The Fort for Nick/Greg Slash Fans #22

Yeah, great pics!

Hm, I haven't posted in here like forever. I got so caught up in new fandoms ... but I'll never forget Nick/Greg. It's just that there really isn't anything new to talk about and I STILL haven't seen season 9.

Anyway, regarding your questions, LoneWolf:

1) Do you think Nick is relieved that Riley is gone?
2) If Nick had a girlfriend, how do you think Greg would handle it?
3) Do you think that Nick would be jealous that Sara is back without Grissom and that Greg might flirt with her again?
4) I always assumed that Nick gave Greg his name Greggo. In season 9 Catherine calls Greg, Greggo. was anyone else upset by that. Thats Nick's pet name for Greg & I think it should stay between them.
5) Does Greg carry again? Isnt part of their proficiency test? Do you think that Nick would feel safer if Greg were to carry a gun?
1. From what I've heard about Riley I don't think that "relieved" is the best term to use. I don't think he'll miss her much. And anyway, Nick and Greg now have an office on their own ... :devil:
2. I think Greg would be a bit upset. He would avoid Nicky at first until he's got a plan ... ;)
3. No, I think that Greg's more than over Sarah and Greg being a very flirtatious person, no, Nick wouldn't mind.
4. Don't really know about that.
5. I'd have to agree with Wojo on that one. I think Greg+gun is a good idea!
In case you didn't know, The cast of CSI was on Entertainment tonight this past Thursday. I captured a few pics of Eric and George to share with you all.

Wow, great pics Wojo! Our boys are really HOT, aren't they? :drool:

Regarding LoneWolfe's questions:

I agree with love_fan about Riley; IMO, I don't think that Nick misses Riley much, I always had the feeling he didn't like Riley very much. Perhaps, because she spent a lot of time working with his Greggo! Do you remember that scene from "Leaving Out The Rest" where a jealous Nick was in the closet, of all the places? :lol:

And I don't think that Nick will be jealous that Sara is back. Greg's crush on Sara was over long time ago. Besides, after Nick and Greg learned about Grissom and Sara in season 8, we've never seen any of them jealous.

If I'm not wrong, Nick is the only one who has given Greg two different nicknames: Greggo and G. ;)

I'm reading that CSI is back to its roots, that season 10 will be like season 1 all over again. The "return to basics" that Eric mentioned in Montecarlo.

Season 1? Please, let it be true! I hope this season they'll give us something like...THIS ;)

Just popping in to say that I'll be watching the seasion premier and that I haven't been keeping up on a damn thing. :p
Hey everyone! Oh my, it's been so long, hasn't it? lol. :p So, uhm...I'm still alive! And I'm not sure if any of you will remember me because I've been such a bad shipper, and there are so many people here that weren't went I left! But anyway, new seasons, blablablah...maybe I'll be back for a while. :)

Is there going to be a chat tonight? (This is the real reason I invaded, lol.) If so, who's coming? I miss you all like crazy. :D

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Eeee! The last scene between them had me squeeing SO loud. :D And Nick was promoted! :D

About the chat... if people are interested, we can do a live chat on msn, aol, yahoo or something. I'm not a part of the CSI Wiki anymore. Got really crazy and some members wouldn't stop bothering me about their petty problems. It made me stop caring... Kind of like GSR... LOL

Sorry that I haven't been around either. I would have posted after last year's finale, but Nick left right away and that deflated me. :(

Also, even though Nick and Greg are my FAVORITE Slash of all time, and probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite couple of all time, they aren't my OTP. They used to be the center of universe, but they aren't anymore. Nothing against them (OBVIOUSLY), I just evolved. :p
It has been so long since I posted here, or even read this. I too was squee-ing during the last scene, it was a good one for them. Tommorrow maybe I will say more once everyone has had a chance to see it, idk, but it was sehr awesome! I have begun to really miss the fresh fiction for them, I don't like to read WIPs and the number of completed fics over the summer was sparse (though every one that I read was really good!), what is up with WMTDB?
I can't watch the new season :(

Please Please PLEASE People keep posting and telling us what's going on
with our boys ! And what about the last scene , what happened ? ???
What's Greg's new job ? Riley is gone, what was their reaction ? ?:confused:?
Please answer and don't let The Love die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, Nick was promoted. Assistant supervisor or something. LOL

No REAL talk about Riley left. Catherine was just venting to someone on the phone about she left out of nowhere and left them hanging with a ton of work (which is why Sara comes back. BTW- How long is she supposed to be around for. It sounds temporary, but I'm not sure if it's 2 episode or 12. :p )

Later Ecklie tells Catherine to read Riley's exit review and she said that supervision was bad, no leadership, the team didn't work well together. Kind of out of left field, but they were the character's personal opinions, I guess. Sara gives Catherine advice that Grissom had Catherine and Chatherine needs to find her "Catherine." Which is why she promotes Nick.

Sometime during the episode, you see that Nick bought a spider. :p And he picks it up. Towards the end, Nick and Greg trap it (in THEIR office) and Nick says it's not his spider. That it's some spider that's been missing for years. Then Nick gets called out of the room by Cat.

In the beginning there was these weird intro of the later climatic scene. It was all shot still and the camera was warping around everyone and everything. Don't get me wrong, it was creative and well done, but it still annoyed the crap out of me. Too long, I think. :)

Hope that helps answer anyone's questions. I think that any that could view the epi would have by now, so I hope repsonding with these details is okay. :)
"Family Affair" had a nice little Lover's quarrel. At the beginning, when the everyone started going at it (caused by Greg disagreeing with Catherine), Nick and Greg had a little spat. At the end though, they appeared to have kissed and made up. They also bonded over a spider. And it's just the two of them in that office (unless Ray moved in without our knowledge:scream:)
Here's a couple of Nick/Greg caps for you. Unfortunately once they caught 'Steevie' the camera kept switching from one to the other so I only got 2. :)

I loved the scenes between the guys last night. First the little fight, it made me think they have been having some issues at home. But by the end of the episode they obviously made up. The smiles they kept sharing as they talked about the spider were adorable. I loved how Nick said "dude" to him. It reminded me of when Greg did the famous line "Dude, where's your car?" to him. :lol:

I really hope it is just their office now. I hope Ray did not move in. Sara might be there temporarily.
Welcome back, guys!

I liked their little quarrel at the begining because that just made even better the Nick/Greg scene with the spider. It seems that the boys resolved their differences very quickly....;) In the locker room, perhaps? Oh, the possibilities.......:devil:

Here's a couple of Nick/Greg caps for you. Unfortunately once they caught 'Steevie' the camera kept switching from one to the other so I only got 2. :)


Thank you so much for the caps, Susan :thumbsup:

From what I've read on different CSI boards, everybody loved this Nick/Greg scene. They boys were absolutely adorable, just the two of them in their office, giggling....And suddenly, when Cath calls Nick, the smile on his face, the final look Nick gives Greg before leaving...It just felt like the old days.....:adore:
Hello, all!

While I may LOOK new to the Nick/Greg scene, I am not. I am simply a returning member from a hiatus.
I'm known as Lexi Lou Who on WMTDB site and it has been a long time since I posted on there and here. I hope to become a more active member on this site and WMTDB once it is up and running! In the meantime, anyone know where I can post my Nick/Greg fics?

Anyway, Getting to the point, I loved the Nick/Greg fight in the beginning of 'Family Affair.' It was so cute to see Greg stand up for himself and get passionate about something! It was just as cute to see Nick try and bring him back down to reality.
Hey all, I also loved this weeks premier because there was so much of Greg anyway. The beginning when they had their spat, Nick butted in on the convewrsation between the other three, saying Greg was whining. I loved how Greg stood up to him and said. "Who asked you!" I loved seeing a bit of tension between them because it makes their relationship seem more real to me.
I loved the bonding scene with the spider, it was so cool seeing them sharing the office and being friendly and loving toward each other.