Step two - new forums system!


So next up, I plan to move Talk CSI to new forum software. Today I am importing into a test system, so sorry if things are a bit slow.

Some of you may have even played with it when I tried this a couple of years ago. Due to reasons beyond our control the project was shelved, but is now back on.

So very soon I'll have a 'test site', which I'd appreciate it if you could check out. To see if everything is working as expected.

here are key benefits (which I've copied and pasted from my post a couple of years ago..!)

  1. Completely new, slicker user experience.
  2. Faster, more efficient system.
  3. Facebook integration.
  4. Twitter integration.
  5. Ability to 'like' posts.
  6. News feeds ala Facebook.
  7. Awards and trophies ala games and social networks.
  8. And much more...

It's a really nice system, and should give Talk CSI a new spring in its step. :)