Re: Talk LIMS #7: Challenge Two ~ Voting!

21- Cute idea but the icon is way too blurry.
1- Would have been better if you cropped it a different way and the notes being there is a little odd.
15- like the coloring but its too blurry.

6- Love everything about it. The coloring is great and so is the text.
9- I really like the black and white effect, especially with the red font. Nice job.
Re: Talk LIMS #7: Challenge Two ~ Voting!

16 - too blurry
22 - blurry, not strong contrast so background is dominating
18 - too oversharpened

4 - text is great and even with this strong blurry effect it looks really cool
5 - simple effects and it looks perfect
Re: Talk LIMS #7: Challenge Two ~ Voting!

02 - The coloring is off
01 - The crop is too severe
16 - The face is a bit dark

17 - I love the crop and the coloring. I love the way you kept it without text, it's so much more dramatic this way. :)
07 - The crop and background fits. I'll prefer it without text though, but there's just my opinion. ;)
Re: Talk LIMS #7: Challenge Two ~ Voting!

16 - Kind of blurry and not much done to it
14 - Text oddly placed and a bit scrunched
21 - Bands overwhelm the pic

2 - Nice coloring and blending
9 - The colored text works really well with the B&W
Re: Talk LIMS #7: Challenge Two ~ Voting!

This is going to be a tough one!

01 - Unfortunate cropping and so the notes just don't fit very well. Perhaps also try to play a bit more with contrast and light?
21 - First of all: awesome idea! :lol: But the picture of Archie is a bit too small and looks kinda squished and blurred, what takes away the focus of the main subject (Archie).
18 - again a great idea with the border, but now Archie looks over sharpened or over contrasted

04 - Love all about this: the composition of crop and text and the dusty look - I'm a huge fan of such icons
06 - You achieved what I couldn't with this picture! Great coloring, perfect contrast and the little light effect - great work!
Re: Talk LIMS #7: Challenge Two ~ Voting!

There's been a good number of votes so far, but the more the better, so keep them coming!

Because of my RL schedule, I need to have the results posted on friday, so please get your votes in before then :)
Re: Talk LIMS #7: Challenge Two ~ Voting!


21) picture and font are blurry, the crooping isn't good, a little colouring is missing
02) too blurry, Archie's face is too yellow
01) not good cropping, a little blurry and dark


11) nice colouring, very good cropping
19) it's very simply but I like this
Re: Talk LIMS #7: Challenge Two ~ Voting!

21: Text looks blurry and the pic looks like nothing has been done to it.
01: Odd cropping and somewhat blurry.
15: Looks er.. empty for that cropping

03: Love the colouring, cropping, highlightening of the blood. Good job.
13: Laughed out loud with the text :D Also, good text placement.
Re: Talk LIMS #7: Challenge Two ~ Voting!

21 - white is a bit much, looks blurry overall,
01 - over-cropped and blurry
22 - over sharpened

04 - blurry effect is nice, text color and angle of text looks great
09 - love the black & white, red behind the text fits great with the pic
Re: Talk LIMS #7: Challenge Two ~ Voting!

02 -It doesn't look like much has been done to this icon aside from cropping and text. The cropping is nice and I have no huge issue with the text, but I'm not sure they're quite enough on their own. While it does look a bit lighter, sometimes coloring can really clean up a simple crop.
01 - I REALLY wanna commend you for being creative with your cropping! Keep it up, it's great to see people trying more risque things! That said, like #02, this doesn't seem to have had much else done to it, short of the music brushes. I think this one would pop more if it had some coloring tweaks beyond just lightening it.
21 - The copy is GREAT. Very funny, but the image hasn't been scaled properly and the coloring seems just like the cap.

18 - Nice coloring, I really like rich saturation and the bordering brush works great to even this image out for the placement of some nicely selected copy.
12 - The soft ethereal coloring here really works with the distance at which you've cropped the image and the negative space that crop provides.
Re: Talk LIMS #7: Challenge Two ~ Voting!

Challenge Two Results

It's time again to say goodbye to two of our participants

by Axelsonfire

by DetHiggins

Thank you both so much for participating! I hope you had fun!

Voter's Choice:

Congrats Vera! Gorgeous work :)

DragonflysBeenDazzled Award

The perfect example of how you don't need any fancy extras to have a beautiful icon. Simple is sometimes the best way to go. Great work!

01: -11+3 = -8
02: -7+2 = -5
03: +1
04: -1+10 = +9
05: +2
06: +5
07: +1-2 = +1
08: 0
09: +10
10: -4
11: -4+1 = -3
12: -1+3 = +2
13: +3
14: -1
15: -7
16: -5
17: -1+1 = 0
18: -4+3 = -1
19: -1+1 = 0
20: 0
21: -13+1 = -13
22: -8
23: -3
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Re: Talk LIMS #7: Challenge Two ~ Voting!

Sorry to see you go Axel and Higgie. Congratualtions on your awards Vera and Nyoto, both of your icons were awesome!! :D I'm totally suprised to still be here...
Re: Talk LIMS #7: Challenge Two ~ Voting!

Really sorry to see you go Axel and DetHiggins. Keep up your icon work.
Congrats Vera and Nyota. Your icons were awesome!!!!
Re: Talk LIMS #7: Challenge Two ~ Results!

:(I'm sorry, Axel and Higgie! You did a really good job. I have to say it was really difficult to chose this time, I had a lot of problems!

Compliments to Nyota and Cinegirl, I really love your icons! :thumbsup: