Ted Nugent Rants


For those of you that live here in the United States, over the past several months, Ted Nugent (known back in the 70's and 80's as the "Motor City Madman") has been on every source of media downing President Obama. He made a statement last week that got the Federal Govermnet's Secret Service involved.

Now I don't want to discuss the content of his rants, (if you think he's right or wrong) due to he has the right to freedom of speech, but I think he has got way out of hand of professionalism, but I have had enough of him and his political rants. He is the only music/tv star out there doing this. I think he has taken all this too far!

Life is not fair, as we have discussed on the CSI Threads, so why is the media putting the spotlight on him for us to be annoyed by his "out of hand" political rants! I am so sick of the TV/Radio/Internet News Sites, giving him all this time to rant, when the rest the county has thier opinions and we can say nothing.