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Here's a shiny new 'Just the Facts' thread for CSI: New York's upcoming ninth season (opened with Top41's permission). :D

The purpose of this locked thread is to keep track of all the spoilers in one place, making them easy to find without having to read through all of the reactions and conversations in the main spoiler discussion thread - so head on over there if you want to talk about what's going to happen in season nine!

(The old 'Just the Facts' thread can be found here.)

Here are the spoilers we have so far, and new information will be added to the thread as it becomes available:

~ CSI: New York's ninth season will premiere on Friday, September 28th at 8:00pm ET/PT (new timeslot)

~ From Micha:

CSI: NY Episode 9.01 "Reignited"

STORY LINE: Mac reluctantly teams up with a known arsonist who wants to prove his innocence.
~ CSI: NY Exclusive: Rob Morrow Cast In Scorching Season-Opening Arc:

[Morrow] will guest-star in the new season's first two episodes as a previously convicted arsonist who has recently been released from prison. When a new rash of fires erupt across New York City, the NYPD and the CSIs turn to Morrow's expert firebug for help.
~ 9.01 "Reignited" (from vegaslights)
~ The episode starts off with a bit of a NYPD vs FDNY hockey match, which Flack is participating in and Mac is viewing from the stands. Billy, a firefighter, talks some smack on Flack and scores the winning goal.

~ Billy's captain responds to the scene of an arson and succumbs to the fire. Captain Frank is a very good friend of Mac's and there's a bit of an emotional impact.​
~ More 9.01 info (from Faylinn)
~ It looks like Danny is also playing in the hockey game. In addition to Mac, Jo and Hawkes are in the crowd as well. (There may be others there, of course, but that's who I know for sure.)

~ As a random note, this episode clarifies that Flack's mother is alive.

~ Mac and Christine are still together, and she appears in the episode.

~ Mac tells Frank that he's doing well after being shot in the finale, but we later find out that he's been having some memory problems due to the blood loss, which caused his brain to be deprived of oxygen for a short time. These problems could be temporary or permanent.​
~ From MegaBuzz:

Heard anything about the new season of CSI:NY? -Jonny

I hear the new season is on fire! When a string of arsons takes the life of a New York Fire Department captain, Mac and his team must track down the pyro. (Among the potential suspects: a guy who impersonates real-life firefighters and a slightly unhinged arsonist who is in New York to follow in her mentor's footsteps.) At a loss at how to proceed, Mac reluctantly teams up with a known fire-starter to crack the case.
Bringing over more spoilers from the discussion thread:

~ 9.02 "Where There's Smoke..." (thanks Micha!)

STORY LINE: Our arsonist is starting fires again, but this time he's targeting people from his past.

* We see a young Leonard in flashback He is a victim of abuse who is also forced to spend time in the disturbing burn unit of a hospital.

* Jimmy, a man with a long rap sheet, is eating his lunch at a city park when he appears to suffer a heart attack. However, his death is actually caused by a chemical reaction -- he has been burned from the inside out.

* We meet Rachel. At the age of 7 years old. This young girl witnessed Leonard being abused as a child but was too scared to help.
When Rachel is late 30's, and undergoing rehabilitation for alcohol abuse, she is kidnapped, tied up and nearly murdered by a figure from her past. The "crimes" for which she's being punished occurred when she was just a child.

* Anita is a private nurse who lives her life off the grid is taking the elevator to the laundry room of her apartment building when the pipes above her ignite. Trapped in the confined space, she's broiled alive.​

~ Pictures from the set---click the thumbnails for the full-sized images (thanks to nel2h, TheChaoticBox and perlnoir):

~ At the TCA press tour, Nina Tassler said CSI:NY will "have a little bit more humor this year... and a lot more New York, fun, event type stories." (Source)

~ A press release from the network includes some casting and music information (thanks to Grissom rules):

Music from GRAMMY Award winner Green Day will be featured in the fourth episode of the season in which Lindsay (Anna Belknap) is injured when a political candidate is shot. Action sequences will be narrated by songs from Green Day's forthcoming albums ¡UNO!, ¡DOS! and ¡TRE! @GreenDay

Natalie Martinez will recur as an NYPD detective who works closely with Flack (Eddie Cahill), but it will become clear that there is considerably more to her than meets the eye, both personally and professionally.

~ From MegaBuzz (thanks to PerfectAnomaly):

Are there any big plans for the 200th episode of CSI: NY? — Ben

ADAM: Sorry, Ben, but there may not be a 200th episode this season. Sources tell me that CBS has only ordered 18 episodes for the upcoming season, which will bring the show's total episode count to only 198. I hear producers are optimistically fighting for two additional Season 9 episodes, but if an agreement can't be reached, it seems the perennial bubble show will have to survive cancellation once again in order to reach the milestone.

~ From E! Online (courtesy of perlnoir):

Molly6429: CSI: NY scoop? Pretty please.

Since you asked so nicely, the season opener's fiery storyline, which brings Rob Morrow to the N.Y. stage, will continue into episode two. And while Mac might be working to prove the arsonist's innocence in the premiere, it'll be the opposite in the second go-round. But like all good villains, there's a good reason for this vengeance-seeking-criminal's new targets.

~ A bit of premiere casting info from SpoilerTV (thanks to perlnoir):

PATRICK O'CONNOR will play the role of Dr. Martin.

Bringing over another group of spoilers (which you can discuss in this thread) :)

~ Pictures related to the hockey game from 9.01 (courtesy of TheChaoticBox), and one image from set designer Will Batts---click the thumbnails to see them full-sized:

~ From TV Line (thanks to perlnoir):

Question: Are we going to see more of Danny and Lindsay’s daughter, Lucy, this season on CSI: NY? —Gloria

Ausiello: The little tyke will appear in Episode 4 when an innocent family outing turns tragic. "Danny and Lindsay are out in the city with Lucy and Lindsay finds herself in a little bit of danger," reveals exec producer Pam Veasey. "She becomes an unfortunate victim and reluctant witness to something." Meanwhile, Veasey says Season 9 will feature more "humor, surprises, gimmicks and personal stories," adding, "Every character will have an episode where we follow them home on their day off." The show will also shoot a portion of Episode 3 on location in San Francisco. "The hook is 'bridge to bridge,'" she shares. "Brooklyn to Golden Gate. There's a murder situation where we start in New York and travel to San Francisco."
~ Casting information from TV Guide (courtesy of PerfectAnomaly):

Peter Horton, who played thirtysomething's Gary, has been cast as a California-based FBI agent who once dated Jo (Sela Ward).

While visiting New York, Horton's character will reconnect with Jo and help her and Mac (Gary Sinise) with a case that concludes in the City by the Bay.
~ From E! Online (thanks to PerfectAnomaly):

Daniellegirli: Please give us some details on CSI: NY 4th episode!??! Will we see a concerned husband in Danny?? Pretty please!

Yes, you sure will. Executive producer Pam Veasey tells us that Lindsay's (Anna Belknap) injury will lead to some great Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo)-Lindsay moments in the fourth episode. And a special bonus we'll be seeing their adorable daughter, Lucy, again.
~ From E! Online (courtesy of perlnoir):

Tracey: Any more CSI: NY scoop?

Remember how we told you that the writers planned on going home with each of the characters on their days off? Well, they are going to deliver in season nine and Flack is first up. Showrunner Pam Veasey tells us it's an emotional episode and we will definitely be seeing Flack's sister, played by Kathleen Munroe, again.
Bringing over more spoilers from the discussion thread--as always, you can discuss everything over here! :)

~ More pictures featuring Sela, Gary, Robert, Hill and guest star Rob Morrow (thanks to TheChaoticBox and PerfectAnomaly):

~ 9.03 pisode synopsis from SpoilerTV (courtesy of perlnoir):

Episode 9.03 - 2,918 Miles
The CSIs race to San Francisco in search of a 16-year-old girl who may already be dead, and the case hits home for Jo.
9.03 "2,918 Miles"
~ A man gets mugged while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, and he dies. They find an envelope with him, which contains three photos of a young woman. She has been badly beaten, but they don't know whether she's alive or dead.

~ They are able to identify the young woman in the photos as Mary. The 15-year-old girl's parents reported her missing two weeks ago.

~ Mary has an ATM card, and the team discovers that she withdrew all of her money the night she went missing, after having an argument with her parents. Mary's father doesn't like the suggestion that Mary ran away, but the team has to consider every possibility. Her parents just want to know what happened to their little girl, and they want the person who hurt her to pay for what they've done.

~ The search for Mary leads the team to San Francisco.

~ Peter Horton's FBI agent character is named Cade (last name, I assume).

~ Jo's (now 14-year-old) daughter Ellie appears in this one, and she's got a boyfriend. Jo and Cade catch them kissing, and there's a bit of an awkward introduction.

~ It looks like Natalie Martinez's character is named Lovato (again, last name obviously). Not sure if this is her first appearance, but we'll definitely be meeting her by 9.03. She seems tough and capable while chasing a perp and intimidating him a bit during the interrogation that follows, and we also see her apologizing in Spanish when police business interrupts a busy woman trying to take care of several young children.​
More spoilers! As always, you can discuss everything here. :)

9.04 (No title yet):
~ A political candidate, Gordon, is preparing to give a speech in Midtown, and there's a crowd. Lindsay is there with Lucy, and she panics when she loses sight of her daughter. It only takes a few terrifying moments before she finds the little girl, and she ducks down to hug Lucy with relief. She looks up in time to see a much bigger danger: a man pulls a gun out of the waistband of his pants, pointing it toward the stage and firing several shots. Gordon is shot in the shoulder, and Lindsay makes eye contact with the shooter before he runs off in the chaos. (Lindsay gets injured at some point, although I can't be more specific about how or what type of injury it is. Danny gets into the ambulance with her after passing Lucy to Jo, so he might have been there the whole time.)

~ Flack chases after the shooter, who ducks into an alley and ditches the gun in a dumpster. A pair of 9-10 year old kids, Lonnie and Aimee, are playing with a soccer ball nearby, and Lonnie moves to retrieve the gun after the shooter jumps over a fence. Meanwhile, Flack approaches the alley with his gun drawn, and he turns the corner just in time to hear a gunshot. Lonnie has accidentally shot Aimee in the stomach, and Flack rushes forward. He puts pressure on the wound, trying to keep her safe until help arrives, but the paramedics are unable to save her.

~ Meanwhile, Mac is getting impatient with the lack of progress regarding his memory issues. However, he hasn't told Christine or his colleagues that he's having trouble.​

~ Here are some pictures of Gary, Sela and guest star Peter Horton filming on location in San Francisco for 9.03 (thanks to vegaslights and TheChaoticBox):

~ From MegaBuzz (courtesy of PerfectAnomaly):

Will Mac's love interest be returning on CSI: NY? — Bradley, via Twitter

ADAM: You bet! And Christine (guest star Megan Dodds) will have played a big part in getting Mac back on his feet after being shot in the finale. "That relationship is still going strong," executive producer Pam Veasey tells us. "She was part of his rehabilitation, so they've definitely grown closer. She is very supportive of him. He is very happy in this relationship, as is she." And although Veasey promises the relationship will be challenged and explored, she concedes that the season (series?) "will ultimately end with a great deal of happiness for Mac." Hmmm, wedding bells, anyone?
Spoilers for two more episodes, plus some pictures, casting info, etc - as always, you can discuss everything here. :)

9.05 "Misconceptions"
~ In 1992, an 8-year-old boy named Tommy went missing after he took his dog for a walk in the park. Although Tommy was presumed dead, his body was never found. The main suspect in the boy's disappearance was Craig, a 17-year-old local troublemaker, but he was never convicted. He left the city after the investigation, but he returns on the 20th anniversary of Tommy's disappearance. Craig is found murdered in the park with his throat slashed.

~ Mac was one of the detectives assigned to the taskforce investigating Tommy's disappearance 20 years ago.

~ Lovato (Natalie Martinez) works the case with the team, and Flack has the day off.

~ Flack has been taking boxing lessons for the past three months, and we see him trading blows with his teacher, Tony.

~ We meet Flack's grandmother, and his sister Sam (Kathleen Munroe) appears as well. We find out that Flack and Sam's father, Henry, recently passed away. We also find out that their mother left their father at some point in the past.

~ There's a flashback to when Flack was 8 and Sam was 6, when they went to a baseball game with their dad.

~ Jo is starting to suspect that something is up with Mac - it doesn't look like she knows about his memory problems yet, but she's aware that something is going on.

~ Plot synopsis from SpoilerTV (thanks to perlnoir):
Episode 9.05 of CSI: NY will be called "Misconceptions".

The cold case disappearance of a young boy, unsolved for 20 years, heats up once again when the chief suspect in that long ago crime is found dead.
9.06 "The Lady in the Lake"
~ Adam's Avalanche gets stolen, so he has to wait in the bullpen (the part of the police station where Flack's desk is located) to file a report. While he's there, he sits with two young girls who are waiting for their mother to get done with a lineup. He tells them a story about a "princess" to keep them (and himself) occupied.

~ The story is actually a case the team worked, and the episode features flashbacks to the events as Adam tells the girls what happened. The crime scene was near Belvedere Castle in Central Park, where a dead woman wearing a ballgown was found in the water.

~ Also, Adam found a piece of a "spaceship" near the crime scene, a golden shard of metal with traces of space dust on it.


~ Several scenes from this episode will be filmed on location in NYC.

~ Adam tells the girls in the precinct about a man named Phil as a lead-in to the "princess" story. Phil was arrested for murder, and he confessed to dumping the gun he used in the Turtle Pond. Hawkes went diving to locate it, but the water was too murky. Mac had the pond drained, which allowed the team to locate Phil's gun, but it also revealed the body of the woman in the ballgown, Ashley.

~ Plot synopsis from SpoilerTV:
Episode 9.06 will be called "The Lady in the Lake"

When two little girls are stuck waiting for their mom at the NYBPD bullpen, Adam regales them with a tale of intrigue. After draining a lake to find a murder weapon, the CSIs discover a fresh mystery: the body of a woman in a ballgown -- perhaps she's a princess?

~ Here's a press release for 9.01 (thanks to vegaslights):


Rob Morrow (“Numb3rs”) Guest Stars as Leonard Brooks, the Arsonist

CHEAT TWEET: The team is in the line of fire during an arson investigation @robmorrow_ guests on the season premiere of #CSINY! 9/28

"Reignited" — The CSIs investigate when a fire chief – a friend of Mac’s – is killed in a blaze that used the same technique as a recently paroled arsonist, on the ninth season premiere of CSI: NY, Friday, Sept. 28 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Rob Morrow (“Numb3rs”) guest stars as Leonard Brooks, the arsonist.

Gary Sinise (Det. Mac Taylor)
Sela Ward (Jo Danville)
Carmine Giovinazzo (Danny Messer)
Hill Harper (Dr. Sheldon Hawkes)
Eddie Cahill (Det. Don Flack)
Anna Belknap (Lindsay Monroe Messer)
AJ Buckley (Adam Ross)
Robert Joy (Dr. Sid Hammerback)

Megan Dodds (Christine Whitney)
Rob Morrow (Leonard Brooks)
Louis Herthum (Capt. Curtis Smith)
Josh Emerson (Tony D’Alessio)
Scott Subiono (Marshall Hilson)
Catherine Kamei (Doctor)
Mageina Tovah (Eva Mason)
David Lombard (Chaplain)
Patrick O’Connor (Dr. Martin Stilga)

WRITTEN BY: Zachary Reiter and John Dove
DIRECTED BY: Jeff T. Thomas

~ 9.04 plot synopsis (courtesy of Micha):

CSI: NY Episode 9.04 "TBD"

STORY LINE: A shooter opens fire in the middle of a plaza where a Senator is campaigning. However, it soon becomes clear that, while the Senator was grazed by a bullet, he was not the target.

~ From TV Line (thanks to PerfectAnomaly), Neal McDonough will appear in episode 9.04:

[McDonough will] play Senator Gordon Hamilton, a character sources at the show refer to as the "ultimate politician." While speaking at a crowded campaign rally, the senator will find himself in the middle of a shootout. Both he and CSI Lindsay (Anna Belknap) — who also attends the event — will be injured during the fray.

~ Micha shared this pic from the premiere with Rob Morrow (no larger version yet):


~ You can find more promo pictures from 9.01 on CSI Files---click the fake thumbnails below to see them (the image links to the news article):

~ Here's one pic from when Gary was in San Francisco filming for 9.03 (courtesy of perlnoir)---click to see the image full-sized:

~ According to TV Guide (thanks to TheChaoticBox), Lucy Messer has been recast, and she will be played by Brooklyn Silzer in 9.04. Here's a picture:


~ From Entertainment Weekly (thanks to perlnoir):

I LOVE #CSINY & specifically Adam…… Got any scoop?! Please help me! #SpoilerRoom — @RebeccaReswig

Then you are going to LOVE episode six of next season. This Adam-heavy hour finds the lab tech entertaining some kids he meets with a mysterious story — which doubles as the show’s case of the week! Expect big laughs.
It's been almost a month since I updated this thread, so there's a lot of stuff to add. I tried to make a note of the original poster who shared the information in the discussion thread (unless it was me), so I apologize if I accidentally forgot to give you credit.

9.07 "Clue: SI"
~ Two young women are killed - Lisa is shot, and Ellen is hanged. When they test the rope used to hang Ellen, they discover GSR that matches Lisa's shooting. These deaths are connected, and the killer has more targets in his/her sights.

~ A man is arrested during an attempted robbery, and the gun he's using is the same one that killed Lisa. However, he denies shooting anyone. He insists that he found the gun next to Lisa's body; he didn't call the police because he has a criminal record, but he couldn't resist taking the weapon - as well as Lisa's jewelry.

~ There's some sort of prankster in the lab, and Lindsay is one of his/her victims - she ends up with blue rings around her eyes (most likely from ink applied to the eyepieces of a microscope), and she has to wear sunglasses until the ink wears off.

~ As a random tidbit, Natalie Martinez's character is named Detective Jamie Lovato. (We only had the last name before.)

~ Storyline, courtesy of Micha:
As bodies start piling up, the team realizes that some psychopath is enacting the game of CLUE -- in real life.
9.08 "Late Admissions"
~ A young man from a private school named Nate recently committed suicide by overdosing on a mixture of dextroamphetamine pills (an ADHD drug) and alcohol. Now another boy from the school, Luke, has been murdered. The team finds dextroamphetamine pills in Luke's bag, but he didn't have a prescription. Luke was one of the best students in the school, so the CSIs wonder if he was using or selling the drugs, since they are sometimes used recreationally as a study aid.

~ Lindsay goes to Montana for the execution of Daniel Katums. (Katums was the man who killed Lindsay's friends when she was young, and she went to Montana to testify against him in 3.18 "Sleight Out of Hand".) The episode contains several flashbacks featuring Lindsay and her friends before they were killed. One of her friends was named Lucy, and Lindsay has a necklace that belonged to her, which she wears during the episode.

~ Lindsay also visits her childhood home and sees her father, Robert. They go fishing together, and Robert tries to convince her not to attend the execution. He just wants to protect her. It also mentions that Lindsay's mother is dead, although I'm not sure if this was ever revealed in a previous episode. (I apologize if it was, I honestly can't remember if they ever told us that information.)​


Miscellaneous (in no particular order):

~ Now on Twitter: Eddie Cahill, the CSI:NY Writers Room and writer Michael FX Daley

~ Here's the CSI Files spoiler report for 9.01 "Reignited"

~ From Zap2It:

"CSI:NY" has booked "Dawson's Creek" star Meredith Monroe for a key guest-starring role in the fifth episode of the upcoming Season 9 ... April is the mother of a boy who went missing 20 years ago, when he was 8 years old. Of course, April has never quite been able to overcome such a tragedy ... When the guy accused of Tommy's kidnapping turns up dead, Mac (Gary Sinise) finds himself in the middle of a 20-year-old case. In the same episode, we'll see a flashback to Don's (Eddie Cahill) childhood with his sister Sam in a memorable moment with their father.

~ From TV Line (thanks perlnoir):

Tara Summers has booked a guest spot in a Season 9 installment of the CBS cop drama. Summers will drop by this November as Dr. Carly Emerson, a British psychiatrist whose patients mysteriously start turning up dead. Appearing in the same episode is actor Jake Thomas, of Lizzie McGuire fame. He'll play a college student named Steve, who hails from a wealthy but dysfunctional family.

~ 'CSI: NY' Boss: We're Throwing Caution to the Wind This Season - references Mac's recovery, Mac's relationship with Christine, personal/family storylines, the possibility of Flack/Lovato, and Jo's friendship with Mac (courtesy of perlnoir)

~ This video has a little clip of Sela talking about season 9 (starts at ~0:25).

~ Keck's Exclusive: First Look: CSI: NY Goes to San Francisco (thanks TheChaoticBox)

~ Blurb from Entertainment Weekly (courtesy of vegaslights):

Returning Drama 8-9P.M., CBS

Writing last season's finale was kind of tricky, as the writers didn't know whether the show would survive, so the gang's all here in a bar ender was positioned to give fans closure. Now that Mac (Gary Sinise) and his team have returned for a ninth season, the effects of the gunshot wound that he endured after investigating a series of bank robberies will come back to haunt him. "There are physical questions," says exec producer Pam Veasey. "There is a certain amount of trauma and questions about his mental state." Making matters worse, Mac will have to deal with a serial arsonist (Rob Morrow guests in two episodes as the prime suspect). In more New York destruction news, "we'll drain Turtle Pond!" says Veasey of the Central Park landmark. "We presume there are quite a few murder weapons at the bottom." SEPT. 28

~ Sneak peek from 9.01 "Reignited" from SpoilerTV (thanks to PerfectAnomaly) - Alternately, here's a YouTube link that is hopefully not geoblocked (the SpoilerTV link shouldn't be geoblocked either).

~ Press release for 9.02 (thanks perlnoir):

"Where There's Smoke..." - The CSIs rush to stop serial arsonist Leonard Brooks after he begins using fire against people from his dark past, on CSI: NY, Friday, Oct. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Rob Morrow ("Numb3rs") returns as arsonist Leonard Brooks.


Gary Sinise (Det. Mac Taylor)
Sela Ward (Jo Danville)
Carmine Giovinazzo (Danny Messer)
Hill Harper (Dr. Sheldon Hawkes)
Eddie Cahill (Det. Don Flack)
Anna Belknap (Lindsay Monroe Messer)
AJ Buckley (Adam Ross)
Robert Joy (Dr. Sid Hammerback)


Natalie Martinez (Det. Jamie Lovato)
Rob Morrow (Leonard Brooks)
Victoria Hoffman (Rita Lowman)
Laura Parker (Young Jennifer Brooks)
Cara Pifko (Rachel Moore)
David Bloom (Young Leonard)
Brace Harris (Uni)
Napoleon Tavale (ESU)

WRITTEN BY: Adam Targum and Sarah Byrd

DIRECTED BY: Skipp Sudduth

~ From TV Line (thanks PerfectAnomaly):

Question: Anything on CSI: NY? —Caroline

Ausiello: Episode 8 revolves around a case that tees up a meaty flashback episode for Lindsay, taking us back to her teenage years in Montana and just maybe revealing why she was initially hesitant to name her and Danny's firstborn "Lucy."

~ From MegaBuzz (courtesy of PerfectAnomaly):

I could really use some CSI: NY spoilers. — Ethan

: And I would really like to give you some: We're going to meet Lindsay's father! Described as a rugged outdoorsman, we'll first meet him when Lindsay travels to her hometown to witness the execution of the man who murdered her three best friends when they were teenagers. Although Papa Monroe is a gruff man of few words, he's trying his best to be there for his daughter as she relives her painful memories.

~ From E! Online's Spoiler Chat (thanks PerfectAnomaly):

@jmorgue: I need some help getting through the next two long weeks until the premiere of #CSINY. Do you have anything to help?

Sela Ward might have something to help out with that. She has more "There are a lot of fun things coming up. We've already shot in San Francisco. Peter Horton has come back to act. He came back to play my love interest and we had a great time," she tells us. "We've shot a show in silence for the most part, à la The Artist and Green Day is going to tell the story with their music, which is really interesting." Count us in!

~ Casting info from TV Guide (probable typo re: one of the Matthews):

Kathleen York and Niko Nicotera are set to guest-star on a sweeps episode that features a drowning in Central Park's famed Turtle Pond ... When a young woman named Ashley is found drowned in a ball gown in the pond outside Belvedere Castle, Mac (Gary Sinise) and his team drain the pond to search for clues. York will play Krista, the classy, wealthy mother of Ashley's boyfriend, Matthew (Alex Ashbaugh). When he becomes a suspect, Krista accuses Ashley's ex-boyfriend Matthew, who will be played by Nicotera ...The episode, which is slated to air in early November, will be filmed on location in New York.

~ Here are the first look photos from 9.02 "Where There's Smoke...", which include a shot of Detective Jamie Lovato (Natalie Martinez).

~ And finally, here are a bunch of photos from Twitter and whatnot (thanks to TheChaoticBox, perlnoir, taylorgirl and ~Sunny~):

Whew! :eek:
Bringing over everything posted since the last time. There's a lot! Some if it is about a month old, but I'm still posting it if I think there's anything relevant to upcoming episodes. :)

9.09 "Blood Out"

~ Detective Lovato gets on the bus to head to work, and she sees a woman named Carmen sitting at the back of the bus. They recognize each other, but they're anything but friends. When a thug gets into a fight with a construction worker and pulls out a knife, Lovato announces that she's a police officer and arrests the man. When she looks back, Carmen is gone, and Lovato seems worried.

~ A gang member named Benny is tortured and killed, his body cut in half with a chainsaw. Lovato knows Benny from her time undercover. Back then she went by 'Anita', and she and Benny developed feelings for each other when she ingratiated herself with his gang.

~ Carmen was part of the gang as well, and they head to her apartment. She runs up the fire escape to the roof and tries to get away by jumping to the roof of the adjacent building--but she doesn't make it, falling to her death 15 stories below.

~ The team works with DEA Agent Hicks, who was Lovato's liaison when she worked the gang case. Carmen wasn't high up in the gang hierarchy, and they suspect she used Lovato's identity (as a cop) as a bargaining chip to get a promotion for herself. Benny became a target because he was close to Lovato in the past, but they still don't know who actually killed him.

~ Lovato talks to Flack a bit about her past, admitting that there was a point in her life where she could have fallen in with the wrong crowd, running from the cops instead of becoming one. Luckily, she ended up on the right path.​

9.10 "The Real McCoy"

~ Justin is the co-owner of a popular bar modeled after a 1920s Prohibition-era speakeasy. He's found dead next to a Christmas tree lot, neck impaled on a metal spike. There's evidence of an altercation.

~ The other co-owner of the bar, Eli, has been friends with Justin since they were kids. Justin liked to gamble and take risks, and they opened the bar together after Justin won his half of the start-up money in Atlantic City.

~ Mac has breakfast at Christine's cafe. He has a whole list of things to do on his day off, and Christine suggests that he should use the day off to relax. Later, he's on the subway with a man named Charlie. They're the only two in the car, and they're there for a while. (I can't tell for sure, but it looks like the train might break down.) They end up talking about themselves, and Charlie shares half of his lunch.​

9.11 "Command + P"

~ A man named Mitch is killed - I can't be entirely sure, but it looks like something explodes near his head at close range. Elsewhere, another man name Caleb is shot using a strange gun.

~ Meanwhile, someone known as 'Mr Moneybags' is leaving anonymous checks for people around the city. Each one is made out for $1 million.​


Miscellaneous (in no particular order):

~ Executive Producer Pam Veasey did an interview with TV Guide about the personal storylines this season. Includes: going home with the characters, Mac/Christine, possible Flack/Lovato, the Messer family.

~ Veasey and EP Zach Reiter also spoke to TV Line about the personal stuff as well. Includes: the writers' approach to writing the season, 'day off' episodes, the Messers, Lovato. (Courtesy of perlnoir)

~ Same basic thing in this interview from XFinity TV. Includes: Mac's aphasia, 'day off' episodes, NYC locations featured in upcoming episodes. (Thanks to TheChaoticBox)

~ From E! Online (courtesy of perlnoir):

Christina: CSI: NY scoop, please!

It's time to meet Adam's father! Viewers will be introduced to Walt (and his Irish accent!) when Adam goes to visit his father—who's suffering from Alzheimer's—in the nursing home.​
~ James Read (IMDb link) will guest star in 9.08 as Lindsay's father, Robert Monroe.

~ More casting news: David Fumero and his wife Melissa Fumero will both appear on the show, but in different episodes. David will play Benny, an old contact of Lovato's from her time undercover, in a late November episode. Melissa will play "a very good friend" of Adam's during December. (Thanks to perlnoir)

~ Here are some First Look photos from 9.06 "The Lady In The Lake".

~ Also, check out First Look photos from 9.07 "Clue: SI".

~ Finally, here are a bunch of photos from Twitter (courtesy of ~Sunny~ and perlnoir)

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