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Discussion in 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' started by Faylinn, Nov 24, 2014.

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    Episode Title: "Road to Recovery"
    Episode Number: 1507
    Synopsis: "The CSI team investigates the death of a woman full of alcohol and drugs in a pool at a rehab facility."
    Original Airdate: November 23, 2014

    Written By: Andrew Dettmann
    Directed By: Alec Smight

    Guest Stars:

    • Larry Sullivan as Andy Akers
    • Marc Blucas as Adam King
    • Greg Grunberg as Len Bryant
    • Marielle Jaffe as Daycia Fox
    • Chris Browning as Martin Fox
    • Lea Moreno as Karen Lewis
    • Brandon Quinn as Zach Alton
    • Merrin Dungey as Twyla Owens
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    I'm not an expert, but lifting fingerprints from a taxi cab and match them to one specific person seems impossible. There must have been hundreds of fingerprints overlapping.

    I also didn't quite understand that Daycia went to the tub with that dude Zach, where they had sexual intercouse while still wearing their underpants, and after that she was still able to argue with that other guy from the rehab facility? She was both heavily drunk and on drugs, how could she possibly do all that? Didn't Russell say her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit? :confused: This ep wasn't as good as the previous ones.
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    Two weeks in a row now they've pulled the ol' "It was HIM! No...it was HER! Wait...it couldn't be...so it's HER!" and then at the end it turns out to be some surprising person. :rolleyes: It's like they take the same script and just change the people and the method of murder each week.

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