Ryan/Jon #31 - Takes a Lickin’ and Keeps on Tickin’

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Yes, it was a great interview! I am so glad he is optimistic about next season. That is great that he is attending the Austin film festival in March to promote his new movie. It may not be a big role but sounds like he is proud of it.
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Yes, it is a good interview. Glad to see that Ryan features heavily in the finale, even if Jon had to work more than he had hoped on the last week! But good news for us.
The cast do seem optimistic about renewal, hopefully all will be well. I like Jon's idea that when it does finish, Ryan and Eric leave the job and start their own thing.
Re: Ryan/Jon #31 - Takes a Lickin’ and Keeps on Tickin’

Wow awesome interview.
Really hope the show won't end this season because I'd like it to end nicely enough. And like the idea of the guys doing their own thing afterwards. Kinda gives closure to the story (more reasonable). Well that ending would be much better.
Love the thought about Jon working more for the finale, it means more Ryan than usual (loveee).

Glad that Jon's in another movie. Had no idea 'bout that. Guess being so far from america makes me miss more stuff *sighs*

Anyways hoping this Tuesday finally watch Miami. Two weeks hiatus was too much for me.
I like Ryan Wolfe, or the actor Jonathan Togo. When you watch him on TV, it's like he is being himself, and not some fake "want-a-be" on other Crime Drama Shows. I found a website article that showed pictures of his home. He is the type of guy you want to hang around with, speaking from a man's point of view. Also, I like the way he wears his hair now than I did when he started in Season 2, coming off the beat. He's one cool due! Peace!
Hello bluediamondstar, where can I see that interview of Mr. Togo at. I know he is a big fan of one of the greatest boxers in the world. I saw the punching bag and his gym set up in the tour of his nice, warm, home.
Re: Ryan/Jon #31 - Takes a Lickin’ and Keeps on Tickin’

I hate I missed out on the voting. I say he is the Miami way and up towards my neck of the woods. What more can I say about Mr. Togo, he's one of the best!:thumbsup:
You can click on JT's interview on the tab to the right. You are right, Jon is the best! He was very enjoyable in last night's episode! Lots of screentime!
Re: Ryan/Jon #31 - Takes a Lickin’ and Keeps on Tickin’

Hi jimihendrix the interview is somewhere where Theresa said (on my phone I can see it within above titles of CSIFiles news, haven't seen new design on pc yet).

I have two total obsessions atm and one is Jon/Ryan as it's been ever since my eyes fell on him season 3 episode 3. I doubt it'll ever change. He's so talented actor that I've literally grown up watching every week for several years (can't believe so many have passed already) that I dunno how I'll live when the show's over one day.

I'm literally dribblin' through floor to get at least couple of episodes downloaded to watch. But gotta wait for pc first.

OMG how was the episode??? *faints* Was that the last one?

*goes to check out*
There are 5 more episodes BDS. There will be no episode next week.The last episode is listed as airing April 8th.Hard to believe the season is ending so soon.

I liked Ryan in last night's episode,he was cute with the horse both times.He was a little afraid this first time,but after learning a hint from Calleigh,he was good with the horse the second time.
He was finally wearing a tee instead of a plaid shirt,LOL.
Welcome, jimihendrix!
So, a good epi the?. He hasnt worn a tshirt in ages, I like the suits, but I like a tee now and then (and definitely prefer both to plaid!)
Some thought the episode too slow for them but there doesn't need to be a chase scenes or shootouts(IMO) every single episode.
The writers did have one moment of Ryan not being too bright(I guess they can't help themselves) but other than that I enjoyed the episode.
Re: Ryan/Jon #31 - Takes a Lickin’ and Keeps on Tickin’

Gosh, it's been a while since I've been here (life gets in the way sometimes).

Welcome jimihendrix!! Ryan is pretty cool, isn't he?!! And Jon is fantastic actor!!

I am kind of mad at myself; I worked on Sunday and because of the late start of Miami, it messed with my recording and I FELL ASLEEP:scream: and missed most of the show (hopefully, I can find time to watch it from CBS.com later this week). I did see the beginning and I loved the scene with Ryan and the horse. Jon played it so well!!!
Re: Ryan/Jon #31 - Takes a Lickin’ and Keeps on Tickin’

Ryan was cute last night with the horse. Loved that the second time he knew what to do and wasn't afraid of it. "I'm like the horse whisperer, man". :lol: