I did! I thought they were amazing. Definitely two of the better episodes of the season. I didn't think I was going to like the 1940s ep that much but it's now one of my favourite episodes of the season. It was so when Jack was dancing with Jack. And I liked how he confided in Tosh instead of Gwen all the time. I felt sorry for Owen though. Having to give himself medical treatment, lol.

I loved the tension in the last episode, where they all turned against Jack. I found Gwen to be a bit OTT. Don't all jump down my throat and say it was realistic. That's just my opinion. I loved the end where Jack says that he forgives Owen and he cries on his shoulder. So emotional!

Hopefully for the next season they'll make this more about Jack than Gwen. Why has every storyline got to have something to do with Gwen, even when it's not about her?

Any ideas on the relationship between Jack and Ianto? I'm still confused about that.
Im not really a fan or the Jack/Ianto relationship but i hope Jack and Gwen dont get together in the next series: i would hate her so much if that happened,lol :)
It's funny, but if I had been told at the start that by the mid point of the season, Gwen would have shagged one of her co-workers, I would have assumed it to be Jack!
(and I would have also figured that it would have been as deep and meaningful as say having a cup of tea with her...sort of a "Welcome to Torchwood shag")

The Jack/Ianto relationship seems to have been deliberately left open to interpretation for the most part, but I think the kiss at the end proves that there's something going on. (I'm so happy, this is my first canon ship!)

Count me in as somebody who was dissapointed that Gwen seemed to be the focus of the season. I know she's the newbie and we were sort of seeing Torchwood through her eyes, but half the time she was onscreen, I just wanted to shake some sense into her.

I think Gwen was intended to be a bit OTT in the last scenes. She obviously wasn't thinking clearly or she would have realized that she was being manipulated (no logical reason why opening the rift would have helped Rhys)

I loved bitchy-Jack when everybody had turned on him and he was listing off their faults.
And the look of delight on his face at the end (sighs)
Now I can't wait until S3 Doctor WHo!
wow torchwood thread MEGA FAN lol i know its sad :lol:

What did you think of the episode with the alien eye and ghost boy? I though it was one of he weaker episodes in the season but i loved the fight club ep with Owen ad the weevils
I didn't enjoy the alien eye ep that much. Partly because there was hardly any screentime for the regulars...and mainly, because the only regular that got much screentime was Gwen bloody Cooper (tm Susie)

My favourite eps would have to be Countrycide - the one with Ianto in jeans <g> - and End of days - the finale.
I have to agree about the episode with the wierd alien eye: it was awful! such a rubbish and weak storyline, plus Jack wasnt in it much :(
Bu my episode has to be Captain Jack Harkness: 2 Captain Jacks and they were both hot! :) and End of Days was easily one of the best episodes too
Yes the two captain jacks were hot, I loved the countryside ep beeing from Wales i visit some relatives who live in small towns like that and when you drive in with a strange car they all stop and look to see who you are its really freaky but they dont eat us lol :lol: