The girls refused to break up other excuses for their own

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    Help girls:

    I told my boyfriend have been together for over a year, feeling has been fairly quite good, noisy day also passed over. But because he is a northerner, so very macho, he does not allow me to meet my old male friends contact. Once off the National Day, he did not for me to stay in local home, but I do because to accompany their parents to leave the local tourism. He began a promised me to let me go in, but after the field had he called me and said I do not attach importance to him and leave him alone. Said that if next time there is such a situation he will leave me, and said a lot of people very sad very sad to say. I am very sad, why start so I went to obviously have yet to accuse me of.

    We often quarreled for some small things, sometimes he would abuse me roar. Not noisy when both were fed together, it seems a very good relationship, but I forget what he said the words of those who are hurt.

    He is not love studying, he likes to play games, a lot of very basic knowledge that he did not know, sometimes the problem of communication are now

    I'm getting tired, fed up with him all day questioning I going with, is the man is a woman. Fed up he was always distorted what I mean, enough of him arguing with me, but also enough of his words is always superficial and naive. But even so tired, I still could not bear him, after all, with such a long time, I am confused.

    I am really tired and not break up, break up, then I am afraid he has a short temper will make it unwise to do anything. I am confused, I do not know how to properly resolve, I hope you can help me, thank you.

    Letters from friends: confused rain

    Gang Girls: Mae Sot

    There will always be women, while all the chatter is not a boyfriend or husband, described the man is the world's worst man, said he in a relationship in ways that hurt, and then changed the subject, said he could not break up with him. If you break up, the man will not willing to, afraid that he will make violent things.

    However, this result is often: she really broke up with him, and breaking up is a man put forward. This man is not so bad, or even very bad, not so inseparable from her, or really can not do without This world is not can not break free of the shackles are not the same can not be separated couple, can not break up, is because they have not determined Bale. All this is not the ideal woman for the man himself and to live with an excuse: "I did not want to with him is that I can not not with him." Therefore, the resentment of the way, improvise over complete life.

    So, once you realize is not your ideal partner around the object, it may just hand frankly tell him what you think. Do not want to continue to find excuses for themselves, waste their youth.

    But you also did not how bad men: naive, shallow, macho ... ... This seems to be his common problem for men of this age. Maybe you need is a more mature man, how bad does not mean he must be.
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