Talk CSI has been upgraded (click here to find out more)


Talk CSI has been upgraded to version 3.7. This brings some big new features which will hopefully make Talk CSI even more fun to visit.

We've also made some changes to your profile information.

Your birthday
First a boring part. Due to problems arising from the move to vBulletin and for privacy reasons I have wiped all birthdays from your profiles. You will need to enter your birthday again if you wish to.

For privacy reasons you do not have to provide a full date of birth now – or at all. Furthermore while admins can see your full date of birth, you will only be able to display the day/month of your birthday or your birth year throughout the forums. Not both.

Now on to some of the new things...

These features are new for all of us, including staff. So we all need to learn them, and over the coming weeks we may tweak or remove some of them depending on how well they go.

New profile pages
Your profile pages are now completely redesigned. It's best just to go see.

The 'About Me' tab on your profile page has edit controls, allowing you to quickly change values without leaving your profile page. For the rest go to your User CP as usual.

New social groups


You can now create groups based upon your interests. So if you're a Ryan/Flack shipper you can create a group for it, people can join that are interested and you can exchange messages on the subject.

Note: you must have been here three months and posted 500 messages to be able to create a group.

This feature will really rock, or really stink, so use it carefully. Don't create a group if one already exists. Let's seee how the feature goes.

I'm not feeling very this list is a bit vague. Let's just open, and see how you get on!