Talk CSI's new features


I said in my previous message that Talk CSI was upgraded today to a new version but there wasn't any new features. Actually, as nattybatty55 pointed out to me, there are a few new features. Most center around private messaging.

Private message reporting
If you receive an inappropriate PM, you can now report it like a messageboard post.

Private message quick reply
Like in threads, but now in PMs too, there's a quick reply function.

Private message history
If you have a PM conversation there's now a message history. So if you get a message saying "Yeah, and the monkey too" and wonder what on earth you said, you can see the previous message in the converation (please note this will only start with conversations from now on, and doesn't back date to previous messages).

Private message sorting/filtering
You can now order your PMs by sender instead of just by title. You can also filter your PMs, for example setting a specific date range.

Privacy settings
You can now alter who sees what in the Profile Privacy page (there's a link under your User CP, or click here).