Shipper names??

CallDan. That is a good one. I really like it.

I will defintly see if there is any interest in the ship itself. It was a really good idea.
Choco_Sushi_Nut said:
Tristianna said:
I personally took a look at the ship list and saw there was no Danny/Calliegh. I think if it is good enough, can someone start up a thread? As for a name.....I will have to come up with one unless anyone else has any.

ooo... thatd be interesting.. XDD ...LOL... CallDan... XDD~ ... yeah, dont mind me.. LOL

Where would we post a thread to see if there is any interest for that ship? I would love to start that one up sis? Its amazing what joint team work on a fic would do for the mind.
I'll go ahead and start one up for you guys. If you do have enough interest, then everyone can decide on a thread name and I'll add it.

If you already have a thread name in mind, let me know. :)
My ideas for:


NY's Bad Boys
Unbeatable Duo
DD Brother


Two Angel for Aiden
Unforgotten Trio
Forevermore Friends
How about Lonely Road as the subtitle for Horatio/Calleigh? It was mentioned on the Miami Wiki, and is the name of the FF archive for DuCaine fanfics. Inspired by this line:

Hagen: All I'm saying... that's one hell of a lonely road he's walking...
Calleigh: Well that's why I'm walking it with him.
Well for my return I only feel it's fitting to return to the scene of my first crime (my first post here).

New character guys, Veronica Lake. I smell some new ships and new shipper names.

oh... and hello again to everyone. ;)
I may have posted this on another thread, but I was just thinking about combinations awhile ago, and I think I have a new name for the Valera/Cooper pairing on CSI: Miami... how about VIPER?
Hi guys, haven't read the other posts. Just replying to the first in case after 8 pages of posts, someone hasn't clarified. :D

SWR is sometimes called Swarrick... GCR is called Grillows or Purejoy. ^_^