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    I would love your help in testing what will probably be the next Talk CSI.

    The benefits of the new Xen Foro system include:

    1. Completely new, slicker user experience.
    2. Faster, more efficient system.
    3. Facebook integration.
    4. Twitter integration.
    5. Ability to 'like' posts.
    6. News feeds ala Facebook.
    7. Awards and trophies ala games and social networks.
    8. And much more...
    Please check it out at

    If you are a member, you should be able to login (new registrations are disabled).

    Please see if your user account is intact, and that everything acts as it should. Post away, try the system. Test it. Break it. Go for it!

    Please note: it is an experimental system. You can play to your heart's desire - but any changes will not be kept. This is also the default skin, so will not look like the final Talk CSI.

    Please provide feedback in this thread.
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