[T2] CSI Icon Challenge - Textures - Results!

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I've just posted an announcement concerning the challenges here. Please be sure to read it. Thanks!
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csi icon challenge - csi with flashlights
i think its pretty self explanatory,a lthough it not limited to just csi' with flashlights you can also use caps with detectives and ME's

1. You may enter up to 4 icons, 3 100x100 and 1 of your choice(120x120 or 140x140)
2. There are THREE categories to this challenge - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced (If entering in Intermediate level, please include a second level -either Beginner and Advanced- incase there isn't enough entries for 3 levels) Please refer to the helpful guidelines if you need help determining what category to enter. Please be fair to others. If you keep winning in beginners, move up to advanced; let someone else win beginners and see if you place in advanced. That's how you get better, by challenging yourself.
3. Please PM your entry to me, fo_poozle, by 10pm Pacific Time Wednesday; November 19. (I will extend if needed, the more entries the merrier!)
4. No vulgar words or phrases allowed.
5. Dont post your icons on here, PM them to me(if you can't pm feel free to email them to me, ashferd84@aol.com). If they are seen on here or anywhere else you will be disqualified.
6. You can make your icons of the same person, or mix it up a bit. It doesn't matter

How to CORRECTLY send a PM
Subject: Icon Challenge: Beginners (or intermediate/advanced)
Body: Images, urls. (If you can't send images, just the urls are fine)

have fun, and i can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!!

here are some caps,that you may use, but certainly don't have to :)

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Oh darn. I just made an icon last night of Nicky with a flashlight, but I've already posted it, so I can't use it. :lol: I'm in though. :)
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Another great theme:thumbsup:.

I'll see what I can do since I'm a little bit busy in this period;)
Re: [T2] CSI Icon Challenge - CSIs With Flashlights ~ Now Up!

Just sent mine in. I figured I better so that I'd stop making them! :lol:

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Sent mine in! There sure were a lot of good pics to choose from. This is a great theme!
Re: [T2] CSI Icon Challenge - CSIs With Flashlights ~ Now Up!

I sent mine in yesterday! :)

Pumped to see the others! :D
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everyones look great so far, i definitely think you all are going to have trouble picking just three.
any any one out there still thinking of joining in, please do!!