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Where did you hear that? I didn't know that. Man... I didn't want him back. I hope that doesn't mean Julia will return. :lol: A three parter? Please tell me it's not another trilogy filled with Langston.
I want Ron back! I love his character! No one can quite get under H's skin like Ron can! Haha!
As he is still free and "working for" the good guys, they had to eventually wrap up his story. We all know he hasn't turned good like he claims. I suspect he'll die in the end- fitting ending. I had heard on the CBS site that it will be a three parter, but there are a lot of rumors around so I'm not sure.
I don't think Julia will be in it, although I'd love to she her again. I found her such an interesting and dynamic character. Unlike Tara or Jesse! Yuck! Haha!

As for Kyle, they are planning to explain his absence. He's in the military and H will talk to him on the computer.
I had heard that, but I'm not liking it, although I'm glad that they are bring him back. I don't think Kyle is mature enough for the army. If they must send him to the army, I hope he is a medic.

I remember the name Joe Lebrock, but the name is all I can remember. :lol:
Joe was the dug lord/gang boss in prison who kidnapped Kyle (Inside Out) and then set Kyle up (Chain Reaction). I've always felt that there was more to explore with him, and that that story was not finished (especially with regards to Joe's Pedophile son!).

The mentioned at the end of the hostage ep that Danielle was going to be fine and would make a full recovery. We'll probably never see her again unless they decide to have her and Jess date... which would be perfectly fine with me. I'd rather that than Jess/Nat or Jess/Cal.
I know. I'd rather they show her again though for continuities sake, and also I thought she was great! I hope and pray they do not pair Jesse put with anyone! He is irritating enough as it is, without his hitting on one of my favs! Yikes!
to - CSI4evr

I cnt watch tht promo on youtube or the CBS site bcuz I live in the UK, but becuz of that instead of showing the promo strait after (day after) the previouse episode airs (it now shows it 1,2 or 3 days before it airs) could you plz tell me what happens in it, and everything they say
Here ya go, baybeehannah:

Sounds like thunder. Man in mask standing over a bed looking at a girl. He says "hello". Next scene might be a flashback. The guy and the girl are standing in a kitchen I think. She says "why are you wearing that?" (this looks like a different girl than in the first scene, but it could be the same one and the lighting just made her hair look darker in the first scene). He advances toward her with a knife (this scene is making me thinking of the opening sequence to the first Scream film lol). Voice over says: "The only thing", then it shows Jesse, "more shocking than the crime,"... Then you hear Nat say "Oh My God" and it shows her. Then it shows Horatio and he says: "we have a match", voice over: "is who is defending the prime suspect". Shows Frank he says: "When'd you start working with the other side, Delko?" Then Eric walks toward Frank. Then it shows Cal and Ryan running after a suspect. Cal says "suspect ran from the house covered in blood" then something about "innocent" (couldn't understand the rest of what she said between those comments, but she's talking to Eric). It shows her and Eric. He tells her "we're both after the same thing: the truth".
In the end, it is pretty obvious that writers had to scramble and rewrite. So we will all just have to deal with it and see how it plays out. However, the writers did not have to go this route knowing, when they filmed 803 (the ep in which Eric does the worst job of breaking up with Calleigh ever) that Adam would be around for 8 additional eps after....so while I am happy the writers are paying attention and trying to close out the E/C storyline..I think their ideas are lacking....then again, you all know the issues I have had with the writers of this show. Like I said above, when our writers are backed into a corner or forced to do things on the fly, they flounder and they flounder big time....case in point, quite a few eps thus far this season!

This season of this show has been less than stellar....to be completely honest the stories have been boring. Every week I tune in hoping to be "wowed" or surprised and every week I am disappointed and completely bored with what is on the screen. This season might actually give the crappy season 4 a run for its money in the "worst season ever" department unless something changes or picks up. There was once a time when this show, imo, was the best of all the 3 CSI's....not so anymore. :(

I agree what with Adam leaving so late and the new additions the writers had to scramble and rewrite the beginning of this season (that isn't really an excuse for what they have been doing to Ryan though) and they weren't up to the task. I haven't made it much of a secret of my very low opinion of the CSI:M's writers; no consistancy (they really need to go back and watch their own show), no originality while seemingly ignoring some characters and over-writing for others. Hopefully now that they seemingly know what is going on, the episodes will improve. I am not holding my breath.

l though I feel that the episodes are looking a little brighter for some of the neglected characters. I'm not absolutely loving this season.

There is certainly a lot of room for improvement.

I really like the increased team interaction as well as a chance to see other characters.

That and Ryan seemingly more "one of the gang" (with friends), are the two brights spots for me so far.
Kind of off topic but I just got a loan to process and the person's name is David Caruso!!! :guffaw:

I agree about continuity. They really need to step up that! Not only the Eric/Calleigh stuff, but also Kyle, Ryan being kidnapped, Joe Lebrock from season 6, Ron (although I do understand that we will see him again in a three parter come Feb!). As welll as from this season, like Danielle! We should she her again. She's out of the hospital or coming back to work, or trasfering to a safer location or something!

I agree! Whatever happened to Sharova?? We just know he was arrested, but did they interrogate him? Where's Yelena? Did she disappear completely? Julia's in a mental ward and Kyle enlisted... give me something on this (brief). They never talked about Megan and what charges she faced.

Honestly, I need to know what happens. I, and I'm sure others will agree, don't like getting left in the dark. At least tell us what happened to these people?
Kind of off topic but I just got a loan to process and the person's name is David Caruso!!! :guffaw:

:lol: I didn't think Caruso was that common of a last name. That's pretty cool. :lol:

They never talked about Megan and what charges she faced.

You mean Tara? She was facing theft charges and tampering with evidence charges I think.
Kind of off topic but I just got a loan to process and the person's name is David Caruso!!! :guffaw:

That is too funny!

I am interested to see how they handle Kyle being in the military...they had better do it justice, speaking from experience it is very hard having a loved one in the military, especially in a warzone. I'm hoping that Kyle is going to be a medic...he would be good at it

I can't wait to see Eric in Monday's episode, I have missed him so much. The case looks interesting too...kinda creepy
I can't wait to see Eric in Monday's episode, I have missed him so much. The case looks interesting too...kinda creepy

Same here :D! It's been a while since I've been this excited to watch CSIM! Very anxious for Monday to come! I really miss them...:adore:
Kind of off topic but I just got a loan to process and the person's name is David Caruso!!! :guffaw:

:lol: I didn't think Caruso was that common of a last name. That's pretty cool. :lol:

They never talked about Megan and what charges she faced.
You mean Tara? She was facing theft charges and tampering with evidence charges I think.

LOL Yes, I meant Tara :guffaw::lol:
At first I was confused cause I was thinking of Megan who was Kim Delaney's character, but then I realize you meant Tara cause the actress who played Tara's real name is Megalyn. I've gotten character and actress names mixed up before too. I kept calling Liz on Numbers "Ava" cause her real name is "Aya". :lol:
I think that whoever loves Eric and all the writers this show had till this year is always gonna claim this is one of the worst seasons while all the people who didn't care about Eric and are all for new young writers do enjoy this season.

In all honesty, I do think that, so far, this is the best season of the show since s3. There's been a huge improvement in terms of team aspect ( I do think no one can say it wasn't nice to see 4 of our CSIs interacting all together in a scene, in the same place!!!) as there's been a huge improvement in terms of romance. There's never been too much of focus on a couple or on feeling (I'm thinking of Natalia & Jesse. They're not together, and probably won't, but we also can't figure out what Natalia's feelings for the guy are b/c they didn't ovewhelm the show with ths "romance").

As there hasn't been too much of focus on a certain character except for Jesse.
Again, who loves the guy is gonna say that this way to introduce the character while who doesn't quite enjoy the guy is gonna say he's ruining the show. I do find myself enjoying him and, while I think they're trying to picture him as jerk (as part of the big plot of the guy, who, I'm sure, is gonna turn out the be a good person), I do enjoy the way they're introducing him. OFC whoever adored Adam Rodrguez is gonna say that all Eddie Cibrina is good at is "taking off his shirt"...yep OFC, but I'm sure they hired the guy for a valid reason....no matter if you don't care about it (no personal attack here ;))

Walter is another good character for the show & I'm loving him 'cause he brough back the humour this show needed.

All this show needs, at the moment, is, IMHO, a serial killer (a serious one).....the only possibility of left to bring back the violence. I know I know "peace & love", but reality isn't made of peace &, sometimes, show are even more entertaining when more violent. Is there anything better than bloody killer who also happens to be after our team??? I don't think so, if female...even better :lol:

I've also read too many complaints about Ryan being writtern as a dumb guy. First of all he's curious guy & every curious person is smart (no way to deny it)....he's smart and all the curiosity Ryan is showing throughout this season is part of his character. Surely some scene are too hilarious to be taken into consideration as part of Ryan's character, but humour sometimes help this show.....especially when played in such a cool way thanks to actors like Jonathan Togo

Another reason why I'm loving this season so far is the guest cast. Sharif Atkins, Cheryl Ladd, Andrea Parker, Shawn Pyfrom are just a few of those very talented actors who have crossed pathways with our main cast. They've been able to convey even with the weirdest storylines of this eason and I'm sure that lots of other gues stars are gonna be able to do the same job this season.

I can only find two main problems with this season:
- continuity, but, again, this has always been the main problem of the show.
- women.....IDK I find both Calleigh and Natalia too passive. While Natalia may have good chance to improve, if they gave her some good storylines, I really miss a tough woman kicking everyone's butt :lol:
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To me, this is an okay season (not because I'm missing EC and stuff) but CSI miami's so good that I can't even pic the best season. I really liked season 4 (for action) and 7 (for the personal stuff) and more.

Next weeks episode so damn good...and it better be:shifty:. I missed Eric so much, I wonder if he's gonna talk with Jesse... original talking to replacement :lol: just kidding. Anyway, Jesse also needs to get his story straight about this woman he's stalking and stop dragging along in these episode too.
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