Talk CSI Reaches 5000 Members!


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As of 11:51pm last night, when someone called Speed_Cochrane joined the board, we have now crossed the 5000 members limit!

Having five thousand people registered here is already amazing by itself, but it's even more impressive considering the fact we only passed one thousand members just over a year ago. At the speed at which we're currently growing, I wouldn't rule out reaching the 10,000 members before the 2005-2006 television season is over -- that is, unless we decide to do a clean-up of inactive accounts sometime next year.

In addition to welcoming our 5000th registered member, we broke two other records in July. The first week of July was the first week ever during which the board had more than 10,000 posts in a single week, and during the second week of July, there was the first day during which there more than 2,000 posts in a 24-hour period. And if you get really active today, we might even break the record of having more than 50,000 posts in a single month :).

For now, welcome to Speed_Cochrane, and to all other members who have recently joined Talk CSI! If you're still finding your way around the board, why not introduce yourself in the Miscellaneous forum, or if you've got any questions about the way the board works, why not ask them in Questions, Suggestions & Feedback? Of course, there are also plenty of forums dealing with CSI itself, and don't forget to visit our daily updated news site, I hope you'll enjoy the board, and that Talk CSI will grow even more popular as the new television season approaches!

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