School Is Fun For the Young Ones

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    first: is that your story? if it's not yours, did you ask the permission to post it here?cause some writers don't like when their stories are posted everywhere...
    then are you recommending this story? if it was your goal , there is a thread dedicated to that.
    Again if it's your story, please be kind and post your chapters here instead of a link (i'm not a big fan of fanfiction :D ) and well explain to us, poor members, why this story rocks(cause it does :) )and who are the main characters etc...

    Sissi :D
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    well....tis my own fanfiction.....although i dont mind if people post links to it anywhere! and i shall post chapters if i get round to it
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    first chapter:


    Sara Sidle walked nervously down the corridor of her new school.

    ‘Yet another one.’ she sighed to herself. Another new town, another new school. Other kids bustled in the corridor, the bell for the first lesson had gone. Sara had just spent the last 15 minutes with the principal, getting her timetable and finding out about the school. She looked down at the timetable now, while trying not to bang into the other kids around her. The timetable told her that she had English in room 25 next. Sara groaned inwardly, English was not one of her best subjects. And she actually had to find room 25 as well. The room to her right was number 41. Sara dug in her pocket and pulled out a map of the school she had been given.

    ‘Lost?’ questioned a voice.

    Sara looked up to see a boy of about her age in front of her. He had messy sandy hair, his brown eyes were sparkling and his grin spread across his face. Sara smiled back, embarrassed.

    ‘Uh, sort of… do you know how to get to room 25? I got English……’

    The boy’s face lit up again, ‘Really! Sweet! Me too, hey, I’ll take ya with me!’

    Sara laughed, ‘Thanks! I’m Sara Sidle, by the way.’

    He nodded, ‘Greg Sanders. Newbie, eh? Where’d you move from?’

    ‘New York.’

    ‘The big apple, cool! What brings you to the lovely Las Vegas in the middle of the school year?’

    Sara was caught a bit off guard by the question, ‘Umm….I don’t really want to talk about it, is that okay?’

    Greg shrugged, ‘Each to his own.’

    They stopped in front of room 25.

    ‘Voila!’ said Greg, ‘Our teacher’s Mrs Glynn if you want to know.’

    ‘Thanks,’ said Sara and followed him into the classroom.

    Inside the room Sara was greeted by a young woman with dark blonde hair. She was slim and looked as though she wanted to be a strict, no-nonsense teacher, but the twinkle in her eye betrayed her.

    ‘Hello Sara,’ she said, ‘I’m Mrs Glynn.’

    ‘Hey,’ Sara whispered nervously.

    ‘Sara, you can sit there next to Greg, you don’t mind, do you?’

    Sara smiled and shook her head. She walked to the empty desk to Greg’s right in the second row from the front. She sat down. As Mrs Glynn started the lesson she looked around her. In her estimation there were about 25 kids in the class, approximately 15 of them were girls. Her attention was brought back to Mrs Glynn clapping her hands.

    ‘Okay,’ she said brightly, ‘So since this lesson is all about description….’

    ‘It is?’ Sara thought to herself.

    ‘….we’re going to try an exercise where I will pick two of you and each of you will take turns to describe the other using only ONE word.’

    There were a few groans around the class. Sara looked at Greg who grinned then rolled his eyes.

    ‘So,’ Mrs Glynn continued, ‘We’ll start off with….um….Nick Stokes and….Greg Sanders.’

    Greg sighed loudly which earned him a stern look from the teacher. Sara twisted a little in her seat to look at Nick Stokes. He was sitting to Greg’s left, but a row back. He had dark brown hair, he was pretty good looking, and you could tell that he was a jock.

    ‘So, Nick you go first, then Greg.’

    Nick swung slightly on the back legs of his chair, considering his answer. Suddenly he smiled, ‘Got one,’ he spoke with a Texan accent, ‘Freak.’

    The class burst into laughter, Nick was getting high-5s from his friends. Greg jumped out of his seat and bowed in front of Nick.

    ‘As always,’ he grinned.

    Mrs Glynn sighed, ‘All right Greg that’s enough. Sit down.’

    Greg sat down.

    ‘So how would you describe Nick, Greg?’ Mrs Glynn asked.

    Greg looked up at her and said, dead pan, ‘Gay.’

    More laughter erupted from the class. Sara looked over her shoulder to see Nick turn red. She turned round again. Suddenly, and without warning Nick had jumped on top of Greg and was hitting him. A couple of the girls screamed, but most of the kids, especially the boys, were starting up a chant of fight, fight, fight……

    The two boys were wrestling about on the floor, Greg getting a few punches in, but since Nick was bigger Greg was underneath him most of the time and receiving most of the punches. Mrs Glynn was shouting at them to stop, but there was nothing she could do. She turned desperately to a girl near her, Lindsay will you go next door and get Mr Taylor please?’

    The girl nodded and left the room, returning a moment later with another teacher. He pushed his way through the kids and grabbed each of the boys, who were still on the floor, throwing punches.

    ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing!’ Mr Taylor shouted at the two boys.

    ‘He started it sir,’ Greg said. Nick kicked him in the leg. Mr Taylor shook Nick slightly. ‘Quit it,’ he said sternly, ‘Look at yourselves, you’re not savages.’

    Nick only had a split lip, but Greg, having taken most of the punches had a cut above his left eye, the makings of a black eye on the same one and his nose was still bleeding freely down his face, dripping onto his shirt.

    ‘Right,’ Mr Taylor said to Mrs Glynn, ‘I’ll take these two to the nurse and then the principal, if you could look after my class while I’m gone’

    ‘Thanks,’ she smiled gratefully as they left the room, ‘Alright that’s enough, everyone back into their seats and we’ll continue the lesson’

    Everyone sighed, but did as they were told. On his way back to his seat another kid winked at Sara, ‘Welcome to Las Vegas High.’
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    Though this is very AU, I'm enjoying it on FF.Net so far...I do hope you update soon. *is reminded of several high school RPs she's seen on here...always fun*
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    pretty friggin awesome
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    While Sara finished her English lesson, then moved on to chemistry, Greg and Nick took a trip to the nurse and were now sitting in the waiting room outside the Principal’s office.

    ‘You’re a moron,’ Greg said. His nose was sore and blocked up with tissues to stop the bleeding.

    ‘Hey,’ Nick mumbled through his fat lip, ‘You’re pretty moronic yourself.’

    ‘I’m not the jerk who started this!’

    ‘You called me gay!’

    ‘So you take offence to being called happy now?’

    Nick shot him a murderous glance and was looking to being on the verge of thumping him again when the principal opened his door.

    ‘You two,’ he barked, ‘In here. Now.’

    They both got up and followed him into the room.

    ‘Sit,’ he said, pointing at two seats in front of his desk. He sat behind the desk.

    ‘What happened?’ he demanded.

    ‘He jumped on top of me and started punching me,’ Greg said sourly.

    ‘Sir,’ corrected the principal.

    ‘Sir,’ Greg said, equally as sourly as before.

    ‘And why, pray tell Mr Stokes, did you start the fight?’ he asked Nick.

    Nick looked at his shoes, ‘He called me gay.’

    ‘Only because you called me a freak!’ Greg shot back at him.

    ‘Enough!’ shouted the principal, ‘I do not tolerate fighting in my school, ever. I’m suspending you both for the remainder of today and tomorrow. Then you’re both in detention for the rest of this week.’

    ‘But he started it!’ protested Greg.

    ‘I do not care who started it Mr Sanders, only that it happened, which it shouldn’t have. Now go and sit outside and I’ll phone for your parents to come and collect you. And Stokes,’ he said, stopping Nick as he made his way out.

    Nick turned, ‘Yes, sir?’

    This is the second fight you’ve been in this term, the fourth one this year. Another one and you’re off the football team.’

    Nick looked shocked, ‘But sir…..!’

    ‘No buts Stokes, another one and you’re out. Now get out of my office,’ he sighed as he picked up the telephone. Kids, he thought to himself.
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    Awesome. =] I'm gonna go read this on
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    to chemistry we go:

    Sara was sitting in chemistry and she was bored. Dead bored. The class had a substitute teacher, one who obviously had no clue about anything remotely scientifical and had told them to read two pages of their chemistry text book. Sara had read it in about 5 minutes and it was easy work, to her at least, but not to most of the rest of the class who were looking a bit mystified by the writing.

    She sighed and looked out the window. The classroom (conveniently, I know) had a good view of the entrance to the school and she looked up just in time to see Nick Stokes walking out of the school with his mother. A few minutes later Greg walked out with his dad, head bowed. He and his dad seemed to be having an argument because suddenly Greg stopped, saying something. His dad stopped too made wild hand gestures, shouting something. Greg said something else, and his dad stopped shouting, looking defeated. He put his arm around Greg and they kept walking. Sara, even from that distance could see the bruising on Greg’s face.

    ‘Poor Greg,’ Sara whispered. The boy sitting next to her looked up at her, then out the window where she’d been staring.

    ‘Greg? Greg Sanders?’ he asked. Sara nodded. ‘What did he do now?’ the boy sighed and asked her.

    ‘Uhh got in a fight in English.’

    ‘Who with?’

    ‘Nick Stokes.’

    The boy shook his head and sighed again to himself, ‘Greg you are a moron.’ He turned to look at Sara again, ‘I’m Ryan. Ryan Wolfe. I’m one of Greg’s friends.’

    ‘Sara Sidle,’ Sara grinned, she liked this boy.

    Ryan laughed a little, ‘Wait till Danny hears about this!’

    ‘Who’s Danny?’ Sara asked.

    ‘Danny Messer, Another of Greg’s friends,’ Ryan pointed towards a kid sitting at the front of the room. He was wearing glasses and looked almost as bored as they were, rolling a baseball across the desk in front of him behind his propped up chemistry book.

    ‘So, tell me, Sara Sidle, what exactly happened in your fun filled English class?’ Ryan asked.

    And so Sara recounted all the events of the morning. Ryan was especially amused when he heard that Greg had called Nick gay. Then, all too soon the bell went for the end of the class. They both stood up.

    ‘You want to join me and Danny and a couple of others for lunch later?’ Ryan asked.

    Sara smiled, ‘Yeah that’d be nice.’

    Ryan grinned back, ‘Cool, so we’ll catch ya later!’

    He walked off with Danny to their nest class and Sara walked happily to geography.

    Later that day she had lunch with Ryan, Danny, Danny’s girlfriend Lindsay (who just so happened to be the one who’d been in the English class that morning) and a boy called Don Flack, who everyone just seemed to call Flack.

    She had a good time with them, they all were fun and seemed to have a great time telling her about all the crazy and stupid stuff Greg had done over the years.

    ‘We’re telling you all this now, because Greg’s not here to pretend none of it ever happened!’ they had laughed.

    She felt happy around them.

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