Ups And Downs For The Day #4

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wibble closed the last thread, and I'm here to open the next one :p lol.

So, share your Ups and Downs here.

Up: No homework
Down: I'm very cold
Down: Still haven't found the necklace.

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Down: Cold and tired
Down: I'm hugnry, but that invlolves moving :lol:
Down: Gotta go to school
Down: Allie is doing homework in our bedroom, so here I sit, being bored half to death :p
Up: She should eventually finish :p
Up: I can eat some oatmeal
Up: Finished homework last night
Up: Tomorrow's Friday
Down: got a horrible headache
Down: it's cold and dark outside
Down: i'm not motivated to do anything
Down: i ate all my cookies
Down: have to learn text for a spanish roleplay in school tomorrow ... but -> see down#3
up: got some new songs from a friend to listen to
up: just one more day school 'till weekend
up: my exam went pretty good today
^hope your head will get better soon, sienna

Up: Cool music
Up: School was sooo great, love my kids to pieces
Down: My other job boring
Down: Only slept 3 hours again
Up: CSI tonight
Down: Have to leave again in an time for nothing
Down: Cold
Up: Friend had her baby last night!
Up: It's a girl! (Named Arianna)
Up: even though she's two weeks early, baby is healthy
Up: I get to go see her today
Up: In a very good mood today
Down: In such a good mood that I'm starting to scare myself :p
Up: No school tomorrow!
Up: I did well on my french and math test
Up: CSI tonight
Up: His locker is like 3 down from mine :D (And he's in two of my classes!!)
Down: Very hungry
Down: Too lazy to move
Down: SO tired
Congratz on the new thread! :)

UP: Tomorrow I'm not having my first 2 lessons, so I'm having only 3: an English, a Math and a P.E.
UP: I didn't have to study today.
UP: I won't have to get up early tomorrow.
DOWN: I told something to a someone's face I've been wanting to say for 6 years. Yeah, 6 years. But it felt good.
Up: going on vacation for the weekend
Up: had only 2 classes today
Up: we got to "investigate" a crime scene and collect evidence, and take statements!
down: there's a blizzard, so my sister can't come pick me up
up: i'm over with my french test!
down: i have a math test tomorrow
up: I got to relate Jericho to Lord of the Flies in English class and the teacher actually understood what I was talking about.
up: I used Grissom's quote about how it's not so weird that Twins like the same things and write the same way in science today.(we are doing genetics..))
up: The Office is on tonight!!
down: i still have to start homework...
down: it's a rerun of csi..
Up: Umm, interesting day at school
Up: Allie's in a better mood now :p
Up: I got to eat tasty food today
Up: CSI tonight
Down: My sock is wet
Down: Tired
Down: Hungry
up: i got my rats today
down: they only had males for adoption
up: since they are male lab rats i can name them archie and hodges :)
down: they are small enough still to get out of the cage :eek:
up: i can borrow a hampster cage from a friend

until i hear from her the poor things are in a garbage can :( :lol:
Down: Upset about work
Up: It's pay day
Down: Tired
Up: My husband's looking after the kids so I can have some alone time
Up: going for coffee tomorrow with friends :)
Down: think i'm going to get sick
Down: Itunes isnt working :(
Up: ipod is working :p
Up: homework is done
Down: afraid to get killer nosebleeds (seriously though, yesterday i almost died from blood loss :p)
Down: feet are cold
Up: listening to a good song
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