The Last 10 Songs You Listened To #4

Discussion in 'General TV & Media' started by SunsetBoulevard, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. 4blueeyez

    4blueeyez Rookie

    Feb 6, 2008
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    01. Fall Out Boy - Thriller
    02. Sonata Arctica - Tallulah
    03. Sonata Arctica - The gun
    04. Evanescence - Bring me to life
    05. Apocalyptica - Bittersweet
    06. Delain - See me in the shadow
    07. Panic! At The Disco - I write sins not tragedies
    08. Billie Myers - Kiss the rain
    09. Nightwish - The phantom of the opera
    10. Sonata Arctica - San Sebastian (revisited)
  2. Joycie84

    Joycie84 CSI Level One

    Jul 27, 2006
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    1. Michael Buble - Everything
    2. Asia - Heat of the Moment
    3. Bruce SPringsteen - Blood Brothers
    4. R.E.M. - Nightswimming
    5. Eddy Vedder - Hard Sun
    6. Marc Cohn - Walking in Memphis
    7. Lifehouse - Broken
    8. John Parr - St. Elmo's Fire
    9. Jesus and Mary Chain - Just Like Honey
    10. Guns 'n Roses - Estranged
  3. shazza_018

    shazza_018 A Daily Anthem Moderator

    Dec 1, 2007
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    1. Britney Spears - Boys (The Co-Ed Femix)
    2. OLP - Are You Sad (Live) (<---I love this song as I immediately connected with it, it has so much meaning and depth)
    3. Starfield - Filled With Your Glory
    4. Beyonce - Beautiful Liar
    5. John Mayer - Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
    6. Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle
    7. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
    8. The Calling - Our Lives
    9. Kelly Clarkson - Sober
    10. Blake Lewis - Break Anotha
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  4. katelynn

    katelynn Lab Technician

    Jan 4, 2008
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    Sophia - I agree... Are you sad is an amazing song and has a lot of depth to it. its funny i JUST listened to that song RIGHT before i came on here!

    1.) OLP - Are you sad?!
    2.) OLP - Bring back the sun
    3.) OLP - 4AM
    4.) OLP - Sell my soul
    5.) OLP - Clumsy
    6.) OLP - Thief
    7.) OLP - Al Genina (leave the light on)
    8.) OLP - Not Afraid
    9.) OLP - Talk is Cheap
    10.) OLP - No Warning
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    Wow, almost all sad songs.. you think i would have noticed that before hahaha
  5. shazza_018

    shazza_018 A Daily Anthem Moderator

    Dec 1, 2007
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    I know but what was more amazing is the intro that Raine did in the Live first I was just flicking through my playlist listening to random songs but when I listened just the intro of the song it actually made me wanna listen to the song....His words made me wanna hear the rest of the song....I can't remember off the top of my head what exactly he said but it did make me wanna listen on....I think this probably the first song where I actually connected properly with Raine/OLP and their music....Its the first time I really felt a connection with the song....I LOVE this song as its made me love the band even more!...I mean I must admit I wasn't too crazy about them the first time I listened to them when you first mentioned them but now I'm really get a feel for their music...sorry I'm rambling I'll stop...:lol: and its kind of creepy that you were just listened to that song....

    Anywayz songs I listened to just before I came here was a few random songs by Cartel:

    1. Honestly
    2. Runaway
    3. Lose It
    4. Wonderwall (cover)
    5. Save Us
    6. Minstrel's Prayer
    7. Say
    8. If I Fail
    9. Wasted
    10. Say Anything (Else)(<--my fav song by them :D )
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  6. Deirdre

    Deirdre Coroner

    Apr 22, 2008
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    1) Bat For Lashes - Trophy
    2) Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do
    3) Hafdis Huld - Tomoko
    4) Jennifer Paige - Crush
    5) Lamb - Gabriel
    6) Maanam - Krakowski Spleen
    7) Fiona Apple - Sally's Song
    8) Fiona Apple - Criminal
    9) Fiona Apple - Limp
    10) Duffy - Mercy
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  7. katelynn

    katelynn Lab Technician

    Jan 4, 2008
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    Sophia - I understand... sometimes with OLP you cant really connect with the song until you know the meaning of the song because he (raine) tends to and/or likes to put the meaning inbetween the lines and allows the listeners to interpret the song into their own meaning.
    hahahah you know what else, i can tell you exactly (Depending on the live version you have) exactly what he said before Are you sad... The one im thinking you have is the one from their Edmondon/Montreal performance a few years back for their DVD. They recorded it at two shows so they could make a CD and a DVD and some of the audio is different and his voice is all strained in some of the songs and its weird but ANYWAYS.
    He said "You guys are all real people out there right? Real people have real problems and and the problem I find with a lot of people is usually at some point in your life there's a person very close to you that you love that needs help,. The problem is usually the time this person needs the most help is the time they don't want your help. This next song is about that person that everybody has, or will have. It's about trying to connect with them and help them and save them and all those things you wanna do but sometimes as human beings you can't do. It's called Are You Sad? 3, 4"

    ahhaha just incase you're wondering i dont know that quote off by heart, its in the Lyric section to a fansite. LOL.

    I know eh, i was listening to their "spiritual Machines" cd and it was on shuffle and that was the last song that played before I came on here previously.

    1.) Our Lady Peace - Naveed/Life
    2.) Avril Lavigne - Fall to pieces
    3.) Sky - some kind of wonderful
    4.) Raine Maida - Careful what you wish for
    5.) Panic at the diso - Tonight Tonight (smashing pumpkins cover)
    6.) One Republic - Stop and Stare
    7.) Natasha Bedingfield - I bruise easily
    8.) Skabba the hut - Sucker in the end
    9.) Mutemath - Control
    10.) Meg & Dia - Roses
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  8. shazza_018

    shazza_018 A Daily Anthem Moderator

    Dec 1, 2007
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    KT - I know, Raine tends to put the meaning inbetween the line ands allows the listners to interpret the song into their own meaning...but this song seemed a little he had a specific meaning and he wanted the listener to know the message behind the song, the story behind the words...
    Yep, that the version I was listening to and that was exactly what he said...

    I know eh? His voice sounded really strained...even his natural voice sounded strained but its understandable why it did sound stained but still it was a little weird....when I quoted the lyrics from your post I underline a few lines thats really caught my full attention when I was listening to the song..."Real People...Real Problems" the "Real" takes away that "Large Than Life" factor that alot of artists/bands give to their songs it give it a sense of reality and the "real world" we live in....I think the song its self is soo deep and meaningful get a lot of artists that sings songs which may have alot depth to 'em but they seem pointless or meaningless at to put the two things together and making the song but deep and meaningful is amazing....

    I also love 4AM I don't if I told about this or not but I've always struggled to mantain a healthy loving relationship with my dad...It's not like my parents are divorced or anything, their like any relationship they have had their fair share or arguements and stuff,...but I just don't get my dad at time and sometimes I don't thing he gets me...I think this song always reminds me that no matter how much hatred on the outside I show towards my dad I will always love him....

    I love innocent too...another, realistic down to earth song...

    There this other which I think alot of people can connect to, its called "Save Us" By "Cartel"....and there this slideshow/video on youtube of someones interpretation of that song....and basically I think they got the true, real meaning of the song (I can PM you the link for the video if you want me to)...but basically this person says in the video..."that somes time life can get us down and we can feel completely lost but if we cherish those dearest to us and seize each and every day like it was our last then surely we can make the most of this life... basically it explains the meaning of the song so well...and the song has such a deep meaning and it has such a real and down to earth feeling to it...heres the first verse....
    "...Simple words we never knew,
    The power behind what they put us through,
    Now it's all begun - what it takes to make it real.
    We're standing on the edge of this,
    When our soul is gone - what will we miss?
    We lost what it takes to really, really feel.

    Better days behind us now,
    We all need someone to tell us how
    To save the state of where we are,
    Its keeps demanding more and more and more.
    Who will save us?
    This can't go on, without the meaning in the rhyming.
    Can you save, can you save us?
    I can't go on out of rhythm with our time..."

    WOW! that went on long than I expected I apologise....:eek:...onto the songs:

    1. Avril Lavigne - Don't Tell Me
    2. Elliot Yamin - You Are The One
    3. Nickelback - Photograph
    4. Destiny's Child - Soldier
    5. Michael Jackson - Ben (Live) (<---I think this song has so much meaning behind it to and even though most people may not like this artist because of various reason but this song is a beautiful song about a deep friendship)
    6. All Time Low - Coffee Shop Soundtrack
    7. Cascada - What Hurts The Most (Last Christmas) :lol:
    8. Christina Aguilera - What A Girl Wants
    9. OLP - Made of Steel
    10. OLP - Somewhere Out There
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  9. Deirdre

    Deirdre Coroner

    Apr 22, 2008
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    1) Bat For Lashes - Horse and I
    2) Brisa Roche - Helmet
    3) Brisa Roche - Flying Too High
    4) Brisa Roche - Whistle
    5) Brisa Roche - The Choice
    6) Phoebe Killdeer and The Short - Paranoia
    7) Phoebe Killdeer and The Short - How Far
    8) Phoebe Killdeer and The Short - Jack
    9) Phoebe Killdeer and The Short - He's Late
    10) Phoebe Killdeer and The Short - Never Tell A Lie
    and now playing: Phoebe Killdeer - Chaos
  10. katelynn

    katelynn Lab Technician

    Jan 4, 2008
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    Wow, i like how we're having our own little conversation over here.
    Raine has never (to my knowledge) admitted who the song is actually about. I believe its about someone who is in the band who i believe went to rehab for a couple of weeks..I can't remember exactly why but I know it wasn't a major drug or alcohol.. but anyways that who i think the song is about... I could totally be wrong its just my guess. I just know the song is about how Raine tried to help someone who didn't want the help and he was doing everything in his power to help and tried not to give up... but eventually he realized you cant help someone who doesn't want the help.. they have to want to help themselves first.

    I know Raine has trouble breathing through his nose which CAN make it difficult for singers and is why sometimes he sounds odd... but that doesn't make the voice strained unless he was sick. even tho at that particular show he didnt sound like himself.. still sounded great and in songs like Are You sad he still managed to go extremely high - no wonder his voice is strained... ITs hard to imagine a guy actually being able to sing at that tone or range.

    I'm sorry to hear that Sophia! I guess 4AM is a totally relevant song for you in some ways direct or not. I hope in the future your relationship will continue to grow in a positive and healthy way.

    I think i have to tell you this... I dont know if you have listened to their song called "BIG DUMB ROCKET". the meaning for this is REALLY hard to relate too.. but the humour (well techniqually its not funny cos raine almost killed someone ahhaahha)
    I dont even know why i laughed. just the lyrics in general... Raine was in college he was studying Criminology and he was at a party and he found one his friends guns.. and his friend was having a shower and he walked in and pointed the gun at him and said BAM. and i believe Raine or one of the other members said that he sliped near the wall but not too far and the gun went off, but they were filled with blanks and it hit the shower and thankfully missed his friend.. and at that moment raine was holding this gun realizing what happened! so thats when he wrote the song Big dumb rocket reflecting that memory.
    I agree, Raine never wanted to release Innocent because of the meaning but the producer at the time suggested he did because of the meaning and how powerful the song is. Innocent isn't the original title for the song as well.. .they changed it so the song would seem more positive.

    Im testing out ashlee simpsons new cd to see if its any good soo all these songs are hers

    1.) Boys
    2.) Outta my head
    3.) Rule Breaker
    4.) No time for tears
    5.) Little Miss obsessive
    6.) Ragdoll
    7.) Bittersweet world
    8.) What I've become
    9.) Hot stuff
    10.) Murder
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  11. kaylyne

    kaylyne Coroner

    Jan 12, 2006
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    1. Brandi Carlile - Josephine
    2. Brandi Carlile - Cannonball
    3. Brandi Carlile - the story
    4. Brandi Carlilie - Turpentine
    5. Joni Harms - What kind of line does a woman use
    6. Joni Harms - I used to be you
    7. Joni Harms - only thing bluer than his eyes
    8. Joni Harms - I need a wife
    9. Joni Harms - there's no heart so strong
    10.Alison Pipitone - residue
  12. magicmunchies

    magicmunchies Lab Technician

    Sep 20, 2007
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    1.Madonna feat Timbaland and Justin Timbaland-4 minutes
    2.Estelle feat Kanye West-Amercian Boy
    3.Linkin Park-Givin Up
    5.Cake-The Roof Is On Fire
    6.Matchbox Twenty-Push
    7.Seether-Fake It
    8.Chemical Brothers-Do It Again
    9.R.E.M-Try Not To Breathe
    10. Maroon 5-Can't Stop :devil:
  13. shazza_018

    shazza_018 A Daily Anthem Moderator

    Dec 1, 2007
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    haha i know but atleast we're having some sort of discussion in this thread :lol: :p

    For me it doesn't really matter who the song is actually about but that the song has a personal message for each and every individual listening to the song....every has some one in their who they want to help but sadly that person doesn't what can be hard to connect with that person and get to listen to you no matter how hard you try....anyone can relate to this song even the mean is indeed very deep...

    OH okay....I can understand if he had breathing problems...I know he managed to go extremely high in Are You Sad....He has amazing range don't hear alot of guys who can hit those high notes and get it right....but Raine managed to do that...

    Its funny I JUST listened to THAT song BEFORE I came here but yes I've heard a couple of can understand why the song lyrically is funny/humerous and I kinda get why Raine made it funny and humourous....I think no matter how many times I listen to "Big Dumb Rocket" I will never get the real meaning...because I just burst out laughing as soon as it starts..I think you need to be very serious to listen to that song...and understand it fully and relate to it...for some reason I can't relate to it but I'm sure there are people who can....

    2. OLP - Automatic Flowers (<--its weird but I kinda get the meaning behind this song even though I had to listen to it a few times before any of it made any sense)
    3. OLP - Will The Future Blame Us
    4. OLP - Angels/Losing/Sleep
    5. OLP - Kiss On The Mouth (<--- I don't know why but I find this song funny haha :p)
    6. OLP - Out Of Here
    7. OLP - Made Of Steel (<--I just love this song :D )
    8. OLP - Where Are You
    9. OLP - One Man Army (So whats this song about?! I love it! videos a bit weird tho lol :p)
    10. OLP - Thief (<---I can totally relate to and understand this song...)
    Now Playing: OLP - 4AM

    And you were right...whats so great about OLP is each song is different...each song has its own message its own voice and that what I love about OLP...
  14. bubbles

    bubbles CSI Level Two

    Aug 20, 2007
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    1= Always Love - Nada Surf
    2= You'll ask for me - Tyler Hilton
    3 = Rockstar - Nickelback
    4 = Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez
    5= 23 - Jimmy Eat World
    6= Cold - Matchbox 20 (going to see them Friday :) )
    7= Disease - Matchbox 20
    8= Waiting on the Wrold to Change - John Mayer
    9= Apologize - timbaland one republic
    10 = Kiss on Me = Tyler hilton
  15. katelynn

    katelynn Lab Technician

    Jan 4, 2008
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    True that. And thats why i love them so much (whoa, it sounds like im preaching- for a lack of a better word- about some band LOL.

    He does. he likes to call his voice "acrobatic".. because I believe it was before their 3rd cd that he said he wanted to be more acrobatic with his voice like a lot of female singers so he was concentrating on improving his range.

    That is funny! It is hard to relate too but I took the song under its own meaning so it could be relatable. Its hard to relate to the meaning because well, not everyone has a gun and plays tricks on their friends and having the trick with the gun go slightly bad.
    I find the lyrics humours too just because i can picture raine actually doing that then being like "Oh Sh*T"...

    The meaning for automatic flowers is weird. the album its on most of the songs have weird meanings something that has happened to raine or something that inspired him.
    it's about a woman that lives alone in an apartment and all she has left is this pop-up book. the history of "sara" - if that is her name in real - isn't given, only hinted at by the line "crying, crying, she couldn't afford the view". the automatic flowers isn't a play on words, it's a description of the pop-up book's contents, and this pop-up book is the only thing that she has that's close to her, and it won't do to be happy, thus, "these automatic flowers won't do"...

    Also Raine has at other times mentioned that there is NO meaning to the song what-so-ever no matter how hard you look at it, its just something that inspired him to see a girl so empty and broken, he didn't know her so he most likely made all of this stuff up so we could make up what its about too. so basically you can take Raines first meaning of the song - more like a story.. or you can make up your own.

    One Man Army is about the struggle for individuality. It's about finding the courage to metaphorically strip naked and set fire to all your inhibitions. It's about cleansing yourself of all the people and things that suffocate your individuality.

    ^^ that's a Direct quote from Raine, his wording is a lot better and creative then mine!

    Ditto. I can't wait for their next cd... see what they have come up with then! Late 2008 or early 2009.... Last time they said that it took them 3 years. HAHAH so far its been a couple years. well plus they took time off, they all have side projects... so basically with that in mind its only been just over a year.... They used to come out with cd's once a year, now its like you have to wait almost a decade. ( i know i just over exaggurated LOL)

    1.) OLP - All for you
    2.) OLP - Do you like it
    3.) OLP - Somewhere out there
    4.) OLP - Innocent
    5.) OLP - Made of steel
    6.) OLP - Not enough
    7.) OLP - Sell my soul
    8.) OLP - Sorry
    9.) OLP - Bring back the sun
    10.) OLP - Story about a girl
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