The bonding Train. the CSI's clash

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    Alright you guys, I'm going to try to do a fic with some of the characters from all three shows, I hope y'all enjoy, please comment!
    Lead: Mac Taylor
    Others: Greg, Ryan, Danny, Lindsay, Eric, Stella, Hawkes, Flack, Nick, Warrick, and Sara.

    Chapter 1

    Aboarding the Train.

    It was around 1:30 in the afternoon with Mr. Mac Taylor was sitting in the break room drinking some afternoon coffee, (Danny didn't make it), when his phone rang. He looked at the number and saw that it was Don Flack's. So he flipped his cell open and said, "Hey Don, what's up?"

    "Hey Mac, we have a six time homicide here downtowan on a train that stopped about an hour ago. It's pretty messy, and there's still a passenger on board, she won't get off."
    Mac stood up setting his coffee cup down as he said, "I'll be right there, see ya."

    About twenty minutes later Mac arrived at the scene with ten other people. Flack had just pulled on his bullet proof vest as he saw them coming. He started staring at everyone as Mac said, "Don, I would like you to meet some friends of mine, they all just arrived this morning. Meet our Las Vegas members, Greg Sanders, Warrick Brown, Nick Stokes, and Sara Sidle. And then I'm sure you remember our friends from Miami, Ryan and Eric."

    Flack nodded, then Danny stepped up beside him and said, "And my name's Danny, nice to meet you."
    Flack started glaring at Danny, but then Mac stepped up and said, "Alright guys, we have guests, cool it."

    From the back Sara started staring at Danny, her face slowly turned into one big smile. Nick and Warrick walked up beside her as they said, "Sara, oh Sara. Stop staring him, it's rude."
    They both started laughing, but Sara didn't seem to think it was funny. And neither did Lindsay, Danny was hers and no one elses. And she for sure didn't want a vegas girl all over her man. So she stepped up next to Danny and put her arm around his.

    Anyway, everyone walked right up next to the train as Mac said, "Is it cleared?"

    Flack nodded and said, "Yea, everyones off except one girl. The police officers have all the passengers over there. But no one can get this kid off, she's like in some sort of a trance, I think some of the victoms are her family. I haven't tried to talk to her, it seems whenever I try to talk to a kid they get scared and run away, so I figured I'd leave that for you to do."

    Mac nodded and then motioned for everyone to aboard the train with him. One by one the twelve boarded the train, when they all got on it all their eyes widened to all the blood everywhere. Six people laying on their backs on the floor of the train. 3 men and 3 women, all eyes open.

    Stella started shaking her head as she said, "It's cases like these that really get to me, that one over there doesn't look older then 17."
    Just as she said that Flack nudged Mac and whispered, "Over there, in the back window."

    Mac looked and saw a girl probably no older then twelve sitting in the back window with her knees to her chest.
    Mac looked at the others and said, "Start processing guys, I'll be right back."
    Everyone nodded and started collecting the evidence by and on the bodies. Mac started walking back toward the back of the train where the girl was sitting.

    He got about a three feet from her when he said, "Hi there, what's your name, mine is Mac Taylor."
    The girl didn't move or say anything, Mec then went a little bit closer as he said, "Can you tell me something honey. Do you know any of those people laying down over there?"

    The girl raised her head up as she said, "You don't have to talk to me like that, I know they're dead, I'm 13. And yes, I did....."
    She turned her head away from Mac, he then looked back at all the bodies. He stared for a minute but then he sat down next to the girl in the window.

    He looked at her for a minute, then she turned her head back toward him. He smiled softly as he said, "Are two of those your parents?"
    She nodded slowly not saying anything.
    Mac then also nodded, he then put his hand on her knee as he said, "I'm really sorry."

    She pulled her self away from his touch as she looked out the window and said, "My dad's name was John, Petersen. He's the one wearing the hat that the tall guy over there is standing over.
    My mom is the one right next to him, she got shot first. Her name is Maria. My sister is the blond in shorts, Tonya.
    And the other three I'm not sure."

    Mac blinked as he said, "Well thank you sweetie, you helped us out a lot. Is there anything else you can share with us though?"
    The girl looked over at Flack, but then broke contact with him when he looked over toward her. She closed her eyes first as she said, "There were three men. They were all wearing black, and ski masks. Big guns, really really big guns. They said they were waiting for some people, but they never said who."

    Mac nodded as he stood up and said, "Thank you very much, you were very brave to tell me all that stuff. Come on, why don't we get you home."
    The girl looked at Mac as she said, "I don't realy have a home anymore, all my family is gone, and home is where family is suppose to be right?"

    Mac didn't know what to say. He had had cases like this before in the past, but they were always the hardest on him. About five seconds later everyone heard a gun shot and felt the train start to move. They all knelt down not sure where it was coming from. Greg looked at Nick as he said, "This is always my least favorite part."
    "You mean you haven't gotten used to it yet Greg, you're a level two now, you have to get over this."

    Another few seconds past as the train started getting faster and faster. Mac stood up as he said, "Flack, go check out the front, see if you can pull the brake."
    Flack nodded and then also stood up, but right at that time another shot went off, and this time it hit. It went right into Flacks vest.

    Everyoen gasped thinking he had really been hit, and the way he fell to the ground you would have thought he had been. Mac, Stella, and Danny all pulled their guns out. Lindsay and Hawkes went over to Flack. The girl in the back just covered her head trying not to watch anything. Sara walked back toward her trying to comfort her, and Nick and Warrick were trying to calm Greg down still. Ryan and Eric were trying to collect all the collected evidence that had rolled around when the train started moving.

    Mac went toward the front of the train to see if anyone was in there, but it was clear. He spotted the brake and at once tried to pull it. It wouldn't move. He tried and tried to make it stop but nothing would work. Back with Flack Hawkes ripped his vest ff to see if it went through it or not. Thankfully it didn't, but it made one hell of a bruise already on his chest. Lindsay helped him sit up as Mac re entered the room and said, "Is everyone ok?"
    A select few didn't answer in any way. As the train was gaining speed everyone started to get nervous, even the tough guys. So they all started acting like children pretty much.

    "Greg grow up!"
    "Yea, what do you think Grissom would do to you if he was here?"

    "Ryan shut up and give me the evidence bag."
    "You have a lot of nerve Delko!"

    Mac saw as everyone around him was starting to freak out. Lindsay and Hawkes were trying to help Flack, and Danny and Stella were still with their guns out.
    Mac tried at first to calm them down one by one, but that for sure didn't work, so he stepped it up a notch.

    "Everyone quiet!"
    Everybody turned and looked at Mac as they stopped what they were doing.
    Mac then put his gun away as he said, "There is no one else on this train except the 12 of us and the 1 passenger back there.

    Ryan then smarted off, "Of don't forget our dead guys down here."
    Mac glared at Ryan as he said to everyone, "This truly is enough from all of you. We have to figure out how to stop this train, Grissom and H aren't here, so I'm in charge of all of you. You are all my responsibility, so at this moment everyone needs to chill."

    Everyone nodded as they sat in the seats and listened to MAc some more.
    "Now, I cleared the train, no body is on here except the people I named off, so don't worry about that, we shouldn't have to worry about being shot at anymore. Now, I'm going to give you all specific asignments to follow, and I really need you to follow them.

    Hawkes, Sara and Ryan. I need you guys to finish collecting the evidence and then drab the body bags. Eric, Warrick and Nick, I need you guys to try and find a way to open the side doors with out falling out of them understand.
    Don I want you to just sit there for a minute and try to get through on your radio to anyone you possibly can at this moment. Stella, I need you and Greg to help me.
    Danny and Lindsay, I need you guys to try and get as much more imformation out of that girl as you can. But be easy, and really nice, she needs us right now, believe me.
    Now everyone go and please do what I ask, we're going to figure out how to stop this train, even if it's the last thing I do. But please, above all. Don't be scared. We are a team, and a family right now, so stick with your partners and get to work."

    everyone nodded at how planned out MAc had everything, everyone was scared, but they all tried to hide it for the time being, especially for the young passengers sake.

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    Ooooh I love crossovers :) Please continue soon.
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    Oo nice start its really good so far, the only thing i cant figure out is why you didnt bring any of the miami girls along for the ride ;)
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    I love this. and please if you write more soon please inform me. They should have a espisode like this.
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    Thanks so much guys! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, but I'm computerless right now, I'll try and update as offend as possible, please continue to read, thanks!

    Chapter 2


    So everybody started on the jobs Mac had given them, and even though they were all scared more than MAc could even see, they tried to hide it the best they could.
    Stella and Greg followed Mac to the front of the train, and Lindsay and Danny headed back to the end of the train where the passenger was.

    Lindsay sat down next to the girl and Danny just stood up in front of her. He was leery on moving toward her too fast on the count she seemed so insucure around men, so Lindsay made the first move.
    "My names Lindsay, can you tell me your?"

    The girl looked out of th ecorner of her eye at Danny but didn't dare turn and face him yet. She then looked back at Lindsay and said, "Katie."
    Lindsay smiled as she said, "That's a pretty name."
    The young teen looked back out the window as she said softly and shortly, "Thanks."

    Lindsay looked up at Danny but didn't say anything, too afraid Danny might scare the girl. Anyway, back in the middle of the train Flack was just sitting in one of the seats watching Sara, Hawkes, and Ryan collect the evidence.
    Hawkes looked up at Flack and said, "You feeling okay man?"

    Sara and Ryan looked up at him now too. He smiled slightly as he said, "Yea, I'm fine, do you guys really enjoy collecting that stuff?"
    Sara giggled as she said, "It's better than being shot."

    Ryan then started laughing as he said, "Yea it really is, because I have been shot before, with a nail..... in my eye....And it for sure doesn't feel very good."

    Eric was looking very closely at the door as he raised an eyebrow and said, "Yea Wolfe I had to take care of that too."

    Warrick and Nick smiled at each other. Everyone finally seemed to start, key word start being friendly with each other. Back up at the front Stella and Mac were still trying to get the radios to work, but it wasn't happening.
    Greg was knelt down looking at the wires down underneath the control panel trying to see what the deal was, and when he did no one was too pleased.

    "Mac. Everyone but one of these wires are cut. I'm guessing the lights are on because of this one wire left. I don't think we're ever going to get out of here are we?"

    Mac knelt down next to Greg and said as he patted his shoulder, "Don't worry, we will get out of here, one way or another, I can promise you that. And everybody else on this train too, alright?"
    Greg nodded but didn't seem so sure.

    Back with Danny and Lindsay, Danny decided he'd go up toward the front of the train, but was stopped when he heard from behind him, "You remind me of him........"
    Danny whipped around as he said, "Of who?"
    The girl closed her eyes as the lights on the train completely went out, leaving everyone in a panic again.

    TBC :)
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    I hope they find out how to stop it. More soon!
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    Thanks MacsGirlMel! My biggest fan. :)

    Chapter 3


    After the lights went off Lindsay stood up completely in the dark and grabbed hold of Danny's arm in a panic. She wasn't sure what was going on, and neither did anybody else, untill........

    "Hey, what in the hell happened here?"

    Lindsay and Danny stood close not reconizing the voice. No one could see anybody, but then Flack took a small flash light out of his pocket and flipped the switch on. A medium size man, with what looked like a combover was standing right by the door.

    Flack took his gun out as he stood up and pointed it at the guy. Then the man jumped back as Sara stood up in fornt of him and said, "No, wait! He's not a bad guy, this our lab tech back in VEgas, David Hodges. He's fine, he realy is."
    Everybody else now stood up too as Mac, Stella and Greg all re entered the main part of the train again with everyone else. Mac looked at Hodges as he said, "What's going on in here?"

    Flack slowly put his gun away as he looked at Mac and said, "This crazy guy must have been board the train the whole time."

    Greg started laughing as he said, "He's pretty craz alright. Hodges, what are you doing here, you're suppose to be in Vegas, you know where you belong?"
    Hodges stepped out fom behimd Sara as he walked in front of MAc and said, "Well, Grissom sent me just to make sure you all didn't get in to trouble, but it seems like you already have."

    Nick walked over to Hodges now as he said, "How did you get on the train, Mac cleared it except for all of us."
    "That is my secret and will always be my secret, now what happened with teh lights."

    Greg lowered his head as he said, "Oh, that was me, sorry bout that."
    Nick and Warrick rolled their eyes, and then Mac smiled as he said, "It's alright you guys. If yu don't realize, the train is slowing down. So it's good that Mr. Sanders pulled the power cord."

    So anyway, the train was in a tunel with no lights, so except for Flack's tini flash light they had no light.
    Mac looked around as he said, "I need all of you to make one straight line for me now, thank you."
    So everyone walked up to Mac and made one straight line.

    Sara, Warrick, Nick, Greg, Eric, Ryan, Flack, Stella, Danny, Lindsay, Hawkes, Hodges, and the girl Katie all made one straight line. Mac then looked at all of them and said, "I need some of you to stay on the train. Stella, I need you to be lead man.... Well, you know what I mean. Because if you have to you know how to re connect the power cord, and then the train should start moving again.

    Hawkes, Hodges, Eric, Lindsay and Warrick, I need all of you to stay on the train with Katie."

    "Because Mr. Hodges, if you guys need to get out of here you can. Stella will be in charge like I said.
    So that leaves, Sara, Danny, Greg, Nick, Flack and Ryan, you are all with me, let's go."

    Lindsay walked up to Danny as they were all starting to get off the train, she threw her arms around him as she said, "Please be careful."
    Danny smiled as he kissed her cheek and said, "Always Babe."

    They let go of each other and Danny got off the train.
    Everyone Mac left behind kept doing what they were suppoe to, and everyone Mac had go with him started walking down the dark tunel. They all heard a very strange but weak noise. Flack was up walking in the front since he was the one who had the light. But then they all heard a huge tumbling sound, one of the guys hit the ground, and it wasn't from just tripping............
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    hmm what's actually going on? More soon!

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