Seasons 1-7 Characters, Still Alive, You'd Like To See In Season 8

Discussion in 'CSI: New York' started by Carolyn_333, May 29, 2011.

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    Camille:Sheldon's gf,
    Sam Flack: Drunk or sober,
    Reed Garrett: for 9/11
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    Reed for 9/11? That would be amazing. Maybe a little bit of Stella, too, in a 9/11 tribute episode.
    The one thing with Stella that I DON'T want to see, though, is her coming back dead, like they did with Vanessa Ferlito. That was heartbreaking.
    Sam, definitely, I like how she's able to get under Flack's skin and make him show a different side of himself.
    They should bring back more of the random characters that they had in the first few seasons, like Zao, Jane, all of the extra characters that they bothered to name... I miss that, even if it was mostly "Well, hello. Where did you come from.
    Another person I'd like to see is Louie, Danny's brother. I was never clear on whether or not he died, or just went comatose, and that was a beautiful storyline.
    As much as it pains me to admit it, I wouldn't mind seeing a little bit of Claire Forlani, too. (She could come back dead. I mean, it'd kill Mac, but she could come back dead. I could live with that)
    Jo's kids would make a nice subplot, especially with her older one. They didn't mention him much.
    This technically doesn't fit the profile, but it would be nice to see Lindsay's family. I know they made it all about her new family in New York, with Danny and all, but it'd be nice to see her with her mom, or like a brother or something. Her past isn't all about the murders she witnessed.

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