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Discussion in 'CSI: New York' started by Carollouise99, Jun 3, 2011.

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    Someone usually does this but I can't find it. I am sorry if it is already here but if not, well it pretty much does what it says on the tin. You can list;
    Plot lines
    Hook ups
    You Would like to see in Season 8 of CSI:NY!

    -ADAM BACKGROUND(I have said this before and I will say it until it happens, I did like unfriendly chat but I think something involving his dad would be awesome)
    -Two case episodes
    -Rikki comes back looking for Danny, Lindsay answers the door. They talk, Lindsay is OK because she thinks Rikki is an ex girlfriend then Rikki mentions when her and Danny hooked up and Lindsay realized he had an affair and she storms out when Danny gets back home. (They eventually make up, but for a few episodes dont have any scenes together)
    That's my list
    Have fun
  2. mrsjrewing

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    Jun 21, 2007
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    Reid Garrett comes back.
    More back story on Adam.
    We never learned if Mac picked Payton or Audrey at the end of season 6 so I want my answer.
    More of Jo and her ex. They have a great connection.
    Maybe see Flack really healing after losing Angel.
    Some glimpses of Danny and Lindsay with Lucy.
  3. UKFAN

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    Mar 12, 2011
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    My wish list for season 8 is as follows:-

    Kill off Jo or at least see less (and less and less ) of her or better still don't bring her back for season 8, but set her up in her own series with David James Elliott as she does seem to have good chemistry with him;
    Lets see more of Adam, Sid, Flack, Danny, Lindsay and Hawkes - these characters are not used enough, especially Adam and Hawkes;
    Stella makes an appearance or two or three or the whole season;
    Bring back Reed, it's nice to see Mac being paternal;
    Get Mac and Stella together (I miss that great chemistry between them);
    Do a crossover with Miami (not with three series crossover as the last one was so boring) as Mac and Horiato make a great team (and Horiato also had great chemistry with Stella);

    Well that's my list.
  4. Solitaire

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    Jun 23, 2008
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    I would definitely like to see Reed back for an episode. As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is coming up (where did that time go?!) I think they should have Mac and Reed go to a memorial or something. Give them time to bond over Claire.

    I agree about seeing Adam's Dad. He has been mentioned a few times, so it would be great to meet him.

    Flack getting a new love interest.
    A brief mention of Peyton or Aubrey. I dont really want a storyline with them in, it was getting to soapy for my liking, but it would be good for them to finish it off with a few remarks from Mac or something.
  5. MacsLady

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    Mar 15, 2007
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    - More storylines/episodes for Mac along the lines of 'Nothing for Something' and 'Exit Strategy' (and pretty much all of s1, as well as episodes like COTP, Consequences, etc) i.e. ones that focus more on the emotional side of things, that get right down to *who* Mac is, what makes him the way he is, rather than case-based Mac-centric ones where some bad guy is out to get revenge or Mac has some personal connection to the case. Well, personal connections would be great, but more should be made of the *personal* aspect of that.
    More should be made of Mac's past as well, particularly his time in the Marines, his relationship with Claire and how her death still affects him, his past in the NYPD.

    - A good helping of Action!Mac too, of course.

    -Bring back Reed.

    -Some mention of 9/11, it is the tenth anniversary this year, and they made such a big thing of how 9/11 had affected Mac in s1, and of how Claire's death still affects him throughout the series.

    -More Casual!Mac *drools*

    -More of Mac working crime scenes/doing lab work stuff, and not being the Boss-Man all the time. He used to do that kind of stuff all the time.

    -More Mac & Flack scenes/moments.

    -More Mac & Adam scenes/moments.

    -Decent continuity from the s7 finale, I don't want Mac to be just back and fine, I want continuity and after-effects of what he went through in 'Exit Strategy'

    -More of Jo working crime scenes/doing lab stuff.
    -More of Jo interviewing suspects, she's so good at it!
    -Build on her relationships with the team, especially Mac, I really liked their closeness & chemistry this season.
    -Some good family stuff with Ellie and possibly Tyler.

    -Danny moving out of the lab and working more on the precinct/street side of things.
    -More Danny/Flack awesomeness.
    -More Danny/Flack/Mac awesomeness - like in 'Exit Strategy'
    -Much, much less DL stuff. Danny learning to be a dad to Lucy would be okay, but please, much less DL couple-y stuff.

    -Develop Lindsay's relationships with people other than Danny, especially Mac as they have great chemisty, and with Jo - I'd like to see a friendship develop between them. I think Jo might treat Lindsay as more of an equal than Stella did. Stella and Lindsay were friends, but Stella used to call Lindsay 'kiddo' which I think she meant kindly enough but came off (to me) as patronizing.

    -More awesomeness with Mac and Danny.
    - Delve more into who Flack *is* via personal storylines, for example exploring his relationship with Sam, perhaps the apperance of Daddy Flack, a case that becomes personal like that episode earlier this season.
    -Show how Flack is coping with Angell's death, show it is still affecting him.

    - More Sid! Let him be part of the team more, like when he was taking part in the team conference in 'Exit Strategy'
    -More Hawkes/Sid moments.
    - More of Sid interacting with everyone else on the team and seeing his friendships with each of them in little moments.

    -More Adam
    -Personal storyline for Adam, something involving his father/past would be fantastic.

    -More Hawkes/Sid moments
    -More of Hawkes doing stuff in the lab and possibly in the morgue.

    General stuff:
    -Two case episodes
    - No to a Stella return. Mentions of Stella would be fine, even a good thing and a nod to continuity, but I don't want her back.
    -More quality writing like we saw in the earlier seasons (1-4) and episodes like 'Child's Play', 'Rush to Judgement', 'Yahrzeit', 'Nothing for Something' and 'Exit Strategy'
    -Quality guest star casting (people like Peter Fonda, Edward James Olomos, Nelly as Terrence etc) rather than stunt casting.
    -More cases like those in s1, where regular people are involved and the cases are a bit darker, too. More diversity in the cases too - play on the diversity of the city, have people of different races/religions/social 'class' be involved in cases as vics, witnesses, perps (again, like in s1).
    -Mentions of/cases connected to the history of New York City. I really like that bit in 'The Cost of Living' (I think) where Mac, Flack, and Danny are down in those tunnels and they see that old train car that used to take FDR to the hotel above them. That is *cool* stuff.
  6. Axatullux

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    Nov 1, 2005
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    My Season 8 Wishlist:

    1. I would like to know what the status is of Danny's brother Louis. Is he alive? Is he in a coma? Or has he died? That's one question that has festered in my mind.

    2. More of Flack's troubled sister. It would be something to see how Samantha's troubles may affect Flack's career.

    3. NO MORE privileged college or wealthy young yuppies committing bizarre crimes or wealthy people at strip joints.

    4. A mention or two of Stella from Mac. It doesn't have to be every episode though. I would be very glad to know there's still some connection between them.

    5. While a very long shot at this point, I would come alive again if Stella were to return again to the show at least to visit her old lab once in a while. :) Unlike many others, I'll go out on a limb and say that I'd love to see Stella AND Jo meet on-screen together, rather than one or the other. :) If Season 8 were to be the last, I think it should conclude with Mac going to New Orleans on a vacation trip to see Stella (even if we don't see it on-screen). :) As much as I miss Stella on the show, I CAN wait for her return down the road. :)

    6. Outside of the previous, limit any romance on the show now. D/L is enough, at least as a true 'canon' ship. I don't want them to break up though but rather see how their marriage lasts for a long time. :)

    7. Some will call me a schadenfreude ghoul but I think a twist would be a high-ranking team member fall to a major health scare (I.E. Mac having a stroke, or heart attack) that impacts the team's future.

    8. Jo & Russ actually making inroads to repairing their relationship over time.

    This is my current wish-list for the time being. More may come up but these are what I could come up with. :)
  7. La_Guera

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    Sep 8, 2005
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    Yes, because there clearly hasn't been enough focus on Mac through the years. Nope. Poor Mac, so neglected, what, with every finale save S3 focusing on his greatness and moral uprightness and his position as bulwark of the NYPD, the only clean cop in the history of the department. And there certainly haven't been entire episodes devoted to his personal connection to the case.

    If anything, the focus needs to shift from Mac this season. Sure, explore his creeping burnout, but if this is truly going to be NY's final year, then the other characters should have a chance to shine. Let the team dynamic come to the fore and give us interesting cases that don't rely on outlandish fads and stupid gimmicks. Aside from Mac's posturing and moral dick-jousting, the backdrop case that set up the corruption in the finale arc was gritty and gripping and reminiscent of S1. The last thing the show needs is a History of Mac Taylor and His Awesome, Awesome Feats of Awesome.
  8. PerfectAnomaly

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    Danny and Lindsay have been happily married with a kid (aka: boring and stupid as hell) for long enough. Time to break them up and return Danny to the dynamic character he was pre Lindsay's Deep, Dark, Secret storyline of S3. Also, more Danny/Flack scenes as that is where Danny is at his best and more Flack is always a good thing. Hell, even bring back some Danny/Mac tension as that was always interesting too. If Danny has to be in a relationship for some inexplicable reason then bring back Rikki as their relationship was more complex, dynamic and hotter than Lindsay could ever hope to be.
  9. tobinhr

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    Cut Flack's hair!!

    My son (who's 14) thought Flack looked like he belonged on "Jersey Shore."

  10. Sticks

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    Jul 16, 2005
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    Is there a season 8?

    I thought it had been cancelled???
  11. Faylinn

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  12. Grindigo

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    I'd like to see much more Adam and some background. I feel that he and Sid are really underused, and I also find them much more interesting than some of the other main characters.
  13. *NickStone*

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    Jan 21, 2010
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    To see more of Lindsay. Also, to have her get more screentime. :p

    Seriously, It would be great for them to give Lindsay, an on going story-arc, one that doesn't frazzle out after a couple of episodes. It doesn't neccesarily have to be depressing or angsty (ala Season 3) just something that keeps popping up again, at various points in the Season.

    The kind of awesome ensemble we saw in Season 7 and then some, honestly Season 7 was the best ensemble the show had in years, to see Season 8 do even better on that front, would be fantastic.

    A proper crossover with Vegas, where all characters from each show work together,and not just a Ray Langston love fest like The Trilogy was.

    That's it for now. might post more.
  14. spunky86

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    More Sheldon Hawkes related episodes. I would like to see his relationship with Camille blossom into something more. I would like less D/L storylines, and a little less Super Mac.
  15. legitlyobsessed

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    Apr 16, 2011
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    More Background stories.
    There are so many things that could fit under this. Adam, Lindsay (not related to the crime she witnessed), Flack, Danny, Hawkes, Sid (such a great character, so underappreciated), maybe even Jo. We really know very little about our character's pasts. I mean, yes, there are snippets here and there, but never a true episode devoted to the past. a great episode would be one that's directly related to Adam's past. talk about a gold mine.
    I don't want to be beaten in the face with stuff about Camille. It's just too much. Maybe they could stick something in here or there, but I don't want to hear about all their goings-on.

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