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I love Grissom don't get me wrong, but if Nick isn't the one that finds Warrick...I have to say I'll be a bit disappointed. It just ahhhh I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE GOD I'M CRACKING UP MAN...

Problem for me is, if Grissom is holding onto Warrick going "Warrick, Stay with me" and then that voice "oh my god" that sounds like Grissom because of his already panicky voice but that's me. Not only that, where the heck is Nick...he running down the street pulling out his hair...he'd been there holding him in his arms if he found him first so...I'm really starting to believe that Grissom is the one that found him....(sigh)

I just am hoping its the editing as well or something, but the more I watch it the more i come to that conclusion :(
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I'm glad to see that Ecklie is showing some emotion in the clip. He seems to be the thorn in the night shift and it's a relief to see him played down.
I'm glad to see that Ecklie is showing some emotion in the clip. He seems to be the thorn in the night shift and it's a relief to see him played down.

I really agree here. They made Conrad such a jerk in the beginning! I still liked him as an actor, but making him an ally in a way for this story arc really makes me like him even more. I like how they are shaking things up for the supporting cast as well. I mean, as much as I love the main characters, its still cool to see Wendy and Mandy and Ecklie put their two cents in on the episodes.

I couldn have sworn it's Grissom saying "Oh my God"! But I guess, IF Grissom does indeed find Warrick then Nick could be saying "Oh my God" when someone delivers the news to him. Comprende?
Ok here is my two cents. I don't think GSR is overtaking the promo. I mean when people are injured, sick, or dying you have a tendency of running to the ones you love most, and wanting to be with them. I think they are just showing bits and pieces, like they have in the past, putting it together so we think one thing, and in fact it could only be like 3 seconds. Come on remember the 30 sec shaving scene at the end of Falling Idol, and the promo seemed as if it was the whole show. Just remember promos are suppose to get us interested.
I think it's Nick because George's voice rises when he's emotional.

I wish they showed it instead of all the GSR crap..

That's definitely George. He kicks the ball out of the park with that line alone It comes out incredulous, stunned and with a frantic undercurrent.

Guess they think they don't need to show it, because it all comes through in his voice.

Evidently it pays off to be a good actor on CSI *dripping sarcasm*
Watched the promo again and it's definitely Nick's voice! He sounded close to tears. And poor Cath. It's going to be such a sad and emotional episode and I have to wait for it another year!
I'm glad to see that Ecklie is showing some emotion in the clip. He seems to be the thorn in the night shift and it's a relief to see him played down.

He did the same thing in GD, Nick was their only case back then too. Eckley comes through when the chips are down.
Alrighty I think folks have gotten it out of their system or they should have by now, regarding the GSR comments. While everyone is complaining that it is taking over the show or the episode, it is also taking over this thread. Do not mistake what I am saying that it can't be mentioned, but in the last couple pages, its been nothing but complaints about GSR and what have we discussed before about one topic dominating a thread? It's understood, there are some who like the idea, and some who really don't and a few inbetween who just don't care either way.

Now several are complaining openly an in private about this topic and honestly the only ones keeping it going are the ones who want to waste their time making sarcastic comments for the sake of showing they don't like it, and those who defend or return said comments for the sake of showing they love it. Then as I pointed out the few who just want people to zip it all the way around and feel the thread is big enough to handle everyone and every episode spoiler discussion. Tally and I will see what we can do about this problem so that everyone can be happy (to a point) but until then everyone will just have to co-exist with it.

Thank you. :)
I tried to post something last night, half asleep, but I must have done something wrong because I don't see it.

Anyway, thanks to Dizzney for posting the preview. It was great to see something after all this time. :thumbsup:

I was happy to see the nanosecond of Greg. He looked tired and haggard. Understandable given the circumstances.

Count me amongst the many who were disappointed to see that the direction had changed from Nick finding Warrick to now Grissom finding him. Can't the writers do anything right?
Forgot to add that it looked like Greg may have been looking at Warrick's body in the morgue. Not sure of course, but he was looking at something. Could have been Warrick.
Oh that is a thought, Toots. Maybe because he would probably be the one least emotionally attached to Warrick than everyone else, he could probably handle seeing his body better in the morgue.
To me, it looked as if Greg was looking at all the people that Brass was talking to in that room. You know, when Brass says "Warrick Brown is our only case tonight."? It looked to me as if he was looking in on them. Possibly? Maybe? :)
Here's my 2 cents on the OMG.

At first I thought it was Grissom, but as I listened to it again and again, it's definitely Nick. Yup, I'm 100% sure of it.

Ok, now watch the premiere will show and it wasn't him :p or it won't be in the episode at all. :rolleyes:
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