Super Summer Showdown Version 2.0

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    Nov 22, 2005
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    when the next thread is started i have decided to change the rules, you will be moving 3 people into the safety zone each time. its great that so many people have come into play, but there are a lot of characters and i dont want this to take a year to finish :lol: this will be changed again when we get down to 20 or so characters left. whoever starts the new thread please make note of this change in the first post. thanks!
  2. nattybatty55

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    Jan 28, 2007
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    Sofia Curtis
    Mia Dickerson
    Judy Tremot
    Dan Cooper
    Sam Braun
    Tyler Jensen
    Maxine Valera
    Sheriff Rory Atwater
    Sheriff Brian Mobley
    Megan Donner
    Jake Berkely
    Kendall Novak
    Lindsey Willows
    Ray Jr
    Ray Sr
    Rick Stetler
    Cynthia Wells
    Marisol Delko
    Ronnie Lake
    Yelina Salas
    Peter Elliot
    Kyle Harmon
    Aaron Jessop
    Sam Belmontes
    Madison Keaton
    Samantha Barrish
    Suzie Barnam
    Chad Willingham
    Dr. Leonard Giles
    Dr Jenna Williams
    Drew Bedford
    Clavo Cruz
    Bob Keaton

    Nick Stokes
    Sara Sidle
    Al Robbins
    Ryan Wolfe
    Greg Sanders
    Don Flack
    Mac Taylor
    Detective Cyrus Lockwood
    Natalia Boa Vista
    Archie Johnson
    Alexx Woods
    Adam Ross
    Dr Sheldon Hawkes
    Michael Keppler
    Detective Sam Vega
    Jim Brass
    Tim Speedle
    Stella Bonasera
    Dr Sid Hammerback
    Jacqui Franco
    Danny Messer
    Rikki Sandoval
    Jessica Angell
    Conrad Ecklie
    Teri Miller
    Stanton Gerrard
    Brigham Sinclair
    David Phillips
    David Hodges
    Bobby Dawson
    Henry Andrews
    Warrick Brown
    Mandy Webster
    Lindsay Monroe
    Dr Peyton Driscoll
    Officer Joe Metcalf
    Wendy Simms
    Horatio Caine
    Aiden Burn
    Catherine Willows
    Detective Ray O’Reily
    Reed Garrett
    Kaile Maka
    Detective Vartann
    Detective Cavaliere
    Eric Delko
    Lady Heather
    Gil Grissom
    Frank Tripp
    Calleigh Duquesne
    Jane Parsons

    Ron Saris
    Joseph Kayle
    Judge Hugo Kemp
    Oscar Monahan
    Undersheriff Jeffery McKeen
    Joe LeBrock
    Hank Peddigrew
    Don Haffman
    Stewart Otis
    Eddie Willows
    John Hagen
    Julia Winston
    Agent Dennis Sackheim
    Dr. Evan Zao
    Paula Muro
    Monica West
    Frankie Mala
    Kenwall 'Duke' Duquense
    Rebecca Nevins
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    Jul 31, 2005
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    I'm in the process of starting a new thread :)

    Here's a link to the new thread
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