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Discussion in 'Shipper Central' started by T'Bonz, Sep 7, 2006.

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    In response to some behavior problems by a small minority, the following change is in effect.

    If it is deemed that you are causing behavior issues in here and won't stop, you will be removed from (and unable to see) this forum.

    So I would advise that those of you who are hell-bent on causing trouble cease. The rest of the posters are tired of it and I sure am.

    Those who do cause problems will have their names sent to me for review. I will decide if they stay or go from S.C.

    As always, courtesy to each other, tolerance of each other's 'ships, etc.

    This can be a fun place if everyone cooperates. It's not a sin to like a different 'ship than others do. Don't make it that way.

    (Mods, leave this stickied for two weeks, then let it drop. Eventually I'll put the info here into the FAQ when I update them.)

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