The 30 and Over Club

i know the feeling. i can't believe i'm 34, it just seems so wrong. then again i thought (hoped? assumed) i'd be dead by 25 at the latest so i guess it would.
wow I kind of forgot about this thread. I turn 40 this year. Man I am feeling old!! :wtf: I recently went to an AHL hockey game that had an 80s theme. It seems strange that all the music I listened to growing up and as a teenager is that old :lol:
^ I know what you mean. I was flipping through channels last night and Patriot Games was on. I noticed it was made in 1992, which was the year I started high school (9th grade) lol. I thought 1992 doesn't sound that long ago, but when you do that Math, it's 19 years ago LOL.