll move to vBulletin and thus get any last minute PMs emailed. We'll even leave the old system running for a while after migration. So don't panic!

To use this new feature, just to go to your PM inbox then check the PMs you wan to save then click the email button at the bottom of the page.

Note: if you find PMs are not arriving in your email (give it a few hours first though), let me know and I will investigate why. Do not keep on bashing the email button hoping that it'll fix itself.

Read the original vBulletin announcement here.