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We should know by next Wednesday (May 13th) when CBS does it's "Upfront" presentation.

This is the latest that I can find...

‘Bones’ Renewed for Season 11; ‘CSI’ Eyes Short Order for Season 16

Among other bubble shows, CBS’ “CSI” is expected to get a final 16th season order, although it may be shorter than the standard 22. And CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0″ is said to be on the road to returning after appearing shaky earlier in the pilot screening process.

‘CSI’ Eyes TV Movie As Series Finale

It looks like CBS will give one of its most successful series ever, veteran crime drama CSI, a final act. I hear the network is discussing different scenarios about a final installment of the venerable procedural, and one of them that has been getting traction involves a two-hour movie that would wrap the stories for the characters and give the show a proper send-off. A short 16th and final season, as short as 6 episodes, may also still be on the table.

Additionally, sources feel bullish about the odds of spinoff CSI: Cyber starring Patricia Arquette. I hear the midseason series, which has done so-so in the ratings, may undergo some retooling but it looks likely to return for a second season, being part of one of the most lucrative TV franchises in history that has brought in over $1 billion for CBS.
In the Season 15 finale of the mothership CSI, which aired in February and clearly was not intended as a series finale, Elisabeth Shue’s character was in a coma, briefly opening her eyes in the final minutes.

By getting a proper good-bye, CSI would break the pattern of long-running and hugely profitable franchise crime procedurals getting abrupt cancellations with no send-off, which was the case with NBC’s Law & Order and CBS’ CSI: Miami and CSI: NY.

CSI may end with 2-hour movie (and a big star could return)

It’s one of the biggest mysteries of the upfront season: What is CBS going to do with CSI?

The rumors have been flying these past couple weeks, with each twist keeping industry insiders guessing. All seem to agree that CBS will renew CSI. Likewise, rumors are consistent that the 16th round will be the final season, and a shorter-than-usual one, as well.

But on Friday, word along Wilshire Boulevard crystallized into a surprising twist: CBS is interested in potentially wrapping up one of the longest-running crime dramas with a two-hour TV movie (likely written by creators Anthony Zuiker and Ann Donahue). That’s just one scenario being considered, however. We also heard possibilities of a 13-episode final season, or four episodes and then a TV movie.

There is another factor that has not been previously reported, as well: We’re told CBS is hoping to persuade original CSI star William Petersen to return for the final two hours. There is no deal for this. As of now, it’s not happening. But we’re told CBS has long been interested in having Petersen—who starred in the show’s first nine season—return for the finale and that it’s something the network currently hopes to pull off in this final order.

In any case, if CSI does end next season, it will mark the end of an era. CSI ushered in a wave of gritty procedural crime dramas using technology-based murder-solving methods with an ensemble cast. The slick production and intriguing mysteries made the show a hit when it launched in 2000, and eventually spawned several spinoffs—CSI: Miami, CSI: New York and the recently launched CSI: Cyber (which, despite modest ratings, is looking good for a renewal as of now).

The flagship series helped give CBS its programming brand for the 21st century. The broadcaster’s other hit franchises like NCIS (a spinoff of the CSI-pre-dating JAG) and Criminal Minds flourished in CSI’s wake and collectively established CBS as a network for crime dramas, a format that’s proved a sturdy performer year after year while rivals chased flashier concepts. Moreover, while critics often mocked CBS spinning-off CSI—which made the creative art of storytelling look like managing a chain restaurant franchise—one can’t argue with the technique’s success, and now nearly every hit show with a procedural element is eyed for a spinoff.

More to come over the next several days as CBS—and all the other broadcasters—finalize their fall plans.

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I'll take a short season, with a movie to give CSI a proper send off. That would be really cool if W.P., and Marg came back for the final show.
Marg tweeted that we should stay tuned. And Zuiker asked to fan if they want Billy back...
I'm pretty sure they'll do an original cast members reunion !

I just hope they won't waste screen time with Finn, her story is told, no need to bring her back. And I hope Anthony Zuiker and Carol Mendelsohn will be back for the last episode (please no recent writers for the closure)
After sleeping on it I've come to the decision that I'd prefer a 13 episode final season. It'd be kinda a slap in the face to "CSI" (& us fans) to have CBS give "The Metalist", a show they didn't own, a final season and not "CSI", a show that they not only own but is responsible for making CBS the #1 network.

I also can't help but to think that if they do just a tv movie it will be more to provide closure to the end of season 15 (Finn in the hospital! :rolleyes: ) than what I would want it to be. I ultimately think "CSI" should end the way it started - with Grissom, Catherine, Nick, Brass, Greg, & Sara with flashbacks of Warrick. (My dream episode - a cold case of Warrick's (& Nicks?) that Sara and/or Greg find some new evidence to and it brings them all back together to solve it. :) )

(My dream episode - a cold case of Warrick's (& Nicks?) that Sara and/or Greg find some new evidence to and it brings them all back together to solve it. :) )

That would be awesome, flashbacks and we could get some new scenes of the original team would be dynamite.

I need my Gil Grissom one more time.
The cast and crew was notified this morning that the show has been canceled but the network has agreed to a 2-hour TV movie to wrap things up. CSI Cyber has been renewed.
No time for this... 2 hours is short for a send-off, especially if they want to bring back few former original cast members...
I was thinking a 2 hr movie, they'd at least get an ending.

Please bring the Whole team back together and get that little sociopath? Hannah West! :klingon:
‘Last Man Standing,’ ‘CSI,’ ‘American Odyssey': TV Shows Still in Limbo

It’s decision time for the networks as the 24-hour countdown to upfronts week begins, but some are delaying the inevitable, with decisions on several bubble shows still hanging in the balance.

Here’s a look at the shows still awaiting their fates:

ABC’s “Last Man Standing”: Tim Allen’s family sitcom is holding out hope for a fifth-season renewal, but sources say the network and the studio (20th Century Fox TV) are still haggling over money issues.

CBS’ “CSI”: The long-running CBS procedural could get a short-order and a two-hour movie sendoff to wrap-up its final 16th season.

NBC’s “American Odyssey” and “A.D. The Bible Continues”: In announcing its fall schedule this morning, the Peacock said, “The decision on the future (of both shows) will come at a later date after their respective seasons have ended.” “American Odyssey” has suffered declining ratings, falling below a 1.0 in the key 18-49 demo. Its run is scheduled through the end of June. “A.D.’s” ratings, meanwhile, have hovered just above a 1.0, with its finale slated for June 21.

CBS’ “Stalker”: Kevin Williamson’s serial killer drama is expected to get the formal ax on Monday, which had decent ratings despite getting pummeled by critics.

I just cross my fingers and hope that there are some decent people amomg those narrow-minded people in suits who realizes that CSI is too good to be dumped and should go on for some more seasons.
CBS Kills ‘Stalker;’ ‘CSI’ Series Finale Plans Still in Progress

“Stalker” won’t live to see a second season. CBS has decided not to renew the freshman thriller, starring Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q, Variety has learned.

“CSI” still awaits a decision for its Season 16 series ender, but it has not been axed. The long-running procedural, which wrapped up its fifteenth round earlier this year, could get a short order, followed by a TV movie for its grand finale.

New spinoff “CSI: Cyber” will be returning for a second season. The Patricia Arquette-starrer debuted this past March and airs its first season finale this week.

The network also handed renewals to “NCIS” and spinoff “NCIS: Los Angeles.” (The latest installment “NCIS: New Orleans” was previously picked up.) “Blue Bloods,” “Hawaii Five-0,” “Elementary,” “Person of Interest,” “The Good Wife” — which just wrapped Season 6 to a four-month ratings high — and “Criminal Minds” will also be back.

Last week, CBS ordered a “Criminal Minds” spinoff, which centers around the FBI unit that helps troubled Americans overseas, “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.” “CSI: NY” alum Gary Sinise toplines the new drama, which premiered as a planted episode during the flagship’s past season.

As for comedy, Matthew Perry’s “The Odd Couple” was picked up for Season 2.

CBS previously renewed sitcoms “Mike & Molly,” “Mom,” “2 Broke Girls” and “The Big Bang Theory,” which is ordered through the 2016-17 season, plus dramas “Madam Secretary” and “Scorpion.”

On the unscripted side, “Survivor,” “Undercover Boss” and “The Amazing Race” will all be returning for new seasons. “60 Minutes” and “48 Hours” were also renewed today.

In its first season, airing mostly on Wednesdays and then late on Mondays, “Stalker” averaged a 2.4 rating in adults 18-49 and 10.4 million viewers overall, according to Nielsen’s “most current” estimates. CBS had hoped the drama would mesh well with “Criminal Minds,” but the newcomer consistently lost a sizable chunk of its “Criminal” lead-in when they were paired in the fall and winter.

“CSI,” which wrapped its season in February, averaged a 2.1 rating in adults 18-49 and 11.2 million viewers overall, according to Live+7 estimates from Nielsen. It didn’t have the best lead-in (airing behind “The Good Wife”) and a handful of its fall episodes started more than half an hour late due to football.

Other than “Stalker,” the network also canned “Battle Creek,” the buddy-cop dramedy from David Shore and Vince Gilligan, and freshman family comedy “The McCarthys.”

Aside from the “Criminal Minds” spinoff, CBS’ new drama slate includes Greg Berlanoti’s “Supergirl,” medical drama “Code Black” and movie-to-TV adaptations “Limitless” and “Rush Hour.” New comedies are Jane Lynch’s “Angel From Hell” and the ensembler “Life In Pieces,” starring Colin Hanks, Betsy Brandt, James Brolin and Dianne Wiest.

I'm only posting it. I have no proof that it's right. CBS has not officially commented yet.​

CSI Has Been Canceled

It’s a bad day for fans of long-running TV shows: Just hours after Fox announced American Idol would end its run next year, industry sources say that CSI has been canceled after a 15-year run on the network. (We broke this news on Twitter last week.) Two people with knowledge of the situation tell Vulture there’ll be a TV movie next season to wrap up loose ends on the show, though the network isn’t commenting just yet on that notion. The good news for CSI fans is that spinoff CSI: Cyber has been picked up for a second season. The Eye has also renewed bubble crime dramas Person of Interest and Hawaii Five-O and mid-season comedy The Odd Couple. Not moving forward: mid-season drama Battle Creek. As for CSI, ratings for the original installment of the crime franchise are actually better than many shows on TV these days. But the show is very, very expensive to produce, given its advanced age, making the show’s death a financial call more than anything.

If they do in fact end "CSI's" run with just a 2-hour tv movie to "wrap up loose ends" I hope Billy, Marg, George, and Paul do not come back for it. :( I don't care about season 15's loose ends. "CSI" deserves better for a final episode than wrapping up Finn's problems.

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A TV movie with a depressed/retired Brass, a Nick in San Diego, a missing Grissom, no Warrick, DB as the boss (someone from the original cast should have ended up as the boss for crying out loud), and Morgan playing Ecklie's pretty daughter for 1/3 of the duration, no thanks. Season 15 was not the way to end such a series and no 2 or 3-hour movie can fix that. Thumbs down.