There's light after all! (Ryan)

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    Ryan Wolfe!

    Part 1


    It was around lunch time when Horatio, Ryan and Eric were all called to a homicide at the beach.
    13 year old Katy Wake had been stabbed 3 times in her chest.

    When the three CSI's arrived at the scene the sun was beaming down hot as ever. Practically right after they all stepped out of their vehicals they started sweating.

    Horatio started talking to some of the witness' at first, and Eric and Ryan started processing the body and scene.
    Ryan started taking pictures and Eric started collecting the evidence. While Ryan was snapping the pictures another young girl not much older then the victom came running up toward the Do Not Cross tape.

    Horatio saw her so he started his way over toward her. She ran and ran and finally mad eit over to teh tape. When she did she ducked down and rushed over to the body on the ground. Horatio hadn't made it there yet, so Ryan stood up and put his arms out as he said, "You can't be over here, it's a crime scene!"

    The girl pretended as if she didn't here what Ryan said. She pushed his arms aside as she yelled at Eric, "That's my sister! That's my sister!"
    By this time Horatio had made it over. He leaned down and grabbed her arms as he said, "Come with me Sweetie."

    "No!" she yelled yanking her arm away from him. He grabbed it back twice as hard and another officer came over and helped restrain her. She was crying non stop as they pulled her away. Horatio tried to calm her down but he wasnt succeeding.

    Eric and ryan just watched them for a minute, then Eric shook his head as he said, "Can you imagine?"

    "What?" Ryan asked turning around to face Eric.

    Eric blinked and then said, "Loosing someone that close to you."

    Ryan nodded and then said quickly trying to get off subject, "Come on, we should hurry this up."

    Eric watched as Ryan knelt back down and started snapping more pictures. He then knelt down too as he said, "Have you ever lost anyone?"

    Ryan looked up at Eric and said snapping, "What does that matter right now! We're supposed to be doing our jobs, not talking."

    Eric started glaring at Ryan as he said, "What's your problem Wolfe?"

    "Nothing, please, let's just finish this."

    Horatio started his way back toward the guys with a frown on his face.
    When he made it back over to the tape Eric walked over and met him. Horatio looked at Eric weakly as he said, "So, what have you found so far, if anything?"

    Eric looked back at the body, and then turned back to Horatio and said, "Not much yet, but Wolfe is acting really weird. He has a major attitude, and all he want's to do is get this over with."

    Horatio looked over at Ryan as he said to Eric, "Well Eric, I think we all do.............."

    Later that day they finished collecting the evidence and made it back to the lab. Horatio was in the atopsy room with Alex, and Eric was in the break room.

    Ryan was coming down the hall as his phone rang. He stopped as he answered it. "Wolfe?"

    "Hey Ryan, we've gotten a report that the suspect that was described at the crime scene this morning is back down at the beach again, get Horatio and Eric and go back there."

    "Alright, we'll be there in a few minutes."

    He hung up his phone and walked by the break room as he said, "Come on Delko, suspect spotted at the beach again."

    Eric put his coffee down and followed Ryan down to the atopsy room. Ryan pushed the door open and said, "Come on H, he's back at the beach again."

    Horatio didn't waste any time as he followed the guys back out of the room.
    They jumped in their vehicals and put their lights on. They made it back down to the beach at 4 thirty. They slowly and carefully got out of their cars and started walking the beach.

    Horatio and Eric went one way and Ryan went the other. They tried to blend in with the crowd as they were looking, but suddenly that wasn't an option anymore...............


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