Upcoming server move [delayed for a short while]


The reliability of our current server has fallen recently, and you may have noticed some periods of downtime or slow responsiveness. This concerns us, as we want the best reliability possible, so we are going to move to a brand new server soon.

Hopefully there will be very little impact to you, but this is how it will affect the websites. Please read on so you are aware of what will be happening.

CSI Files
For the main news site there should be no down time. We will switch over to the new server and most people will start using it without knowing anything has happened. You do not need to do anything, it will all be automatic.

Talk CSI
This will require some downtime so that we can move the database over to the new server. We will stop any new posts being made, and put up a message saying the transfer is in progress. You should not have to do anything, but you will have to live without posting for a while (should be no more than a day). All you have to do is check back now and again, and when your internet service provider has picked up the details for the new server you should find yourself automatically there.

I will advise nearer to the time when the exact date will be, but expect it to happen some time this week. Again I'd like to re-iterate that you don't have to do anything, it's just a case of being aware of things going on and some down time.

The other sites in our family (Trek BBS etc.) will follow afterwards.

Thank you
margburger made a very good point in QSF, and that is it's CSI season finales week in the US. So any downtime, however short, would be more inconvenient right now. So I've postponed the move for a while. I'm going to do the Trek sites first, then come back for CSI later. :)