The Last Ten songs You Listened To...

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Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father
Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
The Rasmus - In The Shadows
Three Days Grace - Home
Ryan Cabrera - Photo
Phantom Of The Opera - All I Ask Of You
The Citizens Of Halloween - This Is Halloween
The Click Girl - Just The Girl
Puff Daddy ft. Faith Hill & 112 - I'll Be Missing You
KT Tunstall - Suddenly I See
Hey Joe - Body Count
I'm Your Pusher - Ice-T
Snow (Hey Oh) - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Far Away - Nickelback
If Everyone Cared - Nickelback
The Winner Loses - Body Count
That's How I'm Livin' - Ice-T
O.G. Original Gangster - Ice-T
Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers
New Jack Hustler - Ice-T
1- My Sacrifice by Creed
2- I Don't Wanna Think About You by Simple Plan
3- Knocking on Heaven's Door by Avril Lavigne
4- One Day by Simple Plan
5- Breathe by Michelle Branch
6- Youth of the Nation by P.O.D
7- Where is the Love?-The Black Eyed Peas feat. Justin Timberlake
8- It's Tearing Up My Heart by NSYNC
9- Last Resort by Papa Roach
10- I Want You To Need Me by Celine Dion
I wonder will I get slapped for this short post but there's no point to type all songs because I've just listened to Iron Maiden's A Matter of Life and Death -album :p
WillowsWannaBe said:
We won't slap you. Tinksy? :p Maybe you could put this link in your post. It's okay anyway :)

:p Thought people can check the tracklist on their own ;)

Perhaps I should save that to compso I can post it here again and again and again :p (well, I don't post here so often :lol: )
Patience - Take That
Chasing cars - Snow Patrol
Das Beste - Silbermond
All good things - Nelly Furtado
You know my name - Chris Cornell
Patience - Take That ( I like that song :))
Tonight I'm falling - TNT
With arms wide open - Creed
I should be sleeping - Emerson Drive
When the stars go blue - Tim McGraw
This is a weird mix was flickin through music channels :lol:

Take that-Patience
Scissoe sisters-I dont feel like dancing
Mika-Grace Kellly
Queen-Dont stop me now
Alanis Morrisette-One hand in my pocket
Bowling For Soup-High school never ends
Mc Fly-Sorry's not good enough
Leona-Moment like this

The Offspring – Pretty Fly
Of Montreal – Rapture Rapes the Muses
Of Montreal – Disconnect the Dots
Of Montreal – Vegan in Furs
Motion City Soundtrack – Hold Me Down


Motion City Soundtrack – Hold Me Down
Motion City Soundtrack – Hold Me Down (I just love this song :lol:)
Dave Matthews Band – Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives)
Dave Matthews Band – American Baby
Dave Matthews Band – American Baby Intro
Tinkerbell said:
WillowsWannaBe said:
We won't slap you. Tinksy? :p
No I won't either, only becuase your listening to Iron Maiden. :lol: :p

I knew you'd understand :p :lol:

1. Iron Maiden - The Pilgrim
2. Agnes - Danger in Love
3. TikTak - Sankaritar
4. Stella - Lumottu
5. Caramba - Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot (song makes no sense :p )
6. Sandra - Maria Magdalena
7. TikTak - Lähdetään tänään
8. HollyDolly - Dolly Song
9. Pandora - Trust Me
10. Pandora - Come on and Do It
1. I Love You Came Too Late - Joey McIntyre
2. Sing For The Moment - Eminem
3. Because You Live - Jesse McCartney
4. Crazy - Javier
5. 99 Problems - Jay-Z
6. Layne
7. Fray
8. Intro
9. How About You
10. Price To Play
1. Goldfrapp - Ride A White Horse
2. Prodigy - Spitfire
3. Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
4. Razorlight - In The Morning
5. Queens of the Stone Age - Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
6. Nelly Furtado - Maneater
7. Avenged Sevenfold - Desperate Through Reverence
8. Avenged Sevenfold - Eternal Rest
9. Avenged Sevenfold - I Won't See You Tonight, Part 1
10. Avenged Sevenfold - I Won't See You Tonight, Part 2
I LOVE RUBY! I have been listening to it for 5 times in a row now. (6th time now)

Kaiser Chiefs – Ruby
The Magic Numbers – Take A Chance
Motion City Soundtrack – Everything Is Alright
The Fratellis – Creepin' Up The Backstairs
Europe – The Final Countdown
Elle Milano – Swearing's For Art Students
El Pino and the Volunteers – Cougar
Editors – Munich
Editors – Distance
Editors – Someone Says
Roos, you listen to El Pino & the Volunteers! I love you! I saw them live on stage a while ago!! :D

1. Oasis - Stand by me
2. AC/DC - You shook me all night long
3. AC/DC - Highway to hell
4. The Rolling Stones - You can't always get what you want
5. Snow Patrol - Hands open
6. The Arctic Monkeys - Fake tales of San Francisco
7. Guns N' Roses - Sweet child o' mine
8. The Foo Fighters - Everlong
9. The Offspring - Hit that
10. Guns N' Roses - You could be mine
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