The Rant and I Cannot Say This Out Loud #3

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To my ex-friend and boy who broke my heart,

You can write in your blog and whine about how no one cared when you had your nervous breakdown. However, you pushed us all away multiple times when you went crazy over your "true love." I still hope that you get past your demons but you cannot live life acting as though everyone is against you. It is rarely the case that your friends are your enemies.
To a certain someone - Please be more considerate and not have your tv up so loud when you know good and damn well other people are trying to sleep. Your dumb tv woke me up way too damn early this morning and I couldn't go back to sleep.

To the VCR in the livingroom- Please start being more compatible with the VCR in my bedroom. When I am forced to tape on you (because I'm taking something else in the bedroom) and then I go to watch it later in my room, the tape rolls and jumps and its difficult to watch.
To family member: You have got to stop taking things so personally. I told you I feel like I have to walk one eggshells all the time because YOU asked how I felt and then you get offended? Maybe more people would enjoy your company if you weren't so angry all the time. Perhaps the problem isn't us? I'm tired of having to smooth things over every time someone opens their mouth--and they aren't even being offensive or rude.

Newsflash: The world isn't out to get you, despite what you believe.

Oh and thanks for making everyone in the house feel like they can't enjoy life. We shouldn't have to be guilty for putting a smile on our face or expressing pride due to an accomplishment. It's so hard to live with you sometimes.

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Dear Philosophy professor,

You are not an English professor so please stop telling the entire class we don't know how to write a proper essay. You gave us the outline of what you wanted, and according to this we had to spit out on paper what the book said. Sorry that some of us didn't want to sound like a broken record and repeat everything. You shouldn't hold that against half the class and force us to rewrite our essays as we gave the answers you wanted just with different words. I really "loved" the comments on mine about needing to use more commas and less words you don't understand. You teach at the college should be aware of these words. And as for the commas where you say I need them would make the person reading take a breath every 3-6 words....just stick to the facts and not try to assess grammar.

No love or thanks,

your entire Ethics class
Note to self. You are a frickin' Idjit. That stop sign was there for a reason. Now You've likely totalled your car, as well as did some damage to the other dude's car. Smooth move, ex lax. For Sure.
To Finns.

Ah yes, the winter surprised you once again. And still the weirdest thing is that winter arrives every year.
For a week there's been in papers and forecast that we'll get first snow (almost snowstorm) this weekend and STILL most of you, especially those living in south, do not change wintertyres. And then there's shitload of accidents and no excuse for it than your own stupidity.

IF you don't want to change wintertyres when you know this snow will melt and you don't want to ruin your wintertyres by driving on non-snowy&icey roads, then leave your car at home. Don't drive when it's snowy and cold. If you really have to drive, then change the friggin' tyres BEFORE the snow comes. Because once it hits the ground, every other idiot who has left it to last minute are changing those as well and if you cannot do it yourself, then carrepairshops are busy and full and then you have to drive with summertyres.

To my lovely neighbour,

Please just relax! Nobody questions you,blames you... I say hi, you say your whole life story! Why? Don't make me regret saying hi please. You are good person, i like you but i don't need to know what you did or why you did. Please. Sincerely...

To me,
Move your ass a little! Open the window, get some fresh air... Stop drinking coffee.You are like a sleepwalker when you didn't drink!
To family member,

Please do not leave the Wii Balance Board in the middle of the living room floor. That's an accident waiting to happen right there. Put it away in the cabinet of the entertainment center or at least push it over against the wall where it isn't in the middle of the room!

Oh and by the way, I'm not a mind reader and can't automatically know when you're out of under-clothes. So don't get mad at me when you run out. Maybe you should have more than five pair in the first place... that way you won't run out. You've been talking about moving out sometime in the not so distant future, right? Well, don't you think its time for you to learn how to wash clothes? It's really not that difficult.
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To people who use smileys,

Using a lot of smileys when you post I understand it is for expression. But using smileys when not needed doesn't make what you're posting all that funny, if doing anything it annoys me and I'm sure countless others. I've seen posts where someone used over 40 smileys to place "emphasis" on stuff that wasn't all that funny. Emphasis isn't needed if what you use it with isn't funny or pertains to the general theme of the smiley, using an acronym such as lol etc could suffice. Please tone it down in the future. Thanks.
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To the same person as always (LOL) -

Dude seriously, you're not hard of hearing. Why the heck do you need your damn tv that freaking loud? It took me forever to go to sleep last night because I could hear your tv all the way from the other end of the damn hall. Just because you have a big screen tv with good sound doesn't mean you have to have it as loud as a movie theater.
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to my computer: please be patient, i know my cousin wasn't the best of taking care of you but i'm much different, i promise.

i know you're bored of being off since my b-day but i already told you i don't have a monitor yet, sorry it takes too much time and i can't afford even the cheapest one.

also you're old and i doubt windows 98' would take anything else than cable network.

but i miss you so much and i still want to write on you cause i believe i can live without internet. i know sounds weird but i want write my fanfics and make photography...

and i will take care of you as soon as i get that damn monitor.

so please be nice and patient,

With Love,

Your lovely owner...

To my 'dear' former friends: I officially hate you all!
To the first one: you're just an ass. You betrayed my trust in people. And now how am I supposed to trust someone anymore? I so regret I gave you money. And one more thing- I have you!

To the second: hey you b... I hate you! Ha! You tried to think you're my friend. Wrong! You were just another failure passing by. And now you're tellin me you're homo? Gosh how I predicted this. I'm not fob but still it's enough shocking after all this time.
To third one: oh you're just someone i won't give a damn crap about. I hate you! You pretended to be my friend and I even spent my time and money with you! Awful! And guess what I hate you! And hope you're damn far away!
To the fourth one: how the hell you thought you could fooled me? You just thought you did, but you failed! Ha ha! Another failure! But thanks for headphones and clothes you gave, they were useful. But now i just want you out of my life and memory. Goodbye!

To myself: Gosh you did it again. The Mentalist! How the heck that happened? Damn should act sooner. Now you're again late! Duh! That's freakin annoying but next time you'll listen. Oh for sure you'll listen.

To my mobile phone: Hey you, damn thing! I'm talkin to you! Hey, would you stop please switching off everytime I've started to write? That's very annoying all the time re-writing every damn word many times over and over again. You were so great and kind when i got you but now you're so sluggish. How the hell that happened? Tell me cause you're not that bad, you're young enough to be still fresh and well-working. Please stop making my internet life so hard! Oh please just work!
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To my supposed best friend,

I suppose I should thank you for borrowing your notes, but since they were awful notes, I don't think I will! I mean, I told you thank you, but come on, you don't know what anything means! If anything, you should thank me. I found the extra credit passage in Moby Dick. Not you!

Also, you're the worst driver ever! It's so annoying to ride in the car with you. And stop trying to pretend like you have such a hard life. You live in HP! Your life couldn't be any easier! Your grandfather bought your car, pays for your gas, and is going to pay for your college! Sure my parents do the same, but I don't pretend like they don't. In fact, I call Winston my car, but I don't think of it as mine. My parents own it. I'm lucky to go to school where I go. You can afford it! My parents work their butts off to pay for this school so stop complaining about having to spend your own money. You don't understand what this recession is doing. And to think I called you down to earth.

Another thing, could you be any more annoying? Every time I tell a story you follow it up with "That's nothing" or "Oh, I can beat that" or "Listen to this". I'm so sick of your freaking inferiority complex. I don't give a damn if you have 6 siblings so you don't have to tell me every day. I listen, well, not anymore because all you do is one-up everyone's stories. It's so annoying. Do you know why we ditched you when we went to Qdoba? We don't want you around to annoy us.

You know how we always say "I'll drink to that"? Well it's because we started a drinking game for whenever you try to one-up us, mention your family, or any guy who you like/thinks stalks you. They don't stalk you. Trust us. They hate you.

On a kinder note, thank you for taking care of me when I got sick. You didn't have to, but you did. That was amazing of you. Another thing though, why did you have to one up me when I was sick? Really? You couldn't hold it in?

Secretly Annoyed

Good friend who I'm not really mad at,

It's not your place to criticize who our other friend dates. Please don't. Thanks.
This isn't a rant or anything I can't say out loud, but I'm excited and need to post it somewhere and this is the best thread I could find.

I just won tickets to the Reba, George Strait and LeeAnn Womack concert in Mpls. tomorrow night!!! Whoo Hoo!! Now I just gotta find someone to go with me.
This isn't a rant or anything I can't say out loud, but I'm excited and need to post it somewhere and this is the best thread I could find.

I just won tickets to the Reba, George Strait and LeeAnn Womack concert in Mpls. tomorrow night!!! Whoo Hoo!! Now I just gotta find someone to go with me.

That's awesome! I saw Reba in concert many years ago. She's very good.
to my mobile phone.
please give me back those two parts of my last fanfic! it's an order!
i'm so sick and tired of your bad behaviour.
how am i supposed to write my very first crossover and The Mentalist fanfic?
i would be very happy if i could find an iphone on street because i really need one normal phone with which i could be able to write.
other option would be to get monitor to newly gotten computer.

i'm so pissed from your bad attitude to me you, sony ericsson z550i, i am a very good owner if you haven't noticed and i really care your health.
so please COOPERATE with me and OM 5.1!
i need you both cooperating and working well.


and please stop to shut down in every five seconds! it's annoying!

ahh please dear god, give me new phone for once and for all. i've been asking you this since i bought my second phone which also doesn't work well.
so please any high-above-standing-powerful anything, please please give me new phone and help me get a monitor! please!

ahh... heaviness off my chest finally:)
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